Newmarket-On-Fergus National School Visit, 15th October 2004

On October 15, 2004, third and fourth classes from Newmarket-On-Fergus National School visited Clare Museum. The children wrote of their experience under the title My Visit to Clare Museum and some of these are featured here:

Today all of fourth class and third class went to the museum in Ennis. It was much better upstairs because it wasn’t as hot downstairs. We learned that Vikings kept their coins under their armpits with honey and learned about the log boat. A stone axe was used to cut the oak tree down and to cut the inside to make a boat.

Then we went downstairs and looked at stone and armour and some clothes in one container was what the old bishops and priests used, like the chalice and what they wore. In the stone section there was the Moher Flagstone also known as Liscannor Stone. In the small box downstairs is the letter that Daniel O’Connell wrote. Upstairs is the Armada Door and the boxing gloves, sliothar and a hurley. We were playing on the computers. The Clare Team won their first hurling final in 1914.

My favourite artifact was the log boat because it can fit up to six people in it and I would like to go in one.

By Alleisha Noonan, Age 9

Today I went to the Clare Museum in Ennis. We saw all different things like the log boat which was one they used in the old days. How they made it was they cut down a log and carved it with a stone axe. There was a jersey worn by Colin Lynch in the '97 All-Ireland final and boxing gloves worn by Michael McTigue when he won his world championship.

The Vikings had a very good way of preventing their coins from getting stolen. They would go to the shop and buy a jar of honey and put it underneath their armpits and rub it in so their hairs would be sticky and they put coins in.

There was a letter belonging to Daniel O’Connell. There also was a thing called the bog butter that people in the old days used to keep their butter fresh in.

By Stefan Howard, Age 9


Upstairs was the best because we got to see a log boat at the museum and we got to see famous soccer, rugby and hurling t-shirts. Me and my friends played a lot of games. We learned how the Vikings were given their names and it was great to see how that happened with the part about the stone axe being the best part of upstairs and the sliothar made in 1914 was cool, and the very first hurley made was good for the first hurley ever made.

Downstairs was better than upstairs because we saw a video and well. Everybody was at the well because bog water in it. We had a great time on the bus too because we sang songs and played games and we played X and O. It was great.

By Blake Sheedy, Age 10

Today we went to the Riches of Clare Museum and we learned that a boat was a tree cut down and then carved into shape with a rock, it could fit a family of six. We learned that Vikings kept money under their armpits and put money into honey. We saw bog butter which was like a fridge, it works if you put butter in a turf ball with a hole in it and bury it in a bog and in two weeks the butter would be good as new. We saw a Clare jersey that Colin Lynch wore and Mike Cusacks hurley. We saw Mike McTigues boxing gloves. And we saw a brass sword.

Downstairs we saw a well that was found four years ago, a gun and a hip bone with a spearhead in it and rocks with scary faces on them that look like monkeys.

And we saw fools gold.

By Jamie Cronin, Age 9

Yesterday we went to the Clare Museum. Upstairs I thought that the four TVs were cool, and the boat what was found in Clare was wicked. I have never seen a boat that size before. The four TVs had a mirror beneath the top and the two sides. It made it look like there were a load of TVs and it was really cool. I was nearly at that the whole time. There were games to play when you had finished. It was good upstairs and the jersey was cool.

Downstairs there was a well and there was a worm on a rock. They showed us a hipbone with an arrowhead in it and it was really wicked. It was kinda boring downstairs but it was alright. Upstairs was the best. Downstairs we learned about earth and stuff, upstairs we learned about water and it was a good day out.

By Hayleigh Mc Namara, Age 9


Today we went to the Clare Museum. It was very interesting there. We learned that the Vikings kept their money safe by spreading honey onto their armpits and then sticking coins to the honey! Everyone was fascinated by this, I just thought it was disgusting.

People used to carve boats from huge oak trees with little stone axes. It took them about a week to do this. Six to seven people fitted in these boats. There was a model of a boat and lots of little stone axes too. There were lots of rocks with carvings on them. Our guide, Fidelma, said a carving was a woman, but Holly and I thought it looked like a monkey. There was also a hurley that was found in Michael Cusack’s former home by Patrick McGann who passed it on to his grandson John Brennan. I had a great time at the museum, I would like to go there again sometime soon.

By Alanna Wurm, Age 9

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