New Route To Ennis’ Past

Clare People, Tuesday, August 9, 2005

The National Roads Authority and Clare County Council are planning a public seminar on the archaeology found on the route of the N18 Ennis bypass.

Archaeologists involved in recovering the artifacts, along with other speakers will make presentations on the archaeological investigations that were commissioned by the NRA and Clare County Council along the 21km route during 2002 and 2003.

The seminar was organised after a number of local people expressed an interest in the artifacts that had been recovered. These investigations resulted in the discovery of 27 previously unknown archaeological sites and several ancient artifacts.

Data gathered from these sites will provide new information on the history of the area. The sites range in date from prehistory up to the modern period.

The excavations have already resulted in some significant finds. These include a Bronze Age palstave found in the townland of Ballymacahill and a wooden bowl from the Iron Age. Particular importance is being attached to the recovery of the wooden bowl, as it is unusual for wooden objects to endure over long periods of time.

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