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President Patrick Hillery Collection

 1. Invitation to Buckingham Palace
Invitation from Lord Chamberlain to an afternoon party in the Garden of Buckingham Palace Thursday 17th July 1975 from 4-6pm
 2. Letter from M.J.E Fretwell – July 17th 1975
Letter outlining the arrangement for the “presentation to her Majesty the Queen” on the occasion of President Patrick Hillery’s visit to Buckingham Palace.
 3. Personal Card
Personal card from Lord Chamberlain stating that “No acknowledgement of this invitation is required UNLESS the recipient is unable to attend”.
 4. Program for State visit to Australia
Program of official events for President and Mrs. Hillery on the occasion of their State Visit to Australia from Monday 27th May – Monday June 10th 1985.
 5. Invitation to Government House in Canberra, Australia
Invitation from Governor General and Lady Stephen to luncheon on Tuesday June 4th 1985 during the Presidents State visit to Australia.
 6. Note from Australian Ambassador – 24/10/85
Note from Australian Ambassador Peter Lawler Following President Hillery’s State visit to Australia. The ambassador refers to Australia affectionately in the note as “that other Ireland”.