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A Survey of Monuments of Archaeological and Historical Interest in the Barony of Bunratty Lower, Co. Clare by William Gerrard Ryan

Part 2: Chapter 10: Kilfinaghta Parish: Sooreeny Townland

Site C: RINGFORT   (Classification type 1(a))
6” O.S. Sheet number : 52 (Co. Clare)
Reference : 11.6 cm North; 23.4 cm West
Height : c. 60’ O.D.
Shape : slightly oval with north-south axis greater than east-west one.

Sooreeny C: Distant shot towards this site from across the Ratty river, to the north-west
Sooreeny C: Distant shot towards this site from
across the Ratty river, to the north-west

Description of site:
From Ballysheen or Saint Finaghta’s Church, to the west, this site appears to be in a fairly good condition. However it is only on closer examination that one notices its features and finds that in fact it is in a poor condition. Why is this the case? Field work noted two factors which are largely responsible for this damaged nature. In the first place there is the effect of livestock. Cattle and sheep graze the surrounding large field and shelter in this site. Such movement has damaged the single bank area and also has churned the interior. Secondly quite a number of mature trees grow in and around this site. Their root systems, of course, have damaged the site stratigraphy. Having noted the poor condition of this site what else can we say about it?

The single bank is very poorly represented over most of the ringfort. To get an indication of its condition refer to the site sections taken here (see site section Number 6, Bolume 1). These show that the bank is absent to the east and south with only slight trace to the north and west. Where it could be traced this single bank only averaged 40 cm in height by 2 metres in width.

As stated previously this site is of a somewhat oval shape. Measurements were made difficult due to the poor condition of the single bank. However field work suggested a north-south internal diameter of some 21 metres while that for the east-west area was closer to 17 metres.

There are no other features of interest at this site which is to the immediate east of the Ratty or Owenogarney River.