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The Stone Crosses of Kilfenora by Jack Flanagan


It seems Kilfenora had a concentration of high crosses in excess of any other area in the land. North Clare was linked to the Aran Islands under the Corcomroe tribe so Christianity followed in the same vein, and in time crosses developed in Kilfenora and Aran. The cross on the hill overlooking the village was prominent, and could be seen far and near and probably aligned with other crosses. Frost said the crosses stood near the four roads that run at right angles into the town. Right angles make one think: did the crosses form some pattern over the area? If we take a line on the map, below, from the cross on the hill (marked B) to the west cross (marked C) to the Ballyshanny cross (marked D), then take the point of the triangle (marked C) to the east it would be in the field called “Cannys” (marked A in the map). To view this idea on the ground one would have to stand on the high ground north of Ballyshanny Castle, then looking south, one could see the site of four crosses. I mentioned this idea to a noted historian but he dismissed it out of hand. However I believe there was some plan in the original setting up of the crosses.



The Ballyshanny Cross