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Donated Material: Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths

Feakle RC Parish Marriage Records, 1860-1881:
Alphabetical list of surnames

Surnames and variants found for spouses and witnesses are listed below; the number in parenthesis is the number of surnames found in register for all variants.

Ahern(1), Allen(1), Balton-Bolton(3), Bane(6), Barrett(3), Bleach(2), Boland(13), Bouchier(2), Bourke-Burke(7), Bowler(2), Brodrick(2), Buckley(1), Brett (5), O’Brien(14) Brady(1), Brody(3), Burns(1), Butler(1), Cahill(1), Callaghan-O’Callaghan(5), Callinan(1), Campbell(3), Canny(18), McCarthy(2), Carty(1), Carroll(3), Casey(2), Clancy(1), Clune(4), Coffee(1), Collins(2), Commons(3), Connellan(3), O’Connor-O’Connors(5), Conway(8), Cooney(2), Corbett(2), Corcoran(1), McCormack(1), Correy-Corry(7), Counihan(1), Courtney(1), Craven(1), Cregg(2), Crowe(1), Culloo(3), Cunningham(2), Cusack(3), O’Dea(2), Daffy(2), Daly(2), Davis(2), Davoren(1), Digedan(1), Dillon(2), Dinan(3), McDonnell(1), Donelan-Donnellan(4), Donnelly(4), McDonogh(2), Donoghue-Donohue-Donahoe(6), Doolan(1), Doogan-Duggan(8), Dooraghty(2), Dowdal-Dowdle(2), McDowell(1), Doyle(7), Durac(1), Dwyer(1), Egan(1), Fahy(7), Farrell(5), Fennessy-Finnessy(5), Finn(1), Fitzgerald(2), Fitzpatrick(3), Flannery(3), Flannigan(1), Foley(1), Gallagher-Gallaher(2), Garvey(3), McGennis(1), Geoghegan(1), Gibbons(1), Gleeson(3), Glynn(1), Grady(9), McGrath(15), Griffin(1), Grogan(4), Guerin(3), Guilfoyle(1), Gunning(2), O’Halloran-Halloran(16), Halvey-Halvy(2), Hannan(1), Hanrahan(3), O’Hara(1), Hardgrove(3), Haren(4), Harrison(1), Hassett(4), Hayes(12), Healy(3), Henchy(1), Hennessy(1), Hickey(4), Hill(1), Hogan(2), Holohan-Holihan(2), Honan(1), Horan(1), Hussey-Hussy(3), Hynes(3), McInerheny(3), Jones(5), Keagh(1), Keane(3), Keating(3), Keefe(5), Kelliher(2), Kelly(7), Kennedy(6), Kenny(1), Kevin(2), McKey(2), Kiely(1), Kirrvane(1), Lahiff(1), Larkin(3), Leaden-Leydan(2), Liddane(1), Lillis(1), Loghlan(1), Long(1), Loughnane(3), Lynch(1), Madden(3), McMahon-Mahon (59), Malone(7), O’Malley-Maly-Mealy(5), Meade(2), Meany(3), O’Mara-O’Meara(4), Meehan(3), Miniter-Minniter(3), Minogue (33), Molony-Moloney(32), Moriarty(1), Morony-Moroney(46), Morrissy-Morrissey(7), Mungovan-Muggavin(3), Murphy(12), Naghten-Naghton-Naughon-Naughten(11), McNamara-MacNamara-Mack (68), Nash(1), Nelson(14), Nerkil(1), Newman(1), Nihill (1), Noonan(5), Nugent(7), Oates-Otes(2), Outler(1), Pepper(4), Powell(2), Purcell(7), Reardon-Riordan(3), Reidy(1), Reily(1), Ringrose(1), Rochford-Rochfort(15), Rogers-Rodgers(14), Roughan(3), Ryan(15), Sampson(1), Scanlan(1), Scott(2), Shalloo(1), Shaughnesy(1), Shea(3), Sheedy(4), Sheehan(2), Slattery(8), Sullivan(2), Thornton(1), Tierny(1), Tobin(4), Tuohey-Tuohy(39), Torpy(1), Treacy(1), Twaddle(1), Vaughan(3), Walker(1), Walsh(1), Ward(1), Whelan(1)


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Feakle RC Parish Marriage Records, 1860-1881