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Guy's Directory, 1893

Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages:
Merchants, Shopkeepers, Trades, etc.

Ahern, Michael, car owner, etc
Ahern, Patrick, baker, groc, etc
Anderson, Edwd, hardwre mt, etc
Arthur, Joseph, photographer
Barry & Leyden, drapers, etc
Barry, Denis, grocer
Blake, Lizzie, stationer
Burke, Thomas, clothier
Carmody and Hogan, hardware merchants, etc
Carrig, Michael, vintner, etc
Casey, Anne, printer, etc
Clare, John, flour & meal dealer
Comber, Fras, flour and meal dlr
Comber, Thos J, groc, emig agt, auctioneer, etc
Comber, Edward, baker & grocer
Connole, Wall & Co, seed mchts
Considine, Honoria, baker, groc, vintner, etc
Considine, James, emig agent, grocer, vintner, etc
Conway, Catherine, groc, hardware merchant, etc
Crawford, Michl, groc & builder
Curran, Bridget, earthenware dlr
Curran, Eugene, pawnbroker
Curran, Matthew, grocer, emigration agent, etc
Daly, Eliza, grocer, etc
Daly, Patrick, baker, grocer, etc
Davidson, J M, boot warehouse
Fitzgerald, Jane, drapr & milliner
Flanigan, Cornelius, grocer, etc
Forgarty, Michael, clothier
Gallagher, Michael, vintner
Gardiner, Peter, grocer, earthenware dealer, vintner, etc
Greene, Wm, baker and grocer
Griffin, James, timber merchant, grocer, vintner, etc
Hayes, Cornelius, grocer
Healy, Anne, grocer
Healy, Patrick, builder
Hennessy, James, clothier
Hinchy, James, grocer & vintner
Hurley, Mary, egg merchant, etc
Hynes, Michl, grocer and vintner
Hynes, Patk, grocer, vintner, etc
Kearney, Patrick, groc, vint, etc
Kelleher, Andw, flour & meal dlr
Kelly & Co, drapers
Kelly, James, grocer & vintners
Kennedy, James, baker & grocer
Kerin, P & Co, grocers
King, Michael, clothier
Kirwan, Jas, leather mercht, etc
Kirwan, Mrs. J, draper & milliner
Kirwan, Thos, boot warehouse
Linnane, Michl, china & glass dlr, builder, etc
Lucas, Thomas, insurance agent
Lynch, Michael, victualler
Lynch, Patrick, vintner
Lysaght, Daniel, groc, vint, etc

McCarthy, Chas, car owner, groc
McCarthy, Michael, china & glass dealer, seed merchant, etc
McDonogh, John, car owner
McDonogh, Joseph, car owner
McInerney, John, flour dealer, groc, hardware mcht, auct, etc
McInerney, Michl, emig agent, baker, grocer, vintner
McMahon, J & Co, drapers, etc
McMahon, Margaret, groc, vint
Madigan, Mary, hardwre mt, etc
Madigan, Patrick, grocer, etc
Marrinan, John, grocer
Moloney, Patrick J, grocer, vint
Moloney, Thomas J, draper
Morgan, Michael, grocer, etc
Murphy, Peter, grocer
Nagle, Catherine, hardwre mcht
Nagle, James, hardware mct, etc
Nagle, John, grocer, etc
Nestor, Thos, grocer and vintner
O'Brien, Michael, grocer
O'Brien, Patrick, grocer
O'Callaghan, Martin, groc, vint
O'Donoghue, Francis, builder
O'Dwyer, Patrick J, draper, woollen manufacturer
O'Grady, Jas, grocer and vintner
O'Grady, John, grocer etc
O'Loughlin, John, grocer and insurance agent
O'Loughlin, Michael, victualler
Quinn, Mrs, grocer, etc
Shannon and Linnane, hardware merchants, grocers, etc
Shannon, Frank, grocer
Shannon, Mrs, flour dealer, groc
Shannon, William, flour dealer
Skerritt, Thomas, leather dealer
Touhy, Stephen, clothier, etc
Vaughan, Denis, grocer
Vaughan, Michael, grocer, etc
Wall, John, hardware mcht, etc
Walsh, Anne, leather dealer
Walsh, Maurice, leather dlr, etc
Walsh, Hanora, draper, etc
Walsh, Patrick, grocer, vintner
Walsh, Ptk jun, boot warehouse
Walsh, Ptk sen, boot warehouse

Daly, Eliza
Kerin, Patrick


Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages:
Ennistymon: Gentry, Clergy, etc.


Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages:
Ennistymon: Farmers