Historical Treasures will return to County Museum

Clare Champion, Friday, January 29, 1999

Artefacts representing Clare's contrasting culture from the dawn of civilisation to modern times will be exhibited in the new County Museum.

As work continues on Phase One of the new two-storey building, the newly appointed Curator, Dominic Egan, pledged that the county's historical treasures will be returned back to their origins.

Mr. Egan told a recent Urban Council meeting that artefacts would be returned from the National Museum once the proper security and maintenance facilities were provided. After complimenting the Council for having the foresight to develop a county museum, he predicted that it would greatly enhance the positive image of the town and would be one of the places for tourists and locals to frequent. He said that thanks to the expertise of the architect and designer and the overall team effort, the project was guaranteed to succeed. "It is a very exciting project and will be a fantastic facility once it is finished. We will also be monitoring things closely to ensure that the project doesn't get bogged down. It will portray the rich heritage and culture of the county and will be interesting, informative and a stimulating experience for local people and tourists alike", he said. He also estimated that the new auditorium, accessible by ramp, would accommodate 70 people.

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