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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Feakle RC Parish Marriage Records, 1860-1881:
Transcriber’s Notes

Given names were often abbreviated with an ending letter in superscript and are shown below as found and as represented herein. The practical difficulty in using superscript necessitated using a slightly different convention than what was found in register. Some pet names found in the register are also included in table below:

Given Name As found in register As represented in transcription
Anne Nancy Nancy
Bridget Biddy, Delia Biddy, Delia
Catherine Kate Kate
Daniel Dan, Danl Dan, Daníl
Hanora, Hanoria, Hanoriah, Hanorah Norry Norry
Matthew Matt, Matty Matt, Matty
Michael Michl, Ml Michíl, Míl
Patrick Pat, Patt, Patk Pat, Patt, Patík
Thomas Tom, Thos Tom, Thos
Timothy, Thaddeus Thady Thady
Wenefride, Winifred Wenny, Weny Wenny, Weny
William Wm Wm

Handwriting Notes:
- Capital “S” can be confused for a Capital “L”
- Capital “J” can appear similar to Capital “T”
- Lower-case “g” resembles a lower-case “j”
- Lower-case “n” can easily be mistaken for lower case “u”

Other Transcriber Notes:
- Source: 0,979,694 FHLC film, a second filming of 0,979,696 which has superior quality images as a result of the second filming.
- In the register, O surnames were written without apostrophes; e.g. the name O’Dea may be registered as Odea or ODea or even Ódea, (last example with fada), and are represented here in transcription as O’ to have a consistent convention.
- MacNamara-McNamara was often written as “Mack” by the priests. According to surname researcher Edward MacLysaght, in County Clare it is a part of “everyday speech” to call any McNamara as “Mac.”*
- Marriage ceremony celebrants (priests) in chronological order were Andrew Connellan, William Buckley, Joseph Meade, and C. Stuart
- In the date field, underscores “_” mean that date segment with the underscore was omitted in register.
- Some records may appear out of chronological order in transcription, but are represented in order found in register.
- For names, underscores mean that part of name was not readable and in some cases missing due to a torn corner of register’s page or an ink blot.
- Ten marriages have dispensations recorded in Latin; these dispensations are not transcribed but are tagged with “D1” through “D10” in superscript just following the groom’s name. See FHL Film 0,979,694.

Caution: Best practice always requires researcher to review original images on film when using as source data.

* Edward MacLysaght, Irish Families - Their Names, Arms and Origin, 3rd edition (Dublin, 1972; and New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1972), 239.

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Feakle RC Parish Marriage Records, 1860-1881