At the hearth of Archaeology

Clare People, Friday, 4 February, 2011

Members of the Irish Post-medieval Archaeology Group (IPMAG) will be gathering in Ennis this weekend for their annual conference.

Tracy Collins, IPMAG chairperson, said ‘We’re looking forward to a great weekend in County Clare’.

At the conference, entitled Hearth, Home and Household, the archaeologists will explore the post-medieval sites and material culture of the last 400 years and will centre on the archaeology of houses and homes. Senior archaeologists will discuss their excavations and research on a wide variety of topics ranging from historic buildings and gardens throughout Ireland, through Cashel’s water supply, to prostitution and piracy in the 17th century.

The conference is being held in Clare County Museum, where delegates will be surrounded by the artefactual evidence from County Clare’s rich historical and archaeological past.

The conference kicks off with a walking tour of Ennis on Friday afternoon, led by Dick Cronin, and conference delegates will gather at the museum on Friday evening to hear a welcoming address by a representative from Ennis Town Council and will enjoy a glass of wine at the opening reception. Seventeen speakers will inform and entertain the IPMAG conference delegates over the weekend. Members of the public are welcome to attend the Saturday and Sunday conference papers, subject to a small payment at the door.

The conference programme can be viewed on IPMAG website where further information on the group can be found.

The group was established in Belfast in 1999. IPMAG holds and annual conference, issues a newsletter and seeks to promote a greater understanding of Ireland’s post 1550 AD archaeology, history and material culture amongst academics, professionals and the general public.

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