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Archaeology of the Burren: Prehistoric Forts and Dolmens in North Clare by Thomas Johnson Westropp

Part IV: West Corcomroe: Footnotes

1. Croagh and Knock are very usually confused among the peasantry, but the shape of the hill favours the form ‘Croagh’ or ‘Cruch’ now in use.

2. Another knoll near these is ‘Cnockaun ada cloich.’

3. The Clare people believe that there are two kinds of badgers - the ‘dog-badger,’ which feeds on carrion, and cannot be eaten, and the ‘hog-badger,’ which is herbivorous, and excellent food. Badger-bacon was ‘a dish to set before a king’ in early times (Book of Leinster – ‘Boroma’: see ‘Revue Celtique’, vol. xiii. (1892), p. 47.)

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