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Official Programme, State Visit to Australia, 1985

President Patrick Hillery and Mrs. Hillery undertook a State Visit to Australia from May 27 – June 10, 1985.

The Official Programme issued for each State Visit is an extremely important document, which only the President and Senior staff could obtain. The official programme contains the names of the official suite (party members) and journalists who were documenting the State Visit. It also includes a detailed programme for each visit with information about where the President is going, his travel arrangements who is receiving him.

The protocol for Presidential Salutes, introductions and official farewells are all outlined in the handbook. For each visit the President made, a brief history of the respective society, club or area was provided. Car, luggage and accommodation arrangements were also supplied in the programme. The programmes illustrate the extremely busy schedule undertaken by the President on each State Visit and also, in the context of the places visited, provide an interesting insight into the political objectives of State and Official Visits.

The co-ordination and management of Presidential Visits abroad and incoming State Visits is the responsibility of the Protocol Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs. At least two members of the Protocol Division precede each State Visit with a tour of the proposed area in order to establish communication with the relevant groups and to liase with their colleagues in the respective country’s Foreign Affairs Department. The Chief of Protocol then accompanies the President on each State Visit.

Ref: 2005.131

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Official Programme, State Visit to Australia, 1985, Ref: 2005.131

Official Programme, State Visit to Australia, 1985, Ref: 2005.131