Water: The Riches of Clare

Booleybrien Hoard

In 1930 while digging a boundary ditch to drain a bog garden at Booleybrien, Kilmaley, Dan Greene and Pat Joe Greene, discovered a hoard of bronze objects below the peat.

The hoard consisted of a sword tang, two looped and socketed axeheads, a sunflower pin, a trumpet, five rings and a chain of 11 links. The small items of the hoard were found in the horn.

Experiments have shown that it is possible to obtain a fairly wide range of pitch and tone with this type of trumpet. In one unfortunate incident, a 19th century antiquarian burst a blood vessel and died while demonstrating their musical capabilities.

The Booleybrien Hoard is on loan to Clare Museum from the National Museum of Ireland.

Ref: 1931:220, 221, 232, 234-240

Booleybrien Hoard, Ref: 1931:220, 221, 232, 234-240