Earth: The Riches of Clare

Moulding Plane

A finely set plane with a sharp blade will slice through wood, leaving a smooth surface that should need little further treatment thereafter. A carpenter will build up a collection of planes over time. The plane should have a good quality ‘iron’ (blade) made of tool steel with a bevelled edge for removing scrapings of wood.

The base of the plane is called the sole, or sole plate. The mouth of the sole allows the shavings to be cleared away. The centre of the plane is referred to as the frog. This is the maching block that receives the blade assembly. Adjustment levels are mounted in the frog to control the depth of cut and keep the blade perfectly straight.

The plane iron is here held in a hardwood body and a wooden wedge would be used and tapped into place. As with a rebate plane, the carpenter starts shaping and moulding at the farthest end of a piece of wood, with increasingly longer strokes as the profile is formed.

Ref: 2000.56

Moulding Plane, 2000.56