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Bassett's Directory, 1875-6  

Part 2: Ennis: Description

(Population 6,394)

Is the Assizes Town of the County of Clare, within twenty miles north-west of Limerick. It is situated on the River Fergus, which is spanned by six bridges, and only navigable to the village of Clare Castle, two miles distant from the town, where there is a fine quay. There are extensive flour mills and a large inland trade, but no manufactures of any importance are carried on. The name of the principal street has been changed by the inhabitants to that of O'Connell-square, in consequence of the erection in it of the splendid column and colossal statue (by Hogan) to the memory of the great O'Connell. The public buildings of note are, the Catholic Church, which has a splendid Gothic tower and spire 170 feet high; the new Protestant Church, a handsome Gothic edifice: the Franciscan Church, Presbyterian Church, Convent of Mercy, Christian Brothers' Monastery, the Court House, built at a cost of £12,000, Gaol; Militia Barracks, Infirmary, and Union Workhouse. The new Lunatic Asylum, a magnificent building, which cost £51,000, was erected in 1868, at Doolick, within a quarter of a mile of the town. The Provincial and National Banks are very handsome buildings, and the Bank of Ireland, who have at present temporary offices, are about to build a new bank in O'Connell-square, at a cost of £6,000. The local government of the town is vested in eighteen Commissioners, under the Towns' Improvement Act. A Petty Sessions' Court is held every Friday; and Saturday is the market day each week. The Guardians of the Poor meet on Wednesdays, the Governors of the Lunatic Asylum the second Saturday in each month, and the Gaol Board of Superintendence the first Saturday in each month. The borough returns one member to Parliament, and it is at present represented by William Stackpool, M.P., Ballyala. The number of electors in 1874 was 237.


Part 2: Ennis


Part 2: Ennis: Clergy, Attorneys,
Public Officials and Schools