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A Survey of Monuments of Archaeological and Historical Interest in the Barony of Bunratty Lower, Co. Clare by William Gerrard Ryan

Part 2: Chapter 13: Kilmaleery Parish: Carrowbane Townland

Site A: RINGFORT (Classification type 1(b))
6” O.S. Sheet number : 51 (Co. Clare)
Reference : 28.9 cm North; 21.9 cm West
Height : c. 75’ O.D.
Shape : circular

Description of site:
This site is represented on the relevant 6” O.S. sheet as a circular field. However field examination found it to be the site of a ringfort with double banks and fosse. The fort was built on a natural rise and offers a view over a wide area, especially towards the north.

The site itself is in a fair condition though the banks and fosse are largely covered beneath a heavy, permanent, vegetation cover. The interior of the ringfort is free from all but seasonal vegetation.

What are the features of the site? As stated previously it has double banks. The outer bank is best represented in the north and north-west area where it is on average about ¾ metre high by 1 ½ metres wide. There is now little trace of the inner bank. The only area where one can examine it to a certain extent is to the south, beneath a vegetation cover. Even in this area it is low, only 30 cm (maximum) high, by 1 ½ metres wide.

The fosse can be followed over the full site though it is especially well preserved along a 40 metre stretch to the north of the site. Here it is between 5 – 6 metres wide and 2 – 2 ½ metres deep though the average would be about 2 metres. In the south though its width varies from 4 – 6 metres, its depth is only ½ metre.

The main entrance into the site is from the south-east and this possibly is the original one. Here the interior (of site) and surrounding field levels are similar while outside the (outer) bank to the north-west the ground slopes away quite steeply.

Map work and field examination showed this site to be of a circular shape. Internal diameters, north-south and east-west, centre on 30 metres each.

Carrowbane A: Fosse and banks to the west
Carrowbane A: Fosse and banks to the west