County museum looks to preserve life as we know it


The Clare Champion,
Friday, January 22nd, 2016


Mobile phones, old toys and calculators are just some of the items that could be of enough historical importance to join the collection at Clare Museum.

The museum, based in Ennis, is seeking donations of items to expand its collections and to achieve greater representation of the lives of people in Clare for future generations to enjoy.

In 2015, Clare Museum adopted a Collection Policy to help the museum achieve its mission through focussed collecting. It also recognises the collection as the museums greatest resource.

According to Curator John Rattigan, ’Clare Museum will collect items that exist in, or can be provenanced to, County Clare. For example, in this decade of centenaries items relating to Clare during the revolutionary period of a century ago, the First World War or the Spanish Flu of 1918/1919 would be very welcome.’
However, items from more recent decades are also required. ‘A survey of museum visitors conducted recently has highlighted an interest in everyday items from the 1960s to the turn of the century which many of our visitors remember and which they would like to show their children or grandchildren,’ said Mr Rattigan.

He went on, ‘items of interest could also include functional equipment such old phones, including mobile phones, calculators and other information technology, though they would need to be in good condition. Also, we are particularly short of toys from days gone by.’

The museum is also keen to be representative of local communities often overlooked by museums, including objects relating to the everyday lives of women and children, the travelling community, immigrants, and people with a disability.

‘The profile of the County has changed in recent years, and now a large number of people in Clare come from, or have a cultural connection to, other countries and it is important to represent them. Items and ephemera reflecting the lives in Clare of these immigrant communities would also be welcome’, said Mr Rattigan.

The Collection Policy is available on the museum’s website for the consultation of anyone interested in donating an item. For further information, museum curator John Rattigan can be contacted at 065-6823383 or at

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