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GALLERY, Patrick. Born 1825, Co. Clare. Fremont, Iowa, USA.
Donated by Cathy Joynt Labath, Iowa, USA.


Source: C.S. Percival and E. Percival. History of Buchanan County, Iowa. Cleveland: William Bros., 1881

Patrick Gallery was born in Clare county, Ireland, in 1825. In the year 1852 he came to the United States. He lived two years in Brooklyn, New York, then went to Massachusetts, where he lived, near Springfield, about fourteen years, working in a quarry and farming. In 1868 he moved to Buchanan county and purchased one hundred and sixty acres in Fremont. He has since added and now has four hundred acres in all, making a most excellent farm. The place was unimproved, but Mr. Gallery has made a superior farm of it. He built his house himself, and has a neat and pretty home in a fine location. He has a young orchard of over one hundred trees, and is making improvements continually. Mr. Gallery was married in 1856 to Miss Johanna McGrath, of Tipperary county, Ireland. They have five children, born as follows: James A., May 14, 1857; Ellen N., December 7, 1859; Daniel M., September 27, 1861; Francis P., November 12, 1863; Edmund, August 23, 1865. Mr. and Mrs. Gallery belong to the Catholic church. They are worthy citizens and have a fine home. Mr. Gallery is an industrious and business - like farmer; starting poor, he has built up a fine property by his own exertions. He is a man of intelligence and everywhere respected.

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