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GUTHRIE, Patrick M. Born 1830, Co. Clare. Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Dubuque, Iowa, USA.
Donated by Cathy Joynt Labath, Iowa, USA.


Source: The United States Biographical Dictionary and Portrait Gallery of Eminent and Self-Made Men. Iowa Volume. Chicago and New York: American Biographical Publishing, 1878.

Patrick M. Guthrie, the treasurer of Carroll county, and for twenty-four years a resident of Iowa, is a native of Ireland, and was born in the county of Clare on the 16th of October, 1830. His parents were Matthew Guthrie, farmer, and Sabina Stuart, both of Scotch descent, though natives of Ireland. Patrick spent his youth on the farm; from sixteen to eighteen was employed by the British government on public works, keeping the time of two thousand men, measuring their work and paying them weekly; in 1848 came to the United States, landing in New York city on the 4th of July; proceeded as far west as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and after clerking there for a short time, was employed as a foreman on the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana railroad while it was being constructed. Subsequently he took contracts on different railroads in Illinois, so doing until the 10th of October, 1854, when he settled in Dubuque, Iowa. There he was a contractor and builder for seven or eight years, putting up some of the important public buildings, including the city hall, erected in 1857. In 1859, and in 1860, he was connected with Colonel H.H. Hearn in the publication of "The Northwest," a democratic newspaper.

In 1862 Mr. Guthrie was elected city treasurer, and held the office by re-elections five years. The writer of this sketch was a citizen of Dubuque during the period here referred to, and has no hesitation in saying that a more faithful officer never disbursed the funds of the city. At the close of his last term as treasurer Mr. Guthrie made an abstract of the titles in Dubuque county, managed that business for three years, and in 1871 moved to Carroll, the seat of justice of Carroll county, where he engaged in the real estate business with Mr. T.L. Bowman, the firm name being Guthrie and Bowman. In this enterprise they have been very successful, having sold upward of half a million acres of land in the counties of Carroll, Sac and Calhoun, being the agents of the Iowa Railroad Loan Company. They have opened an office at Lemars, in order to settle up Plymouth county, and Mr. Bowman superintends that office. As a dealer in lands, as in all other business transactions, Mr. Guthrie is candid, straightforward and reliable. His coming to Carroll county marked an epoch in its history. He brought others with him from Dubuque county, and by his fair dealings and easy terms of payments has induced many industrious men to settle on wild lands in western Iowa. He is an eminently useful citizen of Carroll county, and his popularity is well merited.

Mr. Guthrie was elected treasurer of Carroll county in 1875, and now holds that office.
In politics he was reared a democrat, and has never voted any other ticket. In religion he was born in the Catholic church, and firmly adheres to the faith of his ancestors. In moral and christian character his standing is highly commendatory.

Mr. Guthrie has been a married man since the 9th of June, 1862, his wife being Miss Emma Mahar, of Galena, Illinois. They have four boys living and have lost five children.

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