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Guy's Directory, 1893

Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages:
Gentry, Clergy, Principal Residents, etc.

Bennett, James, Carrowdotia
Borough, Caroling, Cappagh
Borough, Robert H, Cappa hse
Bradley, J, Kilrush
Brew, Wm, Belleview, Cappagh
Burke, Samuel, Thomastown
Chambers, Patrick, Carrowdotia
Chambers, Sophia, Francis street
Coote, Chas, L A DUB, Ennis rd
Counihan, John F, L R C S I, L K Q C P I, L M, Francis street
Courtenay, Rev Daniel, C C, Francis street
Crowley, P, M B, B S R U I
Elliott, Glanville, Francis street
Fetherston, Denis, mgr Nat bnk
Flanagan, Brothr S, dir Christian brothers schools
Foley, Mary, Market square
Harper, A M, R M
Hilliard, Domk R, solr, Francis st (33 Up Ormond qy, Dublin)
Irwin, W S, dist inspector, R I C
Johnston, Rev John, meth min
Keating, R J, Moore street
Kelly, Thomas, solr, Francis st (65 Dame street, Dublin)
Lucas, Jane, Francis street
Malone, Rev Sylvester, P P, V G, M R I A
Morrissey, W, Kilrush
O'Ryan, J, manager Prov bank, Francis street
Peacock, Thomas, Francis street
Scanlon, Rev John, C C, Henry st
Sexton, William, M D, MCH R U I, (coroner West Clare), Francis st
Sheedy, T, valuer, Parknamoney
Sorsby, Rev William, pres min, The Manse
Spence, Mother, M A, sup conv mercy
Sweeny, Rev Patrick, C C
Warren, Augustus, dist reg mar, Henry street and Broom hill
Wolseley, Ven Archdeacon Wm H, A M, Glebe house


Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages:
Kilrush: Official & General Information


Part 5: Postal Directory of Towns and Villages:
Kilrush: Merchants, Shopkeepers, Trades etc.