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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Feakle (Lower) Parish Baptism Records, 1860-1881:
Transcriber’s Notes

Given names:
The handwriting conventions of the 19th century cannot conveniently be duplicated in modern transcriptions as given names are often abbreviated and having the final letter(s) written in superscript. Pet names and nick names used in the era can be difficult to correlate with the associated given name. One such case is Timothy, the English version of the Latin name Thaddeus, and often written in the register as the nickname used by family and friends, Thady. The table below is offered as a cross reference list of sorts for how names were found in register, how represented in this transcription, and what official given name is normally associated.

As found in parish register
As represented in transcription
Associated Given Name
Nancy Nancy Anne
Tony Tony Anthony
Batt Batt Bartholomew
Biddy, Bt Biddy, Bt Bridget
Kate, Kitty Kate, Kitty Catherine
Con Con Cornelius
Danl, Dan Danl, Dan Daniel
Denny Denny Denis, Dennis
Ned, Ed Ned, Ed Edward, Edmond
Eliza, Bess, Bessy Eliza, Bess, Bessy Elizabeth
Frank Frank Francis
Norry, Hannah, Anne, Hanna Norry, Hannah, Anne, Hanna Hanoria, Hanora, Hanorah
Harry Harry Henry
Jas Jas James
Jno Jno John
Jos Jos Joseph
Jude, Judy  Jude, Judy Judith
Larry  Larry Laurence
Peggy, Maggy, Marg, Margt Peggy, Maggy, Marg, Margt  Margaret 
Matt, Mat  Matt, Mat Matthew
Michl, Ml Michl, Ml Michael
Pat, Patt, Patk Pat, Patt, Patk  Patrick 
Penny  Penny Penelope
Sally  Sally Sarah
Thos, Tom  Thos, Tom  Thomas 
Tim, Thady  Tim, Thady Timothy, Thaddeus 
Wenny  Wenny Wenefride, Winifred
Wm  Wm William

Place Names:
Place names are seldom mentioned in this register and therefore any place name mentioned is valuable. Even a misspelled placename is of great value in that it establishes a precedent for this misuse and allows the correlation to the actual place. For example, the spelling “Feikle” was used by at least one of the priests, and is also found on some of the civil registration certificates of this era. Note that Feakle is the only townland in Ireland beginning with “F” and ending in “KLE” - no other candidates in Scarriff PLU could be a potential match for this misspelling.

The main reason a place name was used appears to be documenting where a couple was from, when not from Feakle parish. Whenever a placename was found, it was included with or just below the record in the transcription. The place names mentioned in this register are Tulla Parish, Ayle, Parish of Woodford (County Galway), Broadford, Glandree, Lower Feakle, Feikle (Lower), Feakle, Feikle (Southern), Curragh Clune, Ballyonon, and Core.

Order of Records:
Records in this transcription are presented in the order found, even when the date is out of order. It is not clear without getting a civil registration record whether the priest has written the incorrect date, or recorded the baptism after the fact.

Other Transcriber Notes:

• Surnames in first table are in rough alphabetical order after ignoring Mac, Mc, and O’. The number in parenthesis is the number of entries of parents surnames and maiden names found. The second table is the surnames and maiden names found, with the most frequently found placed first.
• Hard brackets [ ] are used to denote transcriber added information.
• In the register, O surnames were written without apostrophes; e.g. the name O’Dea may be registered as Odea or ODea or even Ódea, (last example with fada), and are represented here in this transcription as O’ to have a consistent convention. Note, the priests O’Sheehan and O’Doherty wrote their own names with O-apostrophe.
• The surname Mac-McNamara was used interchangeably with “Mack” by the priests. This can be seen when arranging the register by family group. According to surname researcher Edward MacLysaght, in County Clare it is a part of “everyday speech” to call any McNamara as “Mac.” (Edward MacLysaght, Irish Families - Their Names, Arms and Origin, 3rd edition (Dublin, 1972; and New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1972, 239.) Some civil registration records obtained did confirm surnames entered as “Mack” were indeed McNamara.
• Priests found in this register were Andrew Connellan, P. White, M. McGrath, T. Honan, O'Sheehan, William Buckley, Joseph Meade, J.K. O'Doherty, Peter Meade, Matthew J. Lynch, and C. Stuart.
• In the date field, underscores “_” mean that date segment with the underscore was omitted in register.
• For names, underscores mean that part of name was not readable and in some cases missing due to a torn corner of register’s page or an ink blot.

Caution: Best practice always requires the researcher to review images when using as source data. Although every record has been transcribed, some records may have been transcribed incorrectly. Any errors are the transcriber’s alone.

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Feakle RC Parish Baptism Records, 1860-1881