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Baptism Records (Complete) for Kilmaley Parish, 1865

Title: Baptism Records for Kilmaley Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Place: Kilmaley Parish.
Source: Baptism Registers on LDS film
Transcriber/Donor: John Mayer
Date Surname Forename Father's Forename Mother's Surname Mother's Forename Sponsors Information
Feb. 24 Barry Pat Martin Talty Mary Michael Talty and Anne Talty Loughburke
Feb. 12 Boland Francis John Frawley Mary Michael Shea and Bridget Shea Salaghboula
Aug. 12 Burke Margaret Thomas Leydan Mary Connor Leydon & Honor Leydon Rathmaye
Nov. 25 Burke Kate James Hassett Catherine Mary Burke Loughburke
Mar. 5 Cahill Anne Thomas Lynch Margaret Bridget Vaughan Letteragh Married February 8, 1853
Mar. 3 Carney Mary Pat Looney Mary Margaret Carney Clonboula
Oct. 1 Carney Mary Denis Leahy Mary Pat Leahy and Honor Leahy Feighroe
Dec. 31 Carty Patrick John Leydon Mary Thomas Cusack & Bridget Cusack Ballyvoe Married February 15, 1859
Aug. 23 Casey Michael Michael Hegarty Suzan John Casey & Margaret Stackpoole Married February 10, 1864
Mar. 14 Collins John Patrick Ryan Margaret Patrick Ryan and Catherine Ryan Cragroe
Mar. Conlan   Michael Hickey Ellen Thomas Conlan and Bridget Conlan Lisroe Married February 1858
Oct. 28 Conlan Mary Thady McInerney Bridget Jerry Conlon and Mary Flinn Kilcolumb Married February 14, 1865
Oct. 28 Conlan Honor Thady McInerney Bridget William Chambers & Mary Kelly Kilcolumb Married February 14, 1865
Sep. 17 Conlon Bridget Pat Murphy Margaret John Keane and Bridget Keane Kilculomb
Mar. 11 Considine Catherine James Conway Mary Kate Fitzpatrick Tullassa Married October 12, 1861
Nov. 30 Considine Thomas John Griffy Kate John Griffy and Margaret Griffy Craganour
Aug. 13 Corbett Mathew Michael Buckley Anne Michael Corbett & Susan Corbett Ivy Hill
Mar. 26 Custy John Martin McMahon Anne Tom Kenna and Mary Frawley Kyleatunna Married March 4, 1862
Mar. 11 Daly Mary John Sharry Jane John McGuane & Bridget McGuane Clonboula Married February 13, 1859
Dec. 7 Dillon Michael Michael Keane Bridget James Hehir and Margaret Keane Clonboula Married February 25, 1838
Dec. 22 Donnellan Andrew Thomas Burke Margaret Thomas Donnellan & Kate Killeen Ivy Hill
Jan. 29 Doohan Margaret Patrick Reidy Anne Thomas Reidy & Catherine Reidy Slievealoughaun
Oct. 4 Doohan Honoria John Molony Margaret Michael (Clune) & Honor ????? Brealcragga Married March 3, 1847
Jan. 15 Dowling Eliza Dan Horan Kate Patrick McGuane & Mary Dowling  
Dec. 31 Fitzpatrick Peter Patrick Talty Bridget Bridget Crowe Rathcraggane
Aug. 5 Flannery Anne Martin Cleary Anne Thomas Flannery & Mary Flannery Ballymacooda
Mar. 17 Frawley Patrick John Pyne Anne James Carney and Bridget Pyne Letteragh
Oct. 24 Frawley Ellen Pat O'Dea Mary Mathew Queally & Judy Scanlan Letteragh Married January 1, 1848
Feb. 14 Greene Catherine Michael Lynch Bridget Pat Vaughan and Margaret Vaughan Boulavreen Married March 4, 1862
Feb. 28 Griffy Patrick John Hogan Mary Thady Hogan & Bridget Hogan Kyleatunna Married January 26, 1853
Sep. 20 Griffy Daniel Thomas Halpin Mary Michael Halpin and Kate Collins Clonfeigh
Feb. 3 Haren Terence John Murphy Hanna Patrick Coug,,,, & Kate ???? Tullaghaboy Married February 23, 1852
Dec. 9 Harvey Thomas John Marinan Susan Thomas Grene & Margaret Greene Gortadoig
Aug. 22 Hehir Mary James Neylon Anne John Neylon and Mary Neylon Gortmore Marrtied February 18, 1860
Jan. 31 Hickey Bridget Patrick Hehir Bridget Thomas Hickey & Hanna Hickey Tullassa Married January 29, 1864
Nov. 12 Hickey Mary Thomas Hanrahan Mary Patrick Hickey & Susan McMahon Tullassa Married February 12, 1861
Dec. 23 Hickey Bridget Martin Foran Bridget Bridget Kishane Tullassa
Jan. 29 Hogan Pat John Moran Catherine Catherine Hogan Magouna
Sep. 1 Keane Jane Michael Moroney Bridget Richard Keane and Ellen ???? Kilcolumb
Oct. 22 Keane Honora Pat Kelly Bridget James Kelly and Mary Kelly Inch
Nov. 5 Kennedy Martin Pat Coughlan Bridget Laurence Kennedy & Honor Kennedy Gortadoig
Nov. 15 Kennedy Martin James Conlan Susan Martin Kennedy and Mary Ryan Boulinabinna Married November 22, 1864
Oct. 7 Lynch Bridget James Talty Bridget Michael Neylon & Bridget Neylon Cahermore
Oct. 23 Lynch Michael Thomas Crehan Sarah Michael Burke & Bridget Pilkington Reinagishagh Married June 5, 1852
Dec. 5 Markham Bridget James Shea Mary Patrick O'Neill & Margt Markham Poulaknew
Nov. 19 McCormic Thomas Richard Conway Bridget Richard Gra…. And Ellen Gallery Garrynagry
Nov. 12 McGuane Bridget Pat Griffy Bridget Pat McGuane and Mary Barry Ballymacaula
Jul. 28 McMahon Margaret Patrick Meere Catherine Michael Commane & Kate Flynn Ivy Hill
Nov. 24 McMahon Lissey John Connell Betty John Carrigg and Mary Cleary Kyleatunna Married October 6, 1856
Sep. 17 McNamara Patrick James James Sullivan Mary Michael Sulivan & Kate Sullivan Fortville Married July 31, 1861
Sep. 23 Meere Michael Connor Leydan Bridget Peter Meere and Hanna Meere Rathcrony Married November 14, 1863
Feb. 12 Merritt Margaret Samuel Mealy Anne Pat Mealy and Frances Merritt Cappaleigh Married February 7. 1863
Feb. 8 Molony Honor Pat Hehir Kate John Reighnagisha Married May 3, 1864
Feb. 18 Murphy Honor Thomas Meany Bridget James Howe and Margaret Howe Belacragga Possibly married on February 12, 1861
Mar. 3 Neylon Ellen Michael Molony Margaret Thomas McGuane & Mary McGuane Letteragh Married February 6, 1853
Sep. 17 Neylon Michael William Hehir Lissey Andrew Hehir and Mary Hehir Gortgonniv Married July 2, 1864
Sep. 10 O'Connor John Michael Neylan Bridget Patrick Hurley and Bridget Keane Drimatehy
Dec. 15 Qualy Thomas Patrick Hegarty Joan Daniel Corry and Honor Corry Lehaknock
Mar. 6 Quinn Mary Patrick Keane Bridget Pat Keane and Anne Sullivan Kyleatunna Married November 22, 1865
Aug. 10 Reidy Patrick Thomas Conway Ellen John Reidy and Kate Carty Slievealoughaun
Aug. 10 Reidy Daniel Thomas Conway Ellen William Reidy & Mary Chambers Slievealoughaun
Oct. 25 Reidy Bridget Michael Meehan Ellen James Lynch and Mary Reidy Kyleatunna Married February 21, 1860
Feb. 7 Sexton Thomas Matthew Hassett Ellen Michael ???? Kilcolumb
Mar. 11 Sexton Anne Michael Kelly Kate Thomas Sexton & Bridget Donohue Kinturk
Feb. 24 Sullivan Michael John Dooley Bridget Pat Magrath and Ellen Sullivan Boulavreen
Aug. 13 White James Patrick Flannery Honor Patrick Daffy and Margaret Daffy Kilnacally

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