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A Survey of Monuments of Archaeological and Historical Interest in the Barony of Bunratty Lower, Co. Clare by William Gerrard Ryan

Part 2: Chapter 13: Kilmaleery Parish: Ballymacnevin Townland

Site B: RINGFORT (Classification type 1(a))
6” O.S. Sheet number : 51 (Co. Clare)
Reference : 30.9 cm North; 17.2 cm West
Height : 55’ O.D.
Shape : circular, based on 1842 6” O.S. sheet

Description of site:
The 1842 6” O.S. sheet shows a full ringfort at this location. The revised 1952 6” sheet shows an irregular shaped field here and no evidence to suggest a ringfort.

Field examination found the site of a single banked ringfort, now in a very poor condition. Examination found traces of the site in five different fields though most of the interior area is in one field to the south-west. It is only here that part of the site can be examined, as little or no trace survives over the other fields. In this south-western section a 15 metre long stretch of the bank has survived. Its average height varies between ½ - ¾ metre with almost 1 metre its maximum height. It is 2 – 2 ½ metres wide. There is also a slight trace of this bank to the north-west. Here the average height is ½ metre and a width of 1 ½ - 2 metres.

Due to the poor condition of the site no information could be obtained in relation to the entrance(s), possible house-sites, etc. The site’s diameter had to be calculated based on an examination of the 1842 6” sheet as well as field study. This suggested a small circular area with full north-south and east-west diameters centring on 25 metres each.

Ballymacnevin B: Surviving part of bank to the south-west
Ballymacnevin B: Surviving part of bank to the south-west