Earth: The Riches of Clare

Pottery Sherd

Parknabinnia, County Clare

Parknabinnia Court Tomb on Roughan Hill dates from about the middle of the fourth millennium BC, and consists of a cairn with a gallery of three chambers fronted by a small forecourt. Excavation showed that the chambers contained large numbers of human and animal bones.

Most were placed in the tomb in a disarticulated state but some of the bones appear to have been partially articulated and some were cremated.

These pottery sherds are just some of a concentration of sherds found in front of Parknabinnia Tomb. All appear to be from the same vessel. The original vessel was probably used in a ritual at the tomb and may have contained an offering.

Ref: 98E0230:19a

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Pottery Sherd, 98E0230:19a