Recent Acquisitions
April - June 2006

The objects photographed opposite are representative of the artefacts donated to Clare Museum from April to June 2006

Atmosphere Shot of the Foyer

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Brown Traffic Warden's Raincoat 2006.13
Brown Traffic Warden's Jacket 2006.14
Brown Traffic Warden's Coat 2006.15
Blue Traffic Warden's Jacket 2006.16
Dark Blue Traffic Warden's Jacket 2006.17
1914 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Medal 2006.18
1914 Munster Hurling Medal won by Clare 2006.19
1916 Dublin County Championship Medal 2006.20
1917 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Medal 2006.21
1917 Leinster Hurling Medal won by Dublin 2006.22
1919 de Valera Hurling Tournament medal won by Dublin 2006.25
1918 Huyrling Medal - National Aid Competition 2006.24
1919 All-Ireland Hurling Challenge Match Medal 2006.23


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