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A Survey of Monuments of Archaeological and Historical Interest in the Barony of Bunratty Lower, Co. Clare by William Gerrard Ryan

Part 2: Chapter 10: Kilfinaghta Parish: Reaskcamoge Townland

Site A: RINGFORT (Classification type 3 (a))
6” O.S. Sheet number : 52 (Co. Clare)
Reference : 25.7 cm South; 29.0 cm East
Height : c. 710’ O.D.
Shape : circular

Description of site:
This ringfort is in a poor condition and were it not for the fact that it is of a terraced nature it would be very difficult to note and comment on its features. What did field examination find? Trace of the single bank was limited to a few areas and even in such places it was poorly represented. In the east, for example, it reaches a maximum height of 40 cm and a width of 1.50 metres. Over other areas (e.g. to the west) any trace of this bank is masked beneath gorse and bushes.

Reference has already been made to the terraced nature of this site. This is due to the sloping nature of the ground on which the site was constructed. To the south the interior of the ringfort and surrounding field level are similar. However to the north there is an immediate difference of 1.50 metres in levels. As you move further north this difference increases quite markedly.

Now, in relation to shape. As stated previously this ringfort is of a circular nature. Field measurements (i.e. for the north-south and east-west internal diameters) centred on 22 metres each, thus making this site one of the smallest ringforts in the Barony.

There are no other sites of archaeological interest in this large townland which varies in height from 998.9’ O.D. in the south to c. 460’ O.D. in the north.