Irish Country Pottery/Shannon Community Workshop Visit to Clare Museum, 17th May 2006

Irish County Pottery provides employment for disabled
persons while producing first rate pottery. Following
the visit, Clare Museum engaged in outreach work with
the employees at their place of work. Included here
are images and accounts of their initial visit, after
which they went to a local hotel for a meal.

A Visit to Clare Museum
There was a short trousers and a coat in a glass
case in the museum. It was a policeman’s uniform.
There was also a helmet in another glass unit.
These items were very small in size. The guide told
us this was because people were smaller in those days.
They didn’t have such good food. People did a lot
more exercise walking everywhere or going by bicycle
when they wanted to travel. I listened to people talking
on a tape hidden beside the turf fire. I found this
very interesting.

There were three pairs of old black shoes from olden
days in the glass case. People were very poor and
didn’t have money to buy shoes. The shoes got lost
in the bog and people couldn’t find them.

I enjoyed listening to the music using the earphones.
The meal was tasty in the local hotel nearby, but the
carrots were hard as a rock.
Philomena Browne.

It was a grand tour up to Ennis from Shannon on the
bus. It was a very wet day.

I remember three timber bowls at the museum. There
was also a lovely image of water with bright blue and
white colours with waves crashing on the sea.

There was a big boat, it was made of wood and placed
on the ground. There was also another large timber
boat placed up over our heads. There was a lovely
set of vestments for a priest on display. In the glass
case there was a very large and heavy set of rosary
beads, that belonged to a monk. A bishops’ crozier
was on display too.

We had a grand meal in the nearby hotel. I sat with
Ger and had a lovely time.
Anna Maher.

I liked getting on the minibus with the other staff from
the factory.
I enjoyed seeing how hay was made long ago using the
old farm tools – the two grain fork.

The guide was telling us about the turf, how to cut it
and dry it out. We saw the old kettle and pot that people
used in their homes long ago. There were no fridges in
those days and we were told people buried butter in the
bog. Bog butter looked like a cock of hay to me. I
remember seeing the old shoes, which were three or four
hundred years old. They were found in the bog when
people were cutting turf.

The meal in the hotel was lovely.
Marion Maher.

When I went in I saw all kinds of things. I saw water
images, the boat and a shovel.

I saw the well, you could look down in through the glass
under the ground, and there was a light inside.

The best part of the trip was the nice tall man who
showed us around. He was very good looking with
brown eyes like Gary in the factory. I enjoyed being
beside the fireplace and listening to the music. I liked
going to the hotel for lunch.
Veronica Pomeroy.

I remember seeing the water coming in like waves
over the rocks. There was sound to go with the image,
and I could hear the waves crashing. The image was a
trick using televisions and mirrors.

There was a big boat that the men had made. I enjoyed
listening to the stories through the earphones. I liked
the guide showing us around. He knew everything
about all the things in the museum. He knew all
about the history and the stories to go with the displays.
Paul Vaughan

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Shannon Community Workshop visit to Clare Museum, 17 May, 2006.
Looking down the well which was discovered when the building was renovated for use as a museum.
Looking up at the Clare Currach suspended from the ceiling in the Water section.
Finding out about Sport and Music in Clare in the Energy section
Learning abaout the dugout canoe int he Water section
Listening to the computer interactives in the Faith section