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Guy's Directory, 1893

Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages:

Boland, Honor, Cappagh
Brew, Patrick, Ballyket
Burke, Jane, Leadmore west
Connell, James, Moyne
Crowley, John, Carnaun
Culligan, Denis, Ballynote
Culligan, John, Kilrush
Culligan, Margaret, Carnaun
Dalton, Wm B, Francis street
Dowling, Joshua, Ballyurra
Eustace, Simon, Kilrush
Flanagan, John,Tullagower
Gibson, Thomas, Island view
Gore, Ellen, Woodlawn
Grogan, John, Kilrush
Higgins, Margaret, Carrowncalla
Higgins, Thomas, Carrowncalla
Lillis, John, Kilcarroll
Lynch, Michael, Kilrush
McDonnell, Ellen, Ballynote
Madigan, Andrew, Kilrush
Madigan, Bridget, Carnaun
Madigan, Margaret, Ballynote
Madigan, Margaret, Leadmore
Mahony, John, Kilrush
Mahony, John C, Kilrush
Mahony, Thomas C, Kilrush
Moody, William, Kilrush
Murphy, John, Leadmore
O'Brien, John, Kilrush
O'Brien, Luke, Kilrush
O'Brien, Mrs, Moyadda
O'Dywer, Richard, Kilrush
O'Flanagan, James, Ballyurra
Reidy, John, Kilrush
Roughan, Thomas, Kilrush
Slattery, Denis, Ballyket
Slattery, Thomas, Kilrush
Warren, Augustus jun, Ballyurra
Williams, Thomas, Carrowncalla
Williams, William, Carrowncalla


Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages:
Kilrush: Merchants, Shopkeepers, Trades, etc.


Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages: