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The Stone Crosses of Kilfenora by Jack Flanagan

The South Cross

The south cross stands within the graveyard near the south wall, only a portion of the shaft surviving. It stands near the entrance door to the nave of the Cathedral, for it was in this area that it was found, but no trace of the upper part. Looking at what remains we can visualise that this cross was probably about four meters tall, portraying many features. Decorations in plaitwork and knotwork are visible on the east and west faces, at the point where it broke. The side edges show flat mouldings which end in spirals near the base, spirals similar to those on the north cross. It would seems to me that this cross and the Doorty cross were the only two crosses standing within the graveyard at the time of the Reformation. As the persecution against the church and all symbols of faith increased, in the period when it was said, “We have locked and nailed up the Mass Houses,” we can see those two crosses, standing proudly before the Cathedral, being knocked down by the hand of man, breaking in two as they fell. How strange to have survived so well for us to-day.

The South Cross


The North Cross


The Eastern Cross