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The Butlers of County Clare by Sir Henry Blackall


Appendix XIV: Business and Pleasure


Announcement of an Auction for William Butler Esq., Bunnahow, at Derrygariff
Near Crusheen, of:-

1,000 ewes and lambs, 300 two-year-old ewes, 400 two-year-old wethers, 650 one-year-old-sheep, 200 three and four-year-old bullocks, 150 two-year-old bullocks, 20 one-year-old bullocks, 110 four-year-old heifers, 111 three-year-old heifers, 90 two-year-old heifers, 20 incalf cows, with horses, brood mares, colts and fillies.

Mr Butler for years has got 1st place at Ballinasloe for his stock. Sale terms:- Six months’ time without interest for sums over £50 and 1/- in £1 discount cash.
(Clare Journal, 2nd April 1810).


Yesterday a very novel spectacle was seen at Castle Crine, Co. Clare, the residence of Henry Butler Esq., in the removal of a beautiful yacht of 18 tons, constructed by Mr. Butler, junr., her intended owner, by whom an ingenious carriage was also built for the purpose; on which she was raised and drawn by nine horses and hundreds of the neighbouring peasantry to the Shannon at Bunratty, a distance of six miles, and having received the name of the”Heath Bell” from Miss Butler, was launched in the presence of many of the neighbouring gentry, for whom a splendid déjunée was prepared by the hospitable proprietor at Castle Crine, and the country people also provided with refreshment. - (Limerick Chronicle, 4 May, 1844).


Appendix XIII:
Public Office


Appendix XV:
Elegies and a Eulogy