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RC Marriage Records for O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish, 1835-1881

Registers by Surname: Grooms A - L

Source: O’Callaghan’s Mills RC Marriage Registers NLI Film 02476/08
Transcriber/Donor: Sharon Carberry, Virginia, USA

Groom's surname Groom's first name Residence Bride's first name Bride's surname Residence Day Month Year Witness, residence (if shown) Witness, residence (if shown) Dispensation (stated in Latin)
[blank] Patrick Loughborough Mary Markham Iragh 6 February 1842 James McNamara, Loughborough Michael Russell, Loughborough  
[ink blot] Patrick Kilkishen [ink blot] ___een [Mulqueen?] Kilkishen 19 February 1871 Patrick Roughan, Kilkishen Maria Roughan, Kilkishen  
[too light] Timothy ? [light] Ballyvaughan Elizabeth Carter Callaghans Mills 15 February 1841 William Carter, Mills Mathew McCormick ?  
____er [light] Henry Kilkishen Margaret Fahey Kilkishen 25 November 1838 Patrick Hogan, Kilkishen Bridget Donohoe, Kilkishen  
Anglim Patt Violet Hill Bridget Long Claremount 20 November 1858 John Marsh, Claremount Margaret O'Brien, Claremount  
Anglim Patt Doon Margaret Connors Claremount 10 February 1861 John Long, Claremount Margaret Long, Claremount  
Arkins Bryan Claremount Cathrine Sweeny Claremount 8 February 1842 John Sweeny, Claremount James Littleton, Callaghans Mills  
Arkins Michael Claremount Catherine Farrell [line drawn,meaning ?] 10 February 1880 [blank] O'Brien [blank] Farrell  
Armstrong James Drominagun Cathrine Crowe Drominagun 19 February 1844 George Crowe, Drominagun James Crowe, Drominagun  
Arthur William Glanomera Anne Flanery [O'Callaghans] Mills 23 February 1846 John Hargove, Knockatureen John Arthur, Glanomera  
Austin Martin Coolycasey Bridget Moloney Clonlum 4 February 1869 Michael Austin, Coolycasey Mary Moloney, Clonlum  
Bailey John Mt. Baliey [sic] Margaret Donnelon Clashduff 18 April 1867 Teady Donnelon, Clashduff Cathrine Browne, Iragh  
Baker Edmund Kilmaleery Johanna Bingham Kilkishen 20 January 1846 James Baker, Kilmaleery Henry Bingham, Kilkishen  
Barton James Sallybank Margaret McNamara Cealderra 3 March 1867 Michael McNamara, Cealderra Johanna McNamara, Cealderra  
Barton John Ogonelloe Winifred Fleming BallyMcDonnell 17 February 1874 Patrick Mcgrath, Ogonelloe Bridget Burke, BallyMDonnell  
Begly Patrick Cloughoula Ellen Fitzgerald Do. [Cloughoula] 4 March 1851 Michael McNamara, Enagh Bridget McNamara, Enagh  
Begly Patt Cloughoula Bridget Earls Cloughoula 12 February 1861 Michael Eagan, Cloughoula Margaret Fitzgerald, Cloughoula  
Begly Patt Cappalahine Mary Clanchy Lakyle 26 February 1865 Matt McMahon, Cealderra Mary Begly, Cappalahine  
Bennis Martin Iragh Cathrine Pendergast Iragh 18 April 1847 Michl. Murphy, Iragh Michl. Pendergast, Iragh  
Bennis Thomas Ralahine Margaret Donnelan Clasduff 19 February 1840 Thomas Donnelan, Clasduff John McInerny, Ralahine  
Bermingham Patrick Killenena Margaret Carty Kilkishen 22 January 1879 Patrick Carty Rosanna Maria Hanly  
Bethel Isaac Six-m-Bridge Bridget Toohey Oatfield 24 February 1878 Maurice Fitzgerald Mary Egan  
Bethel John Woodfield Cathrine McNamara Lakile 14 February 1836 Mrs. McInerny, Mountholland Mrs. Linehan, Lakile  
Blackwell George Dromoland Mary Frawley Kilkishen 16 July 1843 John Frawley, Kilkishen Mary Fitzpatrick, Kilkishen  
Boland Edmund Kilurin Anne Collins Kilurin 12 February 1839 Patrick Boland, Kilurin William Collins, Kilurin  
Boland James Bodike Mary McMahon Cealderra 28 February 1843 James McMahon, Cealderra Michael McMahon, Cealderra  
Boland Mathew Claremount Joany ? Hogan Claremount 6 February 1842 Mathew Boland, Claremount James Williams, Mt. Holland  
Boland Michael Broadford Honora McNamara Clonlea 18 February 1838 Patrick Boland, Hurlstown Dennis McNamara, Ballyvorgill  
Boland Michael Broadford Elizabeth O'Brien [O'Callaghans] Mills 14 February 1863 Matt Boland, Claremount Margaret Torpy, Glenomera  
Boland Patrick Feacle Cathrine McInerny Kilurin 4 February 1837 James McInerny, Kilurin Dennis McInerny, Silvergrove  
Boland Patrick Iragh Catherine Peppard Newtown 29 February 1840 Patrick Peppard, Lakile Patrick Mullane ?, Broadford  
Boland Patrick Callaghan's Mills Cathrine Ryan Callaghans Mills 18? September 1841 Andrew Ryan, Callaghan's Mills Michael Anglim, Callahans Mills  
Bolton John Knockbrack Anne Murphy BallyMcDonnell 11 February 1854 Thomas Murphy, BallyMcDonnell Margaret Halloran, BallyMcDonnell  
Bolton John Lakyle Cathrine Gooney Lakyle 9 April 1855 Patt Kingsly, Broadford Bridget Clune, Mt. Allan  
Bolton Patrick Kil__y Bridget Moloney Newtown 19 February 1873 William Tobin, Kilnoe Mary Tuohey, Killuren  
Bolton Patrick Knockbrack ? Winfred Nash BallyMcDonnell 16 February 1847 James Burk, BallyMcDonnell Michl. Purcell, BallyMcDonnell  
Bolton Patt [O'Callaghans] Mills Bridget Maguire [O'Callaghans] Mills 7 September 1846 John Maguire, Mills James Moloney, Clonlume  
Bourke John O'Gonneloe Bridget Purcell BallyMcDonnell 25 April 1838 James Couney, Callahans Mills Connor Halloran, Clonlume  
Boyse John Kilkishen Margaret Carmody Enagh[oflyn] 22 February 1846 Patt Boyse, Enagh Patt Clune, Mt. Allan  
Boyse Martin Enaghoflyn Mary Carmody Enaghoflyn 27 February 1838 Edmund Hogan, Ahaclare Stephen Boyse, Enaghoflyn  
Boyse Stephen Enagh[oflyn] Bridget “McNamara or Meehan” Killeen ? June 1848 Thos. McInerny, Mt. Allan Miles Donohoe, Killeen  
Boyse Stephen Killeen Bridget Fitzgerald Belvoir 25 February 1868 Thomas Duggan,Ahaclare Annie Clune, Quin  
Bradly John Kilmore Margaret Drowney Belvoir mountain 7 March 1848 John Downey, Belvoir Bridgt. Bradly, Kilmore  
Brady Henry Scariff Catherine McNamara Lockboro [sic] 17 March 1879 Michl. McNamara Eliza Quinlivan  
Brady Michael Mount Shannon Bridget McNamara Lockboro [sic] 8 February 1877 Michl. Sammon Kate McNamara  
Brassill Daniel Tulla Ellen Knnedy [O'Callaghans] Mills 4 February 1851 John Hallinan, Tulla Bridget Malone, Mills  
Brennan John Tulla Margaret Kelly O.C. Mills 7 November 1871 Daniel Brennan, Tulla Margaret Lynch, O.C. Mills  
Brett Michael Feikle [sic] Margaret Arkins Claremount 22 February 1873 Patrick Cormody?, Feikle Mary Collins, Feikle  
Brown Patt Kilogennedy [sic] Mary Kelliher Kilurin 31 January 1866 Teady O'Brien, Claremount Mary O'Brien, Kilurin  
Browne John O'C. Mills Mary Shea O'C. Mills 10 June 1878 Patk. Taylor Catherine Perry  
Buckley Michael [blank] Mary Egan [blank] 28 November 1845 Mathew Egan Tom Egan, Cloughoula  
Buckley Patrick Broadford Bridgt. Stephens Snathy 27 February 1838 Henry Stephens, Snathy Patrick Quain, Broadford for a degree of consanguinity
Burk Donatt Derra Margaret Boland Claremount 13 January 1849 John Burk, Barbane Mathew Boland, Claremount  
Burk Edmund Doon Bridget Roughan Doon 5 August 1855 Thomas Perry, Iragh Margaret White, Broadford  
Burk Edward Feacle Jane Burk Kilurin 26 November 1853 John Malone, Feacle Elizabeth Burk, Kilurin  
Burk James O'Gonneloe Winfred Purcell Kilurin 26 February 1838 John Keefe, O'Gonneloe Timothy Canny, Kilurin  
Burk John Broadford Margaret Sallinger Cealderra 3 March 1835 Jeremiah Touhey, Cappalahin James Couney, Callahans Mills  
Burk Thomas Kilmurry Sally McNamara [O'Callaghans] Mills 26 February 1859 Edmund Murphy, Kilmurry Mary Liddy, Derramore  
Burk Thos. Broadford Ellen Murphy Callaghansmills 3 February 1845 John Carroll, Tieravannin Willm. Murphy, Mills  
Burk William Broadford Mary Anne Boland Claremount 7 March 1848 Charles McDonnell, Broadford Bridget Reddan, Drominagun  
Burk William Scariff Mary Linehan Coolnahella 4 February 1856 Patt Lahiff, Scariff Johanna Linehan, Lakyle  
Bush Michael Quin Anstice [sic] McInerny Oatfield 3 March 1840 John Bush, Callaghans Mills John McInerny, Iragh  
Bush Thomas O'Gonneloe Margaret Linehan Coolnehela 21 February 1870 William Cooneen, O'Gonneloe Margaret Linehan, Mt. Allan  
Butler William Tulla Mary Jones Kilurin 2 March 1840 John Quinlivan, Tulla William Jones, Kilurin  
Callaghan Cornelius Killaloe Mary Cunneen Kilkishen 30 July 1864 James Hayes, Killaloe Margaret Walsh, Kilkishen  
Callaghan Dennis Kilnoe Bridget Farrel BallyMcDonnell 23 February 1852 Patt Molony, Kilurin Anne McNamara  
Callaghan Edmund Clonlum Cathrine Fitzgerald Belvoir 14 February 1857 Michael Callaghan, Clonlum Bridget Reynolds, Belvoir  
Callaghan James Clonlum Cathrine McInerny Tieravannin 12 February 1871 Patrick Littleton, Killeen Cathrine McInerny, Tieravannin for 3rd & 3rd degrees of consanguinity
Callaghan John Loughborough Bridget Ryan Loughborough 7 May 1843 Dennis Lyons, Loughborough Cathrine Boyse, Clonlume  
Callaghan Michael Clonlum Bridget Collins Clonlum 8 March 1859 John Collins, Clonlum Margaret Collins, Lisbarreen  
Callaghan Michael Clonloum Ellen Collins Clonloum 28 February 1865 James Callaghan, Clonlum Margt. Collins, Clonloum  
Callaghan Michael Clonloum Margaret Lenihan Mount Allan 8 February 1878 Patrick Callaghan Eliza Lenihan  
Callaghan Thomas Clonlume Mary Hogan Knockatureen 10? May 1840 John Callaghan, Clonlume Patrick Hogan, Knockatureen  
Callaghan Thomas Killeen Mary Hannan Kilkishen 16 January 1867 Thomas Roughan, Kilkishen Maria Donnellon, Knockatinty  
Campbell Michael Kilmore Ellen McMahon Backfield 23 February 1873 Thomas Burke, Kilmore Bridget McMahon, Backfield  
Canney Daniel Scariff Bridget McNamara Kilurin 16 February 1846 Patt McMahon, Cealderra Dennis McNamara, Kilurin  
Canney Patt Gurtatrassa Cathrine O'Brien Kiluran 16 February 1847 Michl. McNamara, Kiluran Michl. O'Brien, Kiluran  
Cannon John Kilurin Honora McInerny Tieravannan 12 February 1839 John Kelly, Kilurin Patrick Grace, Tieravannan  
Canny Patrick [blank] Judy Halloran Kilurin 16 February 1836 Daniel Canny Michael Halloran, Kilurin  
Canny ? Michael ? [light] Oatfield Mary ? Wolf ? Oatfield 13? July 1838 John Nahil ?, Oatfield Bridgt. Hourigan, Oatfield  
Carberry Peter Kilkishen Margaret Cunneen Kilkishen 25 July 1856 John Cunneen, Kilkishen Mary Cunneen, Kilkishen  
Carbery Patt Lakile Cathrine Donnelon Lakile 10 February 1850 John Roche, Cappalahin Bridget Donnelon, Lakile  
Carey Andrew Scarte Cathn. [Catherine] Coyne Scarte 1 August 1837 Rody Healy, Scarte Mary Baly, Scarte  
Carmody Patrick Newmarket [on Fergus] Mary Ahern Enaghoflyne 14 February 1836 Bryan McMahon, Newmarket Maurice Ahern, Enagoflyne  
Carny Dennis Clonlea Bridget Cotter Belvoir 15 February 1858 Michael Corbett, Clonlea Margaret McMahon, Backfield  
Carrol John Bodike Cathrine O'Brien Iragh 29 November 1838 Thomas Turner ?, MountShannon Christiana Kennely ?, Iragh  
Carroll Andrew Clouney [sic] Margt. Fitzgerald Cappalahein [sic] 13 February 1866 Edmond Flanagan, Clouney Margt. Fitzgerald, Cappalahein  
Carroll Daniel Oatfield Margaret Kenevane “Do.” [Oatfield] 19 May 1845 Daniel Kenevane, Oatfield Mary Lahiff, Mt. Allan  
Carroll John Knockatloe Anne Flemon [sic] Knockatloe 15 January 1859 Patrick McInerny, Coolistunan Margaret Callaghan, Clonlum  
Carroll Peter Limk. [Limerick] Cathrine Carter [O'Callaghans] Mills 11? March 1848 William Carter, Mills [blank] Ryan, Limk.  
Carroll Thomas Cappalaheen Bridget Tuohey Cappalaheen 17 February 1874 John Lenihan, Mt. Allen Catherine Lenihan, Mt. Allen  
Carter Bartholomew Kilurin Mary Connors Kilurin 20 February 1844 Daniel Murphy, Kilurin Johanna Murphy, Kilurin  
Carter Bartley Kilurin Anne Anglim Cealderra 31 July 1863 Patt Kelliher, Kilurin Mary O'Brien, Kilurin  
Carter John Kilaloe Bridget Carter Tourine 3 March 1835 Michael Touhey Michael Carter, Tourine  
Carter William [O'Callaghans] Mills Mary Enright [O'Callaghans] Mills 11 February 1861 Mathew McMahon, Iragh Cathrine Brown, Lakyle  
Casey Thomas Parteen Bridget Mason Cappanahanna 6 March 1856 Patt Casey, Trough Mary Mullane, Cappanahanna  
Clanchy John [blank] Mary Cudmore Iragh 10? February 1836 Daniel Magennis, Iragh John Gerin, Cappalahin  
Clancy John Kilkishen Bridget Donohue [sic] Kilkishen 9 February 1880 Michl. Walker Mary Neville  
Clark James [blank] Mary Driscoll [blank] 8 February 1842 James Driscoll, Elmhill Thomas Coughlan, Claremount  
Clark Thomas Killuran Mary Fitzgerald Killuran 7 February 1837 Joseph Fitzgerald, Killuran Patk. Grace, Killuran  
Clark Thomas Claremount Mary Hynes Claremount 17 February 1843 John Hynes, Claremount Eneas Heffernan, Claremount  
Cleary Patt Kilurin Mary Collins Kilurin 11 July 1852 Michl. Callahan, Clonlum ? Bridget Dacane [sic], Kilurin  
Clune Cornelius Belvoir Johanna Carmody Belvoir 28 February 1843 Roger Carmody, Enaghoflyn John Fitzgerald, Belvoir  
Clune James Quin Bridget Halloran Kilkishen 11 February 1844 John Halloran, Kilkishen Thos. Donnelon, Kilkishen  
Clune Michael Kiluran Cathrine Connell Kiluran 11 February 1839 John Couney, Callahans Mills Darby Clune, Iragh  
Clune Michael Kilkishen Anne McMahon Belvoir 5 March 1867 James Roughan, Kilkishen Mary Anne Reynolds, Belvoir  
Clune Patrick Kilnoe Mary McNamara Silvergrove 29 November 1854 John Madigan, Silvergrove Honora Madigan, Silvergrove  
Clune Peter Kilkishen Anne Giltinane Kilkishen 24 July 1856 Michael Cunneen, Kilkishen Mary Vaughan, Kilkishen  
Clune Thomas O.C. Mills Mary Mullins Kilkishen 27 January 1872 John Boland, O.C. Mills Bridget Walsh, Kilkishen  
Cody Edmund Kilkishen Anne Brassill Enagh[oflyn] 1? October 1846 Thomas Roughan, Kilkishen Thos. Hehir, Quin  
Cody Michael Enagh[oflyn] Mary Clune Enagh[oflyn] 24 January 1857 Michael Clune, Kilkishen Mary Shaughnessy, Enagh  
Cody Michl. Kilkishen Mary Walsh Enagh[oflyn] 14 February 1847 Thos. Roughan, Kilkishen Owen Meany, Clonlea  
Coffey John Cratloe Anne Walker Kilkishen 22 February 1879 Daniel McMahon Kate Hardgrove  
Coffy John Scariff Bridget Lynch Kilurin 12 February 1839 Patrick Lynch, Kilurin John Bennett, Scariff  
Coghlan ? [light] John Ennis Mary Dillon Clonbrick 10? February 1841 Cornelius Reddan, Ennis Patrick Dillon, Clonbrick  
Collins James Oatfield Ellen Egan Cloughoula 11 February 1870 John McNamara, Knockatureen? Bridget McNamara, Knockatureen?  
Collins Michael [blank] Cathrine Fahy Kilkishen ? June 1835 Rev. P. Quaid, Cappalahin Mrs. Fahy, Kilkishen  
Collins Michael Claremount Mary Connell Newtown 16 February 1836 Thomas Peppard, Newtown John Couney  
Collins Michael BallyKelly Margaret Moloney Snata 23 February 1841 Patrick McNamara, BallyKelly Patrick Molony, Snata  
Collins Patrick Enagh[oflyn] Margaret Clark Enagh[oflyn] 23 September 1844 Peter Moroney, Enagh Anne Brassill, Enagh  
Collins Peter Ballinahinch Honora Lamey ? Lakyle 9 February 1870 Martin Connellon, By.nahinch Bridget Frawley, Lakyle  
Collins Thomas Broadford Mary Morony Killurin 21 February 1838 Thomas O'Shea, Broadford Mary Maroney, Killurin  
Collins Thomas Clonlum Bridget Moloney Clonlum 18 February 1844 Michl. Halloran, Clonlum Patt Callahan, Clonlum  
Collins William Killuran Mary Mulqueeny Killuran 7 February 1837 Michl. Mulqueeny, Killuran Patk. Mason, Killuran  
Collins William Truagh Cathrin McNamara Oatfield 10 February 1839 Patrick Collins, Truagh Patrick Mullane ?, Clontra  
Colloe [sic, Culloo] Michl. Tullane Judith Morony Killurin 21 February 1838 John Morony, Killurin John Clune, Tulla  
Condon John Snatha Bridget Grey Drominakela 29 July 1844 Stephen Gray, Drominakela James Grady, Dominakela  
Conelon Thomas [blank] Bridget Kenevane Kilurin 16 February 1836 Patrick Kenevane Ellen Kenevane, Kilurin  
Connell Daniel Clonlea Cathrine Gleeson Clonlea 30 January 1856 Michael King, Enagh Johanna Vaughan, Clonlea  
Connell Edmund Clonlea Mary Roughan Clonlea 4 February 1845 Edmund Moloney, Clonlea Cathrine Liddy, Sunville  
Connell James Cappalahine Catherine Cotter Cragg 20 February 1871 Maurice Connell, Cappalahine Catherine Connell, Cappalahine  
Connell John Scart Barbara Sharughnessy Oatfield 5 February 1837 Patrick Shaughnessy, Oatfield Michael Feely, Kilkishen  
Connell John BallyMcDonnell Margaret Couney BallyMcDonnell 1 February 1848 John Frawley, Mt.Allan Anne Connell, BallyMcDonnell for 3rd & 3rd degrees of consanguinity
Connell John Liscullane Anne “Ryan or O'Neill” Fox & Geese 7 February 1874 Edmond Slattery, Tuleen ? Catherine Slattery, Tuleen  
Connell Michael [blank] Margaret Garvey Kilurin ? February 1836 Charles Connell John Connell, Clonlea  
Connell Michael Broadford Bridget Couney Kilurin 22 February 1865 Michael Connell, Broadford Cathrine Driscoll, Broadford  
Connell Michael Clongoheen [sic] Mary Kelliher Dromeen 1 March 1870 James Tuohy, Broadford Mary Moroney, Dromeen  
Connell Michl. Clonlea Cathrine Liddy Sunville 12 June 1847 Patt Brennan, Knockatureen James McInerny, Kncokatloe  
Connell Patt Elmhill Bridget Cain Elmhill 14 November 1862 Patt Connors, Elmhill Bridget Kelly, Elmhill  
Connell Philip Scart Mary McNamara Cappalahin 7 February 1844 John Connell, Scart Thos. Donohoe, Kilkishen  
Connelon Thomas Closdune [Clashduff] Cathrine Meany Oatfield 20 August 1837 Michael Donnelon, Closdune Cornelius Donnelon, Closdune  
Connely John [blank] Margaret Cleary Kilurin 10 February 1836 Wiliam Cleary Michael Connely, Kilurin  
Connely Patrick Bodike Bridget Magrath Kilurin 19 February 1844 Patt Morony, Dromid James Magrath, Kilurin  
Connors James Drummin Bridget Magrath alias O'Brien Kilurin 1 July 1846 Thomas Dooley, Kilurin Bridget McNamara, “Do.” [Kilurin]  
Connors Michael Broadford Mary Cunningham Scarth 26 February 1862 Thomas Murphy, Clonlea Mary Anne Murphy, Clonlea  
Connors Patrick Broadford Mary Ryan Oatfield 2 February 1856 Michael Ryan, Oatfield Bridget Ryan, Oatfield  
Connors Teady Ogenneloe Cathrine Murphy Gurtratrassa 12 February 1861 Patt Connors, Gurtatrassa Bridget Keating, Ogonneloe  
Connors Thomas Broadford Margaret O'Dea Gurtatrassa 20 April 1836 Michael O'Connor, Broadford Michael O'Dea, Gurtatrassa  
Conol [sic] Thomas Cahirhurley Honora McMahon Kilurin 28 February 1843 Daniel Maloney, Kilurin Timothy McMahon, Kilurin  
Considine John Enagh[oflyn] Anne Neville Kilkishen 24 February 1857 Michael Connelon, Scarth Eliza Neville, Kilkishen  
Cooney Daniel Ballmacdonell Hanna Flanagan Silvergrove 27 January 1861 Dan Flanagan Kate Flanagan, Silvergrove  
Corbett James Quin Ellen Linehan Coolnahilla 19 February 1835 James Linehan, Coolnahilla Patrick Corbett, [illegible]  
Corbett Mathew [blank] Mary Harkins Kilgorey 25 February 1835 Laurence Corbett Michael Harkins, Kilgorey  
Corbett Mathew Callaghan's Mills Margaret Carthy Callaghans Mills 16 November 1842 Michael Carthy, Mills Cathrine Pendergast, Iragh  
Corbett Michael Kilurin Cathrine McNamara Kilurin 26 February 1838 James Droney, Callahans Mills John McNamara, Callahans Mills  
Corcoran John Ballaquin Bridget Connell Clonlea 31 July 1871 Michael Slattery, Ballaquin Bridget Fale, Kilcornan  
Corry (Conry?) Cornelius Newmarket [on Fergus] Margaret Hassett Clonlea 5 February 1837 Patrick Corry, Dromoland Edmund Baker, Dromoland  
Costelloe James Mt. _ice Margaret McInerny Coolistunan 13 February 1858 Henry Morville, Croom Margaret Linehan, Coolnahela  
Cotter Andrew Kilenena Bridget Marrinan Clonbrick 15 November 1849 Michl. Cotter, Kilena [sic, Kilenena?] Bridgt, Marrinan, Clonbrick  
Cotter John Killeen Mary Driscoll Monogena 3 February 1839 Thomas Driscoll, Monogena Margaret Lyons, Cealderra  
Coughlan John Kilgorey Bridget Purcell Liscullane 14? June 1855 Thomas Lynch, O'Callaghans mills Mary Boland, Cloncoole  
Coughlan Thomas Claremount Seray/Selay Kelly Claremount 4 February 1845 Thos, Hyde, Claremount Anne? Anglim  
Couney David BallyMcDonnell Margaret Nugent Newtown 23 February 1846 Daniel Couney Michl. Moroney, Derramore  
Couney John Fox & Geese Johanna Linehan Lakyle 21? July 1858 Daniel Couny, O'Callaghan mills Mary Noonan, Lisbarreen  
Couney Martin Broadford Mary Long Deerpark 28 June 1845 Michael Egan, Broadford John Long, Broadford  
Couney Michael Gurtatrassa Margaret Couney Silvergrove 16 February 1847 John Couney, Silvergrove Daniel? Couny, Kiluran  
Couney Patrick Newtown Ellen Noonan BallyMcDonnell 17 February 1835 Daniel Noonan, BallyMcDonnell Jeremiah Touhey, Cappalahin  
Couney Thomas [blank] Cathrine Strafford Kilurin 29 February 1835 M. Lacy, Kilurin Mary Liddy, Cappalahin  
Couney Thomas Kilkishen Mary Lyons Scart 24 May 1845 James Lyons, Kilkishen Mary Lyons, Kilkishen  
Couney Thomas Kilurin Anne O'Brien alias Flanagan Kilurin 27 January 1851 Michael Couney, Mills Margaret Couney, Mills  
Couny Patrick Bellinabrone Mary Magrath Cloughoula 9 September 1870 [blank] Honora Tuohey, Iragh  
Creagh John Kilkishen Margaret Kelly Kilkishen ? [light] 20? November 1859 John Cunneen, Kilkishen Cathrine Maher, Kilkishen  
Creagh William Kilkishen Cathrine Hanneen Kilkishen 10 January 1857 Michael Fallon, Kilkishen Margaret Kelly, Kilkishen  
Croghan John Newmarket [on Fergus] Bridget McNamara Coolnahela 4 August 1854 Mathew McNamara, Cealderra Ellon McNamara, Cealderra  
Croughan [sic] Stephen Newmarket [on Fergus] Ellen Meany Clonlea 11 February 1839 Laurence, Oatfield [sic, no surname] Mary Meany, BallyCullen  
Crowe George Doon Jane Burk Doon 15 April 1853 Thos. Perry, Iragh Margt. O'Brien, Elmhill For 2nd & 2nd degrees
Crowe Hugh [O'Callaghans] Mills Mary Carthy Mills 23 February 1841 Patrick McCarthy, Kilgorey Cathrin Corbett, Mills  
Crowe James Ballycar Ellen Shalloo Tierevanan 13 February 1877 Patrick McEnerny Hannah Shalloo  
Crowe John NewMarket [on Fergus] Bridget Kelly Clonlea 21 October 1838 Patrick Kelly, Belvoir Michael Cunneen, Belvoir  
Crowe John Callaghan's Mills Margaret Boland Callaghans Mills 31 August 1841 Patrick Boland, Callaghan's Mills Michael Boland, Callaghan's Mills  
Crowe Michael Belvoir Cathrine Hyde Kilgorey 29 September 1867 Lott McNamara, Cragg Mary Lysaght, Kilgorey  
Crowe Michael Ballycar Ellen Grady Cappanahanna 5 February 1869 John Lynch, Trough Judith Shalloo, Tieravannin  
Cudmore John Kilurin Bridget Nugent Newtown 8 February 1835 Richard Nugent, Newtown James Long, Kilurin  
Cudmore John Kilurin Cathrine Perry [blank] 2 February 1836 Michael McHale?, Silvergrove Michael Touhey, Cappalahin  
Cudmore Michael Loughborough Mary Mulville Loughborough 15 February 1846 Jams Sallinger, Cealderra Margaret Maley, Derramore  
Cudmore Patt Tulla Ellen Tuohey Dooras 11 February 1861 John Couney, Fox & Geese Mary Couney, O'Callaghans mills  
Culhane Michl. [blank] Sera Granger ? [blank] 13 April 1872 John Dwyre ? Fany ? Halloran  
Culleeny Patrick Kilmurry Bridget Lynch Scarth 5 March 1859 Daniel Lynch, Clonbrick Margaret Mallon, Kilkishen  
Cunneen John Kilkishen Ellen McDonough Kilkishen 10? February 1840 Henry Bingham, Kilkishen Thomas Roughan, Kilkishen  
Cunneen John Kilkishen Ellen Croughan Kilkishen 26 February 1865 James Walsh, Kilkishen Mary Hynes, Derramore  
Cunneen Martin Kilmurry Bridget Donohoe Kilkishen 18 February 1844 John Donohoe, Kilkishen Michl. Donohoe, Kilkishen  
Cunneen Michael Kilkishen Mary Fitzgerald Cappalahine 30 July 1856 Michael Walsh, Kilkishen Mary Fitzgerald, Cappalahine  
Cunneen Michael Kilkishen Hanna ? Hogan Kilkishen 30 January 1864 Charles Roughan, Kilkishen Bridget Hogan, Kilkishen  
Cunnigham James Scarth Margaret Donnelon Clasduff 8 February 1871 John Hehir Cathrine Donnelon  
Cunningam John Scart Bridget Skeahan Knockatloe 18 February 1855 John Cunningam, Scart Cathrine O'Dea, Sixmilebridge  
Cunningham Daniel Clounlume Mary Haloran Clounlume 12 January 1837 James Shaughnessy, Clounlume Patrick Cunningham, Clounlume  
Curry Patt Tulla Johanna Connell Clonlea 9 February 1869 James Connell, Clonlea Cathrine Grace, Clonlea  
Cusack John Claremount Mary March Claremount 28 February 1848 Michl. March, Claremount Margaret Lacy, Claremount  
Cusack Michael Scart Bridget Fahey Scart 3 March 1840 Michael Neal, Scart Roger Halloran, Clonlum  
Cusick John SixmileBridge Anne Stokes ? Oatfield 20 May 1838 Patrick Cusick, SixmileBridge Cornelius O'Conner, Oatfield  
Daly Terence Clonlum Mary Donohoe Clonlum 28 February 1843 John Dillon, Clonlum Thomas Donohoe, Clonlum  
Dea Patrick Enagh Mary Crowe Eangh 26 April 1850 Thos. Callihan, Enagh Bridgt. Crowe, Enagh  
Dinan James Feenagh Ellen Fitzgerald Beloon 12 February 1850 James Hourigan, Feenagh James Fitzgerald, Beloon  
Dinan James Sixmilebridge Cathrine Ryan Oatfield 9 February 1861 Thomas Dinan, Sixmilebridge Mary Ryan, Oatfield  
Dinan John Enagh[oflyn] Honora McNamara Enagh[oflyn] 10 January 1855 Henry Bridgeman, Kilmurry Cathrine Eagan, Enagh  
Dinan Teady Scariff Mary O'Brien Kilurin 7 February 1869 John Moloney, Scariff Cathrin Kelliher, Kilurin  
Donahoe William Callahans Mills Mary Moloney Callahans Mills 25 August 1836 James Donohoe, Callahans Mills Patrick Moloney, Callahans Mills  
Donnelan Cornelius Clasduff Mary Doogan Clasduff 14 May 1843 James Donnelan, Clasduff Daniel Doogan, Clasduff  
Donnellan Thomas Kilsiely Bridget Donellan Closhduff 15 February 1873 Michael McNamara, Kilsiely Mary Donellan, Cashduff [sic]  
Donnelon John Killurin Margt. Morony Killurin 25 February 1838 William Cartre [sic], Killurin Betty Cartre, Killurin  
Donnelon John Clonlea Mary Gooney Clonlea 11 February 1839 Patrick Donnelon, Clonlea Michael Goodney, Closduff  
Donnelon John Iragh Bridget Moloney Iragh 14 February 1860 Mathew McMahon, Iragh Cathrine McMahon  
Donohoe James Callaghans Mills Margaret Flyn Callaghans Mills 20 February 1844 Michl. Flyn, Mills Cathrine Donohoe, Mills  
Donohoe James [O'Callaghans] Mills Mary Healy Iragh 29 August 1848 Martin Donohoe, Mills Mary Sheedy, Iragh  
Donohoe James Clonclumhey ? Mary Cullinan Fox & Geese 8 March 1859 Martin Flemon, Knockatloe Anne Leadin [sic], Loughborough  
Donohoe James Iragh Bridget Daly Iragh 31 January 1860 Dennis McNamara, Iragh Mary Moroney, Fortane  
Donohoe John Iragh Cathrine Geran [blank] 22 January 1835 John Perry, Callahans Mills Michael Naughten, Newtown  
Donohoe Martin Fortane Serah [sic] Westrop Callahans Mills 24 February 1835 John Dillon, Clounlume Dennis Donohoe, Callahans Mills  
Donohoe Michael Kilkishen Anne ? Gleeson Snata 11 February 1839 Timothy Donohoe, Kilkishen Martin Gleeson, Snata  
Donohoe Michael Kilkishen Anne Donohoe Kilkishen 26 November 1842 Bartholomew Neylan, Newgrove Thomas Donohoe, Kilkishen for 3rd & 3rd degrees of consanguinity
Donohoe Miles Clonlea Anne Degan ? Clonlea 12 February 1839 John McNamara, Clonlea Bridget Davine, Clonlea  
Donohoe Patrick Tulla Margaret McNamara Killeen 28 January 1835 Thomas Dwire, Killeen James McNamara  
Donohoe Thomas Oatfield Bridget Ryan Oatfield 5 February 1837 James Touhy, Clonlea Jerimiah Touhy, Clonlea  
Donohoe Thomas Callahans Mills Honora Fitzpatrick Silvergrove 28 October 1838 James Fitzpatrick, Silvergrove Bridget Manix, Silvergrove  
Donohue [sic] Patrick Mount Baillie Kate Hurley Mount Baillie 5 March 1878 Cornelius Carney Hanora McAllen ?  
Donovan William Limk. [Limerick] Bridget Walsh O.C. Mills 25 February 1862 John O'Dea Bridget Pendergast, Iragh  
Donrea [sic] James Broadford Margaret Moroney Cappalahin 20 February 1844 James Connell, Cappalahin Michl. Ryan, Sallybank  
Doogan Dennis O'Gonnoloe Bridget Callaghan Clonlume 30 January 1842 Michael Doogan, O'Gonnelloe John Callaghan, Clonlume  
Doogan John Feacle Cathr. [Catherine] Murphy Silvergrove 27 February 1838 John Allen, Feacle Bridgt. Doogan, Feacle  
Doogan Michael Quin Elizabeth Collins Belvoir 4 February 1845 John Fitzgerald, Belvoir Edmund Doogan, Ahaclare  
Doogan Patt Clasduff Mary Kiltinane [sic, Giltenane] Kilkishen 17 February 1863 Patt Duggan, Ahaclare Mary Fitzgerald, Cappalahine  
Doogan ? Patrick Woodfield Serah [sic] Markham ? Snatha 27 May 1871 Jas. Kinerk ?, Woodfield Anne Coffy, Cratloe  
Dooley Thos. SallyBank Margaret O'Brien Kilurin 30 July 1838 Michael McNamara, Kilurin Nancy Dooley, SallyBank  
Doorty John Newmarket [on Fergus] Mary Cunningam Clonlea 18 April 1837 Michael Buckely, Newmarket James Cunningam, Clonlea  
Downey John Belvoir Mary McMahon Belvoir 12 February 1858 Stephen Gray, Drominakela Mary Moloney, Cragg  
Downey William Belvoir Margaret Moloney Cloughoula 4 March 1859 John McMahon, Belvoir Ellen Eagan, Cloughoula  
Doyle Daniel Mt. Shannon Mary Brook BallyMcDonnell 8 March 1859 Daniel Leydon?, Feacle Cathrine Brown, Lakyle  
Doyle Jno. ? [light] Broadford Bridget Moloney Cragg 4 February 1845 James Ryan, Broadford Thos. Doyle, Broadford  
Doyle John Clondereen, Tulla Mary Lacy Clonlea 22 February 1865 Michael Couney, Tulla Bridget Magrath, Clonlum  
Doyle Michael Clondanna Anne Markam Killurin 10 February 1866 Michael Cooney, Tulla Bridget Tuohey, Poulanu_cerra  
Doyle Patrick Feacle Mary Noonan Kilurin 30 January 1869 William Doyle, Feakle Bridget Murphy, Kilurin  
Driscol Patrick Silvergrove Mary McInerny Mt. Allan 4 March 1851 John Rochford, Feacle Mary Anne Quaid, Mt. Allan  
Droney John Kilkishen Bridget Donnelon Kilkishen 28 February 1865 Patt Donnelon, Kilkishen Emily Conlon. Scarth  
Droney John Tieravannin Jane Murphy Tieravannin 28 February 1865 Michael Lynch, [Callaghans] Mills Cathrine Boland, Liscullane  
Droney John Fox & Geese Bridget Sheridan ? do” [Fox & Geese] 6 September 1878 [blank] Mrs. Hogan2  
Drury Michael Truagh Bridget Mulqueeny Kilurin 24 September 1838 John Drury, Truagh Michael Kennely, Kilurin  
Duggan Mich. [blank] Anne McNamara [blank] 7 February 1875 William Quinn Sarah Cotter  
Duggan Patk. Clasduff Ellen Cunningham Scarth 9 February 1869 John Casey, Newmarket Mary Hehir, Brickhill ?  
Dundon ? William Broadford Bridget Mulqueeny Kilurin 23 August 1842 Michael Mulqueeny, Kilurin James Driscoll, Kilurin  
Dwire John Clonlume Anne Donohoe alias Gleeson Kilkishen 21 July 1855 Michael Callaghan, Clonlume Bridget Ryan, Kilco_________  
Dwire Michael Clonlum Anne McNamara Kilkishen 17 February 1860 James King, Derramore Hanna Hassett, Knockatureen  
Dwyer Michl. Kilkishen Bridget Vaughan Kilkishen 27 February 1876 John McNamara Maria Roughan  
Eagan John Cloughoula Ellen Eagan Oatfield 2 February 1856 John Eagan, Oatfield Margaret Eagen, Oatfield  
Eagan John Oatfield Margaret Callaghan Clonlum 2 March 1859 Patt Callaghan, Clonlum Cathrine Callaghan, Clonlum  
Eagan Michael Cloughoula Cathrin Eagan Cloughoula 28 February 1865 Patt Eagan, Cloughoula Bridget Grady, Derranaveigh  
Eagan Thomas Elmhill Bridget Hogan Cloncoole 18 February 1857 John Hogan, Rosneylan Bridget Moloney, Clonlum  
Earle Wm. Clonlea Mary Molony Clonlea 8 April 1837 Martin Byrns, Castecrine Patrick Molony, Belvoir  
Earls Michael Clohoula [sic] Mary O'Malley Ballyvorgile 11 February 1872 Michael _____, Oatfield ? Catherine ____, [illegible]  
Earls Patrick Cloughoula Mary Eagan Cloughoula 20 February 1870 Patrick McMahon, Ballycullen Mary Earls, Cloughoula  
Egan Laurence Sixmilebridge Cathrine O'Brien Cappanahanna 2 February 1845 Thos. Keogh, Sixmilebridge William O'Brien, Cappanahanna  
Egan Mathew Doora Anne Neville Kilkishen 22 October 1848 Patt Neville, Kilkishen John Eagan, Doora  
Egan Patrick Cloughoula Ellen “Quane or Lyons” [blank] 17 February 1874 David Fitzgerald, Oatfield Honorah Duggan, Woodfield  
Egan Patrick Cloughoula Judy Callahan Cloughoula 18 November 1838 Dennis Callahan, Ballykelly Anne Moloney, Cloughoula  
Egan Patrick Cloughoula Hanna O'Brien Cappanahanna 15 April 1845 Patrick Shaughnessy, Oatfield Patrick Begly, Cloughoula  
Egan Patrick Kilkishen Margt. Shaughnessy Kilenena 4 July 1847 Thos. Callahan, Kilenena Thos. Shaughnessy, Kilenena  
Elligot Darby Ballycar Bridget Donnelon Clonlea 1 February 1837 Thos. Donnelon, Clonlea Darby Thoohy [sic], Clonlea  
Elyott ? Jeremiah Ballycar Bridget Earls Cloughoula 27 February 1870 Michael Neale, Oatfield Honora Ryan, Oatfield  
Enright Patrick Quin Margaret McInerny Clonlea 15 February 1847 Mathew McInerny, Clonlea Thos. Neal, Scart  
Fahey Francis Scariff Honora Noonan BallyMcDonnell 10? February 1836 Daniel Noonan, BallyMcDonnell Laurence Fahy, Scariff  
Fahey Thomas Enaghoflyn Cathrin Fahey Kilkishen 23 February 1841 Thomas Fahey, Kilksihen Michael Collins, Enaghoflyn  
Fahey William Enagh[oflyn] Bridget Grady Drominakela 18 February 1844 Thos. Fahey, Enagh[oflyn] Patt Grady, Iragh  
Fahey William Kilmurry Mary McNamara Enagh[oflyn] 2 February 1856 Michael Collins, Enagh Bridget Carmody, Enagh  
Fahey/Falvey Patrick Sixmilebridge Cathrine Kennely Clonlume 12 May 1844 Thomas Donohoe, Clonlume Patrick Clune, Cappalahin  
Fahy Patrick Kilsiley Mary Moloney Clonlea 5 February 1837 Roger Moloney, Clonlea Patrick Fahy, Fermoyle  
Fall Stephen Quin Margaret Walsh Kilkishen 19 February 1873 Patrick Corbett, Quin Maria Roughan, Kilkishen  
Fallon Michael Newmarket [on Fergus] Margaret Nash Kilkishen 9 January 1839 Laurence Doherty Patrick Nash, Kilkishen  
Farrel James Tulla Mary Kelly Doorass 13 June 1850 Danl. Mulqueeny, Dooras Mary Nugent, Mt. Allan  
Farrell Edmund Woodford Anne Couny Kiluran 30 January 1854 James Farrell, Woodford Cathrine Couney, Kiluran  
Farrell James Broadford Bridget McNamara Kilurin 1 March 1840 John Farrell, Broadford Patrick McNamara, Kilurin  
Farrell John Claremount Mary Strafford Claremount 11 February 1861 John March, Claremount Cathrine March, Claremount  
Fawl Thomas Quin Margaret Connell Kilkishen 28 February 1843 Michael Clune, Quin Mary Roughan, Kilkishen  
Feely Patt Kilkishen Cathrine Doogan Kilkishen 3 February 1861 Stephens Lyons, Kilkishen Hanna Lyons, Kilkishen  
Finn Thomas Kilkishen Jane Bourk Kilkishen 20 January 1837 Jeremiah Touhey, Cappalahin Mrs. Manix, Kilkishen  
Fitzger. [Fitzgerald ?] Th. [blank] B. Kelly [blank] 16 September 1872 [name crossed out] John Kelly  
Fitzgerald David Cloughoula Mary Egan [sic] Oatfield 25 February 1851 John Earls, Cloughoula Margaret Eagan, Oatfield  
Fitzgerald Edmund Broadford Margaret McNamara Kilurin 11 February 1839 John Carmody, Enaghoflyn Ellen McNamara, Glanomera  
Fitzgerald Edward Lakile Bridget Moroney Claremount 23 May 1852 Patt Meehan, Lakile Honora McInerny, Lakile  
Fitzgerald James Truagh Cathrine Magrath Clasduff 19 February 1871 Michael Fitzgerald, Truagh Margaret Connelon  
Fitzgerald John Clonlea Bridgt. Kette [sic, Kett] Clonlea 7 February 1837 Michl. Fitzgerald, Clonlea Jeremiah Touhy, Clonlea  
Fitzgerald John Kilkishen Mary “Gooney or Donnelon” Kilkishen 8 November 1849 Edmund Donovan, Enagh Margt. Crowe, Kilkishen  
Fitzgerald John Belvoir Cathrine Gleeson Snatha 4 March 1851 Stephen Molony, Snatha Cathrine Fitzgerald, Belvoir  
Fitzgerald Michael Cloughoula Judy Kennevane Oatfield 20 February 1855 John Eagan, Oatfield Margaret McInerny, Derranaveigh  
Fitzgerald Michl. [O'Callaghans] Mills Cathrine Walsh [O'Callaghans] Mills 22 April 1855 Connor Helihen [sic], Kilurin Mary McInerny, Mills  
Fitzgerald Patt Snatha Ellen Wilson Belvoir 16 February 1847 Edmund Fitzgerald, Snatha Michl. Murry, Belvoir  
Fitzgerald Patt Cloughoula Margaret Ryan Oatfield 7 March 1848 Michael Ryan, Oatfield Mary Ryan, Oatfield  
Fitzgerald Patt Kilenena Mary Connely Enagh[oflyn] 15 May 1858 Michael Collins, Kilenena Elizabeth Clark, Enagh  
Fitzgerald Thomas Belvoir Margaret Fitzgerald Cappalaheen 13 April 1872 Michael Fitzgerald, Belvoir Mary Menogue ?  
Fitzgerald Thos. Sixmilebridge Margt. Fitzgerald Belvoir 11 February 1844 Michl. Fitzgerald, Ballyvorfile John Fitzgerald, Belvoir  
Fitzpatrick James Silvergrove Cathn. [Catherine] Clarke Silvergrove 22 February 1838 Patrick Clarke, Silvergrove John Fitzpatrick, Silvergrove  
Fitzpatrick John Oatfield Cathrine Ryan Oatfield 23 February 1841 Patrick Bradly ?, Oatfield Thomas Donohoe, Oatfield  
Fitzpatrick Patrick Doonass Bridgt. Ryan Oatfield 6 February 1838 Michl. Fitzpatrick, Doonass Peter Ryan, Oatfield  
Fitzpatrick Patrick Clontra Margaret McInerny Derranaveigh 14 February 1858 Ignatius McInerny, Derranaveigh Cathrine Fitzpatrick, Clontra  
Fitzpatrick Patrick Kilnoe Bridget Heffernan Claremount 28 February 1859 Patt Moloney, Clonlum Margaret Bently, Doon  
Fitzpatrick Thomas Kilurin Anne “McNamara or Costelloe” Kilkishen 17 February 1855 John McNamara, Kilkishen Mary Brown, Mt. Allan  
Flanagan James Silvergrove Penelope McNamara Cragg 11 February 1868 John Minouge, Silvergrove Mary McMahon  
Flanagan James Silvergrove Mary Minouge Loughborough 6 February 1869 Patrick Couny, BallyMcDonnell Mary Burk, Feacle  
Flanagan John Moymore Mary Hargrove Knockatureen 5 November 1854 John Hargove, Knockatureen Bridget Flanery, Ballymaloon  
Flanagan John Newtown Mary Durack Newtown 30 November 1854 Michl. Durack, Newtown Mary McNamara, Newtown  
Flanagan John/Tom Silvergrove Bridget Collins Belvoir ? February 1841 Michael Flanagan, Silvergrove James ? Collins, Belvoir ?  
Flanagan Martin Silvergrove Ellen Keefe [O'Callaghans] Mills 17 February 1843 Thoms Droney, Mills Michael Moroney, Silvergrove  
Flanagan Michael Cloney [sic, Clooney] Margaret Carroll Clonlea 9 January 1864 Andrew Connell, Cloney Mary Clanchy, Lakyle  
Flanagan Patrick Kilurin Anne O'Brien Kilurin 7 February 1837 John Flanagan, Kilurin John O'Brien, Kilurin  
Flanagan Thomas SixMileBridge Mary Russell Snatha 3 March 1835 Patrick Flanagan, SixMileBridge John Russell, Sntha  
Flanery Michael Sixmilebridge Anne Mealy Ballyvorgile 29 January 1865 Michael Liddane, Coolycasey Maria Halloran, Sixmilebridge for 3rd & 4th degrees of consanguinity
Flanery Thos. Clonbrick Mary Lyons Scart 4 February 1845 Patt Lyons, Scart James Lyons, Scart  
Flanery William Feacle Bridget Kelliher Kilurin 19 February 1844 Bryan McMahon, Kilurin Daniel Murphy, Kilurin  
Flannagan John Crusheen Mary Whelan Killurin 25 February 1838 John Whelan, Silvergrove James Flannagan, Crusheen  
Flannagan Laurence Killuran Margt. Callaghan Killuran 30 April 1837 James Tuohy, Clonlea Anne Manix, Clonlea  
Flanner_ John NewMarket [on Fergus] Honora Moloney Enaghoflyn 27 February 1838 Martin Moloney, Enaghoflyn Patrick Curtin, Killeen  
Fleming John Killurin Helen Hagerty Clonloum 25 February 1838 John Hagerty, Clonloum Ellen Fleming, Killurin  
Fleming Patrick Kilurin Cathrine Purcell BallMcDonnell 28 February 1843 Daniel Couney, Kilurin James Burk, BallyMcDonnell  
Fleming ? Michl. Knockatloe Mary Cooney “Do.”[Knockatloe] 5 February 1868 Thomas Skehan, Knockatloe Bridget McGrath, Clonloum  
Flyn Daniel Loughborough Winfred Sallinger Cealderra 11 February 1844 Michael Flyn, Loughborough Mary Sallinger, Cealderra  
Flyn Michael Derranavegh Mary Cunneen Ballyvorgill 27 January 1839 John Ryan, Ballyvorgill Stephen Ryan, Ballyvorgill  
Fraley ? Thomas Ballyvorgil Catherine Halloran Clonloum 13 February 1877 John McNamara Maria St. Leger  
Frawley Eugene Limerick Ellen Linehan Lakile 28 February 1843 Thomas McInerny, Mt. Allan Daniel Linehan, Lakile  
Frawley Michael Kilsiley Anne Murry Kilurin 12 February 1839 John Driscoll, Kilurin James Ryan, Kilurin  
Frawley Michael Newmarket [on Fergus] Cathrine Moloney Ballyvorgile 3 March 1840 Dennis McNamara, Ballyvorgile Timothy Kelly, Newmarket  
Frawley Patrick Lackisle [sic, Lakyle] Catherine McEnerny Cappalaheen 24 February 1878 Daniel Coony Bridget Morony  
Frawley Patrick Newmarket [on Fergus]Margaret   O'Brien Cappanahanna 25 November 1858 William O'Brien, Cappanahanna Bridget Boland, Clonmoragry ?  
Frenian ? James Ennis Sally Gallaher Kilkishen 11 November 1838 John Kindall/Hindall, Ennis John O'Brien, Kilkishen  
Gallaher Jerome Kilkishen Margaret Riely Kilkishen 27 October 1844 John O'Brien, Kilkishen Edmund Riely, Kilkishen  
Garvey John Scart Cathrine McDonagh Ballyvorgile 2 February 1845 James Clark, Enaghoflyn Betty Hurley, Ballyvorgile  
Garvey Michael Cloncool Anne Maguire Cloncool 27 February 1854 Patt O'Brien, Cloncool Honora Donnelon, Cloncool  
Garvey Thomas [blank] Judy McInerny Kilurin 3 March 1835 Michael Touhey James Touhey, Cappalahin  
Gavin Michael Kilkishen Anne Fahy Kilkishen 16 February 1840 John Fahy, Kilkishen Patrick Hogan, Kilkishen  
Gleeson Dennis Snatha Mary Downey Snatha 3 March 1840 David Downey, Snatha Mathew Hickey, Snatha  
Gleeson Dennis NewMarket [on Fergus] Bridget McMahon Clasduff 23 February 1841 Patrick Gleeson, Newmarket John O'Brien, Newmarket  
Gleeson James Snata Bridget Haloran Clonlum 23 February 1841 John Gleeson, Snatha [sic] Patrick Madden, Cloughoula  
Gleeson John Quin Judith Halloran Enaghoflyn 29 April 1835 Michael Gleeson, Quin Peter Gleeson, Enaghoflyn  
Gleeson John Kilkishen Bridget Hogan Kilkishen 6 February 1869 Patrick Gleeson, Kilkishen Emily Conlon, Scarth  
Gleeson Matt Snatha Bridget Reynolds Belvoir 9 January 1864 Patt Donohoe, Kilkishen Margaret Walker, Kilkishen  
Gleeson Michael Kilkishen Margaret Moroney Snatha 11? September 1835 Patrick Moloney, Snatha Martin Mullins, Belvoir  
Gleeson Michael Doon Anna Crowe Doon 5 February 1837 George Crowe, Doon Michael Touhey, Cappalahin  
Gleeson Michael Newmarket [on Fergus] Mary Shaughnessy Kilenena 5 February 1856 Michael Finn, Newmarket Margaret Hogan, Knockatureen  
Gleeson Patrick Quin Mary Moloney Snatha 3 March 1835 Thomas Gleeson, Snatha William Naughten, Quin  
Gleeson Patrick Enagh[oflyn] Anne Halloran Clonloum 28 September 1866 Edmund Mullins, Enagh Bridget McNamara, Enagh  
Gleeson Patt Snatha Mary Lacey Iragh 8 February 1853 Thos. Stephens, Snatha Hanna Nihil. Doora  
Gleeson Terence Claremount Hanora McNamara Claremount 29 January 1876 Timothy O'Brien Bridget O'Brien  
Gleeson Thomas Kilkishen Mary Mahen/Maher Kilkishen 20 November 1864 John Vaughan ?, Enagh Bridget Donnelon, Kilkishen  
Goodwin William Callahans Mills Margaret Donohoe Callahans Mills 1 October 1837 William Carter, Callahans Mills Daniel Madden, Callahans Mills  
Gooney James Claremount Bridget Shea Claremount 22 February 1857 Matt Boland, Claremount Johanna Boland, Claremount  
Gooney John Clasduff Mary Neal Scart 15 February 1848 Michl. Gooney, Clasduff Margaret Reynolds, Scart  
Gooney Michael Clasduff Mary Grace Clasduff 27 November 1839 John Gooney, Clasduff Michael Grace, Clasduff  
Gorman Martin Sixmilebridge Bridget Ryan Oatfield 18 February 1844 John Hickman, Castlecrine Margaret Tynan, Oatfield  
Gorman Thomas Kilkishen Betty Malone Kilkishen 13? February 1843 Daniel Madden, Mills Ellen Cain, Mt. Allan for 2nd degree of consanguinity
Gorman Cornelius Coolycasey Mary Mason Derranaveigh 2 February 1860 John Gorman, Coolycasey Margaret Mason, Coolycasey  
Gorman ? Michael Sixmilebridge Margaret Eagan Oatfield 31 January 1858 David Gorman, Sixmilebridge Cathrine Eagan, Oatfield  
Grace James Killurin Mary Molony Killurin 25 February 1838 Patrick Grace, Killurin James Molony, Killurin  
Grace John S.MileBridge Ellen McEnerny Kilkishen 3? April 1876 Thos. Molony Bridget McEnerny  
Grace Michael Casduff [sic, Clashduff] Cathrine Murry Belvoir 3 March 1840 Thomas Grace, Clasduff Michael Grace, Clasduff  
Grace Patk. Tieravannin Bridgt. Magrath Clonlume 17 February 1868 Dennis McInerny, Tieravannin Bridt. O'Grady, Derranaveigh  
Grace Patrick Kilkishen Ellen Donohoe Kilkishen ? February 1841 Thomas Donohoe,Kilkishen Joseph Grace, Belvoir  
Grace Thomas Tieravannin Ellen Mullins Kilavoy 15 November 1840 John Grace, Cappalahin Ellen Cain, LakeVille  
Grace Thomas Clasduff Cathrine Halloran Clasduff 29 January 1859 Daniel Lynch, Clonbrick Mary Grace, Killeen  
Graddy [sic] John Newmarket [on Fergus] Mary Haloran Clonbrick 16 February 1836 Patrick Graddy, Newmarket Michael Flaherty  
Grady Daniel Feacle Bridget Driscoll Kilurin 5 February 1856 Mathew McMahon, Iragh Margaret McInerny, Cappalahin  
Grady Edward Truagh Cathrine Couney Silvergrove 22 February 1846 Edmund Kelly, Silvergrove John Couney, Silvergrove  
Grady Henry Trough Mary Moloney Snata 2 June 1872 Patrick Moloney Mary Cordice ?  
Grady John Truagh Mary McMahon Rosneylan 21 February 1860 Michael Grady, Derryvinane Cathrine McMahon, Iragh  
Grady John Derranaveigh Margaret Eagan alias Callaghan Oatfield 22 July 1866 Patt Shaughnessy, Oatfield Bridget Grady, Derranaveigh  
Grady John Feacle Cathrine McInerny Tieravannan 12 February 1839 John McInerny, Tieravannan Daniel McMahon, Iragh  
Grady Michael Deranaveigh Mary Eagan Oatfield 25 February 1851 William O'Brien, Cappanahanna Ellen Eagan, Cloughoula  
Grady Michael Truagh Margaret McMahon Backfield 4 March 1859 Michael Grady, Truagh Mary Cotter, Belvoir  
Grady Thomas Derranaveigh Cathrine O'Brien Cappanahanna 14 February 1855 William O'Brien, Cappanahanna Mary Shaughnessy, Oatfield for 4th & 4th [degrees of consanguinity]
Gray Michael Cragg Ellen Lyons Cragg 20 April 1858 John McMahon, Cragg Mary Stephens, Cragg  
Gready Patt Cappanahanna Cathrine McNamara “Do.” [Cappanahanna] 24 February 1852 William O'Brien, CappanahannaBridget O'Brien, “Do.”    
Green John Tulla Margaret McNamara Cragg 3 February 1861 James McNamara, Craggq Mary Cotter, Cragg  
Griffin Michael Limk. [Limerick] Bridget Hynes Iragh 19 January 1872 Michael McNamara, Loughborough Margaret McNamara, Loughborough  
Guerin Michael Scariff Bridget Coony Gurtnatrassa 13? November 1876 John Durack Bridget Durack  
Guerin Patrick Feacle Anne Farrell BallyMcDonell 4 March 1859 Daniel Crowley, Feacle Honora Farrell, Broadford  
Guilfoyle James Scariff Catherine Minogue Iragh 29 February 1876 James Clune Catherine Minogue  
Hagan Philip Kilnoe Johanna Murphy Gurtatrassa 31 July 1853 James Hogan, Kilnoe Judy McNamara, Kilnoe  
Haley John Kilkishen Ellen Neal Scart 15 February 1847 Henry Walker, Kilkishen Thomas McInerny, Clonlea  
Hallinan Denis O'Callaghans Mills Mary McNamara O'Callaghans Mils 1 November 1867 Thomas Droney, O'Callaghan's Mills Honora O'Connor, O'Callaghan's Mills  
Halloran Daniel Clonlumhey [sic] Mary Shaughnessy Oatfield 23 February 1859 Patt Shaughnessy, Oatfield Mary Halloran, Clonlumley ? for 3rd & 4th [degrees of consanguinity]
Halloran John Cratloe Margaret McGrath Drumminekela 26 May 1880 Michl. Keane Bridget McNamara  
Halloran John Pouladrinine [sic] Ellen Murphy Clonlea 25? January 1881 Patrick Frost Mary A. O'Donohue [sic]  
Halloran John ? [light] Oatfield Margaret McMahon Oatfield 16 February 1841 Ellen Cain, LakeVille Honora Brown  
Halloran Michael Derramore Margaret Couney Kilurin 15 February 1844 Michl. Fitzgerald, Coolistunan Michl. Couney, Kilurin  
Halloran Michl. Oatfield Anne Connelon Oatfield 4 February 1845 John Halloran, Oatfield John Ryan, Oatfield  
Halloran Patrick [blank] Bridget O'Brien Cappanahana 24 January 1836 John O'Brien, Cappanahana James Hassett  
Halloran Patrick Kilnoe Margaret Hogan Kilgorey 6 February 1839 Maurice O'Connell, Kilgorey Cathrine Sullivan, Kilgorey  
Halloran Stephen Sixmilebridge Mary Gleeson Snatha 16 February 1847 Thos. Tuohey, Truagh Martin Gleeson, Snatha  
Halloran Thomas Kilkishen Cathrine Lyons Knockatinty 26 January 1845 John Lyons, Knockatinty Martin O'Brien  
Halloran Thomas Lisduff Margt. Hickey Kilkishen 7 May 1867 John Hehir, Tulla Bridget Hogan, Kilkishen  
Halloran Timothy Quin Anne Fitzgerald Cloughoula 26 February 1840 James Haloran, Quin Timothy Quaid, Lakeville  
Haloran John Quin Cathrine Lyons Clonlea 5 February 1837 John Haloran, Quin Patrick Lyons, Clonlea  
Halpin Thomas Scariff Elizabeth Purcell Kilurin 26 February 1840 Patrick Halpin, Scariff James Burk, Kilurin  
Hanley James “Vagus” [itinerant] Margaret O'Brien Kilkishen 9 January 1843 Edmund Riely, Kilkishen Patt McMahon, Kilkishen  
Hanly Daniel Clon_uss Ellen Gerin Kilurin 12 February 1839 Laurence Gerin, Broadford Edmund Hanly, Clonruss  
Hanly John Scarth Maria Bingham Kilkishen 5 February 1856 William Bingham, Kilkishen Rosanna Hanly, Scarth  
Hanly Thomas Sunville Bridget Bingham Kilkishen 19 September 1852 George Bingham, Kilkishen Rosanna Hanly, Sunville  
Hannan Michael Kilmurry Anne Hehir Kilkishen 5 May 1854 William Vaughan, Kilkishen Margaret Hannan, Kilmurry  
Hannan Michael Kilgory Margaret Fitzgerald “Do.” [Kilgory] 23 June 1869 Patrick McNamara, Kilgory Ellen Halloran, Liscullane  
Hanneen James Kilmurry Hanna Meany Clonlea 6 February 1850 Martin Clune, Kilkishen Mary Clune, Kilkishen  
Hanneen Timothy Newmarket [on Fergus] Anne ? Fitzgerald Ballycullen 23 February 1846 Daniel Fitzgerald, Clougoula John Coleman, Newmarket  
Hannon Cornelius Knockatinty Bridget Lyons Knockatinty 18 February 1844 Patt Moloney, Knockatinty Dennis McMahon, Knockatinty  
Hanrahan Francis ? [ink blot] Scariff [ink blot] Burk ? BallyMcDonnell 17 February 1871 Patrick Madden, Scariff Winfred Fleming, BallyMcDonnell  
Hanrahan Michael Tulla Mary Neville Kilkishen 6 February 1842 Patrick Hanrahan, Tulla James Neville, Kilkishen  
Harbert [sic] William Iragh Anne Couney Kilurin 3 March 1840 Michael Counsey, Kilurin Patrick McNamara, Knockatloe  
Hardgrove Patrick Clonlea Mary Donohoe Clonlea 25 February 1838 Richard Hardgrove, Oatfield George Hardgrove, Clonlea  
Hargrove James Kilkishen Elizabeth Neal Kilkishen 5 February 1842 James Williams, Mt. Holland Mathew McNamara, Mt. Holland  
Hargrove John Kilkishen Anne Walker Kilkishen 4 October 1840 Geoge [sic] Hargrove, Kilkishen John Mangan, Feena  
Hargrove John Quin Anne Callaghan Clonlum 7 March 1848 Edmund Hargrove, Quin Mary Callaghan, Clonlum  
Hargrove Martin Knockatureen Margaret Shaughnessy Kilkishen 5 July 1844 George Hargrove, Knockatureen? Michl. Shaughnessy, Kilkishen  
Harhan [sic] Michael Tulla Judith Flanagan Kealderra 6 February 1842 Martin Flanagan, Tulla William Flanagan, Kealderra  
Harrington James Limerick Eliza Halloran Clonloum 7 May 1879 Thomas J. __bert Maria Hogan  
Hart Dennis Coolcasey Anne McMahon Backfield 31 March 1846 Michael McMahon, Backfield Danl. McCormick, Broadford  
Hartigan Patrick Clonlum Margaret McInerny Knockatloe 23 February 1841 Dennis McCormick, Silvergrove John Hartigan, Knockatinty  
Hartnedy William Bridgetown Honora Ryan Oatfield 14 February 1871 Patrick Rahily [sic, Reilly?], Bridgetown [blank] Fitzgerald, Oatfield  
Hassett John Clonbrick Lucy Bridgeman Kilkishen 2 November 1865 James Mullins, Enagh Catherine Mullins, Kilkishen  
Hassett Michael Clonbrick Ellen Cunningham Scart 16 February 1840 Patrick Brennan, Knockatooreen Cornelius Conry, Clonbrick  
Haye [sic] Bernard Tulla Margaret Bingham Kilkishen 6 May 1849 Doctor Nihil, Tulla Michl. Murphy, Tulla  
Hayes Dennis Kilurin Ellen Gleeson Cragg 12 February 1850 Connor Gleeson, Snatha Mary Mullins, Belvoir  
Hayes John Kilgorey Johanna Quinlivan [blank] 4 February 1835 Michael Touhey, Cappalahin Patrick McNamara, Kilgorey  
Hayes John Broadford Honora McMahon Gurtatrassa 8 February 1835 Michael Touhey, Cappalahin Jeremiah Touhey  
Hayes John Tulla Catherine McEnerny Tierevannen 8 February 1880 Denis Ryan Margaret Lenehan  
Hayes Martin Kilenena Mary Lyons Cealderra 9 January 1864 Batt Moroney, Kilenena Ellen Moroney, Kilenena  
Hayes Patt Kilurin Margaret Connelon Kilurin 23 February 1852 James Murry, Kilurin Mary Connelon, Kilurin  
Head George Castleconnell Mary O'Brien Claremount 20 June 1845 Thomas Driscoll, Redbridge William O'Brien, Claremount  
Heafy Dominick Kilkishen Mary McNamara Knockatinty 24 January 1857 John Cunneen, Kilkishen Bridget Hargrove, Kilkishen  
Healy Edmund [I]ragh Bridget Clark Elmhill 4 March 1859 John Hickey, Rosneylan Cathrine Gleeson, [Callaghan's] Mills  
Healy John Clonlum Margaret Hogan Clonlum 23 February 1846 James Hogan, Clonlum Francis Moloney, “Do.” [Clonlum  
Healy Patrick Bodyke Jane Lenihan Coolnahilla 12 February 1877 John Lyddy Kate McInerny  
Heffernan John Sixmilebridge Ellen Kelly Clonlea 6 February 1853 John Kelly, Clonlea Mary Kelly, “Do.” [Clonlea]  
Hegarty David [blank] Margaret Moloney Kilkishen 29 June 1835 Rev. Laurence Considin, Cappalahin John McNamara  
Hegarty David Enagh[oflyn] Cathrine McMahon Clonlume 20 February 1844 Daniel McMahon, Clonlum John Nash, Enagh[oflyn]  
Hehir Daniel Tulla Margaret Gleeson Clonlea 5 February 1837 Michael Hehir, Tulla Martin Gleeson, Clonlea  
Hehir John Kilkishen Mary Morey [blank] 15? February 1835 John Fitzpatrick, Kilkishen Mrs. Fitzpatrick  
Hehir Mathew [blank] Bridget Carberry Lakile 3 March 1835 Michael Touhey Jeremiah Touhey, Cappalahin  
Hehir Mathias SixMileBridge Anne Mullins Ballyvorgile 3 February 1839 Patrick Daly, SixMileBridge Bridget Kelly, Ballyvorgile  
Hehir Michael Kilnoe Bridget O'Brien Kilurin 4 February 1852 Michael Nash, Kilnoe Mary Hynes, Kilurin  
Hehir William Kilkishen Margt. McMahon Kilkishen 23 September 1837 Patrick Nevil, Kilkishen Norry O'Brien, Kilkishen  
Hely/Kely ? [light] John Sixmilebridge Cathrine Russell Kilkishen 30 November 1838 Edmund Russell, Kilkishen Mary Fitzpatrick, Kilkishen  
Hennessy Michael Elmhill Bridget Walsh alias Hynes Elmhill 21 January 1851 Patrick Hynes, Elmhill Mary Mangan, Elmhill  
Hickey John Claremount Mary Corra ? Elmhill 25 November 1849 Patt O'Brien, Firpark [Iragh] Bridget Sweeny, Clonlum  
Hickey Laurence Newmarket [on Fergus] Mary Bently Kilkishen 18 July 1852 John Hickey, Newmarket Cathrine Roche, Newmarket  
Hickey Michael Claremount Margaret Roughan Claremount 30 November 1850 Michl. Hickey senr., Claremount Bridget Roughan, Claremount  
Higgins Dennis [blank] Bridget McMahon Claremount 3? March 1835 John McMahon, Claremount Michael Doogan  
Higgins Francis Clonlum Ellen Moloney Clonlum 24 February 1865 Maurice Magrath, Clonlum Anne McNamara, Clonlum  
Higgins Patrick Kilmurry Mary Mullins Clonlume 24 February 1840 Edmund Mullins, Enaghoflyn Michael Ryan, Kilmurry  
Hill Michael Kilnoe Mary Moloney Cappanahanna 24 February 1852 Thomas Wall, Kilnoe Anne Murphy, BallyMcDonnell  
Hill Michael Kilnoe Honora Murry Kilurin 2 February 1856 Danl. Vaughan, Kilnoe Bridget McMahon, Rosneylan  
Hogan James Tulla Winfred McMahon Kilurin 3 February 1839 Patrick McMahon, Kilurin Bridget McNamara, Broadford  
Hogan James Cratelloe [sic, Cratloe] Mary Gleeson Snatha 20 September 1841 Thomas Gleeson, Snatha Thomas Russell, Snatha  
Hogan James Clonlea Catherine O'Brien Derrranaveigh 4 March 1862 Michael Naughten, Derranaveigh Catherin O'Brien, Derranaveigh  
Hogan John Tulla Hanna Flanagan Kiluran 2 September 1838 John Hogan, Tulla William Flanagan, Tulla  
Hogan John Kilogennedy [isc] Cathrine Shalloo Knockatloe 18 February 1855 John Molony, Broadford Bridget Driscoll, Dromeen  
Hogan John Rosneylan Margaret Herbert Clonlum 2 February 1857 Patt O'Brien, Cloncool Honora Donnelon, Cloncool  
Hogan John Tulla Margaret Fitzgerald Cragg 25 February 1879 Denis ? Halloran Anne Halloran  
Hogan John Fox & Geese Margaret Frawley Lakyle 5 January 1864 Patt Couney, Fox & Geese Mary Broughton, Woodfield  
Hogan Martin Kilkishen Bridget Doyle Kilkishen 6 September 1878 John McEnerny Anne Riordan  
Hogan Martin Derrymore Catherine Callaghan Clonloum 14 May 1879 Patrick Hogan Maria Hogan  
Hogan Michael Rosneylan Bridget McNamara Iragh 19 August 1859 Patt Molony, Clonlum Mary Murphy, Claremount  
Hogan Patrick Feacle Mary Neville Kilkishen 28 February 1843 Michael Hogan, Feacle Patrick Neville, Kilkishen  
Hogan Thomas Tulla Judy Flanagan Silvergrove 5 March 1848 John Magrath, Tulla Cathrine Moloney, Silvergrove  
Holloway Michl. Killurin Bridgt. Markahan [sic] Killurin 27 February 1838 Richd. Going, Killurin John Markahan, Scariff  
Horan Thomas Dooragh [Doora] Cathrine Marrinan Clonbrick 26 July 1847 Connor McNamara, Templemaly? Thos. Marrinan, Clonbrick  
Hourigan John Coolnahila Mary Flanagan Coolnehela 21 February 1860 Andy Boland, Newtown Margaret Peppard, Newtown  
Howard Jeremiah Silvermine [Tipperary ?] Bridget Couney Gurtratrassa 24 April 1836 Patrick Howard, Silvermine Mathew Couney, Gurtatrassa  
Hughs Martin Clonlume Mary Hogan Clonlume 6 February 1842 James Williams, Mt. Holland Matt McNamara, Mt. Holland  
Hurley Thomas [blank] Bridget Lysaght Kilgorey 16 February 1836 Michael Touhey, Cappalahin Jeremiah Touhey  
Hurly James Kilnoe Mary McCormack Silvergrove 17 April 1877 Michl. McGrath Anne Lynch  
Hynes Denis Scariff Margaret Collins Clonloum 5 March 1878 Patrick Hynes Ellie Collins  
Hynes John Parteen Mary O'Brien Coolistunan 4 February 1845 Patt Purcell, Parteen Bridget Hynes, Parteen  
Hynes John O'Callaghans Mills Johanna Carney alias Linehan Fox & Geese 3 February 1872 John Hynes, Iragh Mary ___, O_ea Mills  
Hynes Matt Iragh Margaret Sweeny Claremount 12 October 1848 James Driscoll, Redbridge Patt Murphy [Callaghans] Mills  
Hynes Patrick [blank] Cathrine Moloney Oatfield 25 August 1836 Patrick Reddan Bridget Reddan, Oatfield  
Hynes Patrick Oatfield Bridget Hogan Oatfield 28 February 1843 Michael Hynes, Oatfield Michael Ryan, Oatfield  
Hynes Patrick Parteen Mary Hegarty Clonlum 30 July 1844 John Hynes, Parteen John Hegarty, Clonlum  
Hynes Timothy Broadford Bridget O'Dea Snatha 23 February 1846 John [illegible], Snatha John Hickey  
Ievers James Kilkishen Honora Walsh Kilkishen 9 April 1847 Patt Donohoe, Kilksihen Martin Walsh, Kilkishen  
Ievers John Belvoir Margt. McMahon Ballyvorgile 16 February 1847 John Flemon, Cragg Ellen Fitzgerald, Belvoir  
Inerney Pat Coolycasey Mary Egan Cloughoula 21 January 1875 Michael Conlon, Ba_____ Mary Egan, Cloughoula  
Jones John Scart Mary McNamara [blank] 6 November 1853 Michael Gleeson, Sunville Cathrine Gleeson, Sunville  
Jones John Silvergrove Mary “Littleton or Kelly” O'C Mills 17 February 1874 Patrick Jones, Silvergrove Catherine Minogue, Iragh  
Jones William Silvergrove Margaret Kelly Silvergrove 24 February 1851 John Kelly, Silvergrove Cathrine Flanagan, Silvergrove  
Jordan Patrick O'Callaghans Mills Hanora McEnerny O'Callaghans Mills 2 December 1876 Francis Cullen _____ McNamara  
Kealy [sic] Patrick O'Gonneloe Cathrine Sheedy Kilurin 18 January 1868 John O'Brien, O'Gonneloe Margaret Lynch, O'Callghan's Mills  
Kean Edmond [blank] Margaret O'Dea Callahans Mills 20 January 1836 James Dea Cathrine Ryan, Callahans Mills  
Kean Martin Enagh[oflyn] Mary Boyse Enagh[oflyn] 17? May 1861 Michael Doogan, Enagh Cathrine Doogan, Enagh  
Kean Mathew Lakyle Ellen McNamara Lakyle 7 February 1863 Cornelius Garvey, Lakyle Margaret Frawley, Lakyle  
Keane James Newpark Mary Boyce Killeen 14 November 1880 John Liddane Ellen Boyce  
Keane John Cratloe Bridget Curtin Killeen 11 February 1871 Daniel King, Cratloe Mary Maley  
Kearny James Limerick Johanna Couney alias Linehan Fox & Geese 15 November 1867 Joseph Coleman, Limk. Bedilia Coleman, Limk.  
Keating James Ballyvorgile Cathrine McNamara Ballyvorgile 28 July 1850 Michl. Sheahan, Tulla Ellen Heffernan, CooleycasyN  
Keating Michl. Lakile Bridget Moloney Lakile 2 March 1848 John Keating, Lakile Anne Kelly, Lakile  
Keefe Dennis Kilnoe Mary O'Brien Kiluran 2 July 1847 John Moloney, BallyMcDonnell Mary Wall, Kilnoe  
Keefe Thomas [blank] Johanna Gooney Kilurin 1? March 1835 Michael Gooney John Lacy, Kilurin  
Keefe Thomas Kilurin Mary Grady Oatfield 30? January 1837 Michael Touhey, Cappalahin Jeremiah Touhey, Cappalahin  
Keegan Peter Sixmilebridge Margaret Doogan Clasduff 13 February 1859 Michael Donohoe, Clare Ellen Keegan, Sixmilebridge  
Kehan James Loughborough Mary Kelly Elmhill 2 March 1840 Martin Donnelon, Loughborough Patrick Walsh, Loughborough  
Keliher Connor Kiluran Honora Fitzgerald Tieravanan 16 February 1847 John Fitzgerald, Tieravanan Bridget Morony, Hurlstown  
Keliher James Kilurin Bridget Driscoll Kilurin 21 February 1840 James Keliher,Kilurin John Tuohey, Kilurin  
Kelliher Michael Gurtatrassa Bridget Kennely Gurtatrassa 26 August 1853 Michael Couney, Gurtatrassa Mary Brown Mt. Allan  
Kelliher Michael [blank] Margaret Moroney [blank] 25 January 1868 John Coney [sic], Doorass Anne Couney  
Kelliher Patrick Kilurin Ellen Tuohey Poulanucca [sic, Pollanumera] 1? April 1856 Patrick Murphy, Gurtatrassa Salley Tuohey, Poulanucca  
Kelliher Thomas Gurtatrassa Mary O'Brien Gurtatrassa 8 February 1842 Michael Kelliher, Gurtatrassa Michael Couney, Gurtatrassa for 3rd (degree)
Kelly John Claremount Mary Coghlan Claremount 11 February 1839 Thomas Coghlan, Claremount Margaret Anglim, Claremount  
Kelly John Loughborough Margaret Bolton [O'Callaghans] Mills 18 July 1847 Michl. Flyne, Mills Mary McMahon, Mills  
Kelly John Silvergrove Cathrine O'Brien Cooistunane 14 February 1855 John Couny, Silvergrove Mary Linehan, Coolnahella  
Kelly Michael Belvoir Bridget Gleeson Belvoir 7 February 1877 Thomas Molony Mary Keogh  
Kelly Michl. Broadford Ellen O'Brien Killurin 18 February 1838 Michl. O'Brien, Killurin Michl. Reddan, Broadford  
Kelly Patrick Killaloe Bridget Minogue Elmh Hill 29 May 1877 Wilm. Crowe Mary Minogue  
Kelly Patrick O'Callaghans Mills Margaret Couney O'Callaghans Mils 27 February 1840 Michael Kinane, O'Callaghans Mills James Couney, O'Callaghans Mills  
Kelly William Belvoir Mountain Margaret Reddan “Do.” [Belvoir Mountain] 24 September 1844 James Tuohey, Belvoir Mountain Michael Reddan, “Do.”  
Kenedy Patrick Kilnoe Ellen McNamara BallymcDonnell 27 February 1838 Matt/Walt Kenedy, Kilnoe Frances McNamara, Ballymcdonnell  
Kenevane Patrick Oatfield Bridget Ryan Oatfield 24 February 1843 John Ryan, Oatfield John Kenevane, Oatfield for 3rd & 4th degrees of consanguinity
Keniry Thomas Tulla Bridget Meany Clonlum 23 February 1859 John Greene, Tulla Maria Mullins, Enagh[oflyn]  
Kennealy Cornelius Cloney [sic, Clooney] Sally McMahon Clonlea 16 May 1863 Michael Dillon, Clonlea Margaret Noonan, Coney [sic], Cloney?]  
Kennedy Daniel [O'Callaghans] Mills Judy Connell [O'Callaghans] Mills 5 February 1846 John Bently, Kilderry Teady Kennedy, Mills  
Kennedy Dennis Ballycasey Mary McNamara Coolnahella 8 February 1844 Michael Quinliban [sic], Tradaree Dennis McNamara, Coonahella  
Kennedy James Iragh Honora Tuohey Silvergrove 3 February 1856 Michael Tuohey, Silvergrove Johanna Tuohey, “Do.” [Silvergrove]  
Kennedy Michael Doonass Mary McMahon Cappanahanna 3 February 1845 Patt McMahon, Cappanahanna Cathrine Gardner, Doonass  
Kennedy Michael Meelick Bridget O'Brien Derranaveigh 8 February 1853 Cornelius Mara, Meelick Cathrin Grady, Derranaveigh  
Kennedy Michael Kilurin Margaret Tuohey Kilurin 2 February 1861 Matt Ievors ? O'Callaghans mills Bridget Kennedy, Kilurin  
Kennedy Timothy Kilurin Bridget Dugan Kilurin 29 May 1852 Thos. Lynch, [Callaghans] Mills Anne Lynch, Mills  
Kennely Dennis [blank] Bridget Meehan [blank] 26 January 1836 Jeremiah Touhey, Cappalahin Mrs. Meehan  
Kennely Michael Kilurin Bridget Mulqueeny Kilurin 23 February 1841 Daniel Mulqueeny, Kilurin Elizabeth Skeahan?, Klurin  
Kenny ? James Kilaloe Cathrine Considine Kilurin 1 March 1840 James McInerny, Kilurin Patrick Hallinan, Kilurin  
Keogh Daniel [blank] Mary Keefe Clonlea 14 February 1836 Jeremiah Touhey, Cappalahin J. O'Keefe  
Keogh Danl. Doonass Cathrine Wolf Oatfield 12 November 1852 John Quain, Meelick Mary Wolf, Doonass  
Keogh Dennis Ballyvorgile Bridget Doogan Clasduff 7 March 1848 Michl, Keogh, Ballyvorgile Hanna Doogan, Clasduff  
Keogh Thomas Sixmilebridge Mary Stephens Snatha 23 January 1859 Thomas Befly, FortWilliam ? Margaret Grady, Dromina__la  
Kieley Patrick Derramore Bridget Ryan Quin 26 February 1857 Patrick McNamara, Derramore Margaret Ryan, Quin  
Kiely John BallyMcDonnell Bridget Flyne BallyMcDonnell 1 February 1846 David Kiely, Fortane Simon Flyne  
Kilally [sic] John Claremount Bridget Reardon Kilurin 28 February 1843 Michael Reardon, Kilurin Mary Liddy, Kilurin  
Killeen James Derry_llan Johanna Boland Claremount 12 February 1868 Patrick Killeen, Claremount Margaret Burk, Claremount  
King John Callaghan's Mills Mary Anglim Killuran 27 February 1838 Nicholas Pendergast, Callaghan's Mills Bridgt. Anglim, Killuran  
King Martin Oatfield Bridgt. Reddan Oatfield 25 February 1838 Patrick Reddan, Oatfield Bridgt. McNamara, SixMileBridge  
King Michael Clonlum Cathrin Haloran Clonlum 7 March 1848 Thos. Halloran, Clonlum Danl. Halloran, Clonlum  
Kinnane Thomas Kilseily Margaret Halloran Clonlum 18 February 1873 Martin O'Brien, Klsiely Margaret Collins, Clonl___  
Kinnurane [sic] John Oatfield Mary Callaghan O.C. Mills 19 April 1874 Mich. Fitzpatrick, _agh Bridget Walsh, Killuran  
Lacy Michael Kilurin Margaret Lyons Cealderra 3 March 1835 Michael Touhey John Magrath, Cappalahin  
Lacy Michael Claremount Judy Enright Newtown 17 February 1863 Thomas Driscoll, Dromeen Cathrine McCormick, Silvergrove  
Lahiff John Kilkishen Mary Nash Kilkishen 11 October 1846 Michl. Fallon, Kilkishen Sally O'Brien, [Callaghans] Mills  
Lambert Thomas Kilnoe Mary Conlon Kilurin 31 July 1845 Edmund Conlan, Kilurin Anne Conlon, Kilnoe  
Lane Michael Tulla Mary McNamara Iragh 20 January 1849 Thomas Lane, Doona Michael McNamara,Iragh for 3rd & 3rd degrees of affinity
Lanhedy [sic] Thomas [blank] Cathrine Laughlin Kilurin 1? March 1835 Michael Sampson Michael Laughlin, Kilurin  
Larkins Thomas Bridgetown Johanna Ryan Oatfield 11 February 1863 Edmund Brown, Ardataggle Honora Ryan, Oatfield  
Larkins Thomas Leitrim Catherine O'Neill Cloughoula 27 November 1869 Michael O'Neill, Cloughoula Bridget Mason, Cloughoula  
Leahy Pat Knockatinty ? Anne Connors ? 2 February 1875 James Duggan Mary McNamara  
Leany/Leary James Coolnahella Judy Madigan Fox & Geese 16 February 1858 Edmund Healy, Iragh Margaret McNamara, Kilurin  
Lee James Broadford Bridget Moloney Clonlea 3 February 1837 Jno. Molony, Clonlea Jno. McGrath, Clonlea  
Lenehan James Scariff Maria McEnertny Killevoy 22 February 1876 Denis Lenehan Maria McErnertny  
Leonard John Oatfield Mary Ryan Oatfield 15 May 1841 James Tuohey, Oatfield John Ryan, Oatfield  
Liddane James Enagh{oflyn] Bridget Donlon Clonbrick 2 February 1856 Stephen McDonnell, Kilmurry Margaret McNamara, Quin  
Liddane John Sixmilebridge Cathrine Egan Cloughoula 12 November 1843 Rodger Liddan, Sixmilebridge James Egan, Cloughoula  
Liddane Michael Castleconnell Mary Tynan Kilkishen 8 March 1859 Dennis McMahon, Knockatinty Mary McMaron, Knockatinty  
Liddy James Newmarket [on Fergus] Margaret Donnelon Clasduff 23 February 1852 John Clanchy, Newmarket Margaret Corbett, Limk. [Limerick]  
Liddy John Newmarket [on Fergus] Jane Carmody Enaghoflyn 2 February 1845 John McInerny, Newmarket Patt Carody, Enaghoflyn  
Liddy Patrick Fenla [Finloe ?] Cathrin Flanery Clonbrick 18 February 1844 Thos. Lynch, Clonbrick Michl. Donnelon, Clonbrick  
Liddy Patrick Tulla Mary Couney Kilurin 1 February 1861 James Liddy, Tulla Bridget Couney, Kilurin  
Liddy Patrick Cragroe Mary Halloran Clonloum 10 February 1866 James Liddy, Tulla Bridget Hogan, Tulla  
Liddy Thomas Castleconnell Bridget King Kilenena 24 September 1843 Timothy King, Kilenena Patrick Carbery, Mt.Allan for 2nd degree of consanguinity
Linehan Daniel Lakyle Honora Agnes Couney Fox & Geese 31 November 1861 John Broughton, Woodfield Bridget Hogan, Kilogennedy  
Linehan Michael ? [light] Coolnahela Ellen McInerney Mt. Holannd 18? February 1841 Thomas McInerny, Mt. Holland [too light] Murphy, Gurtatrassa  
Linehan William Lakeyle [sic] Anne Driscoll Elmhill 27 July 1856 Daniel Linehan, Lakeyle Catherine Sallinger, Cealderra  
Lipper J. Enagh[oflyn] M. Carney Kilkishen 9 February 1873 William McNamara, Enagh M. Cotter, Kilkishen  
Littleton James O'Callaghans Mills Mary Kelly Elmhill 5 June 1869 James Littleton, O'C. Mills Bridget Droney, Elmhill  
Littleton Patrick Cloncool Bridget Loughlin Knockatinty 25 February 1868 James Littleton, O'C. Mills Ellen Morony  
Littleton Stephen Killeen Mary Callaghan Clonloum 15 February 1851 Michl. Callaghan, Clonlum Mary McNamara, Quin  
Loftice [sic, Loftis] William Killurin Nancy Cudmore Killurin 31 January 1838 John Cudmore, Killurin John Mulqueeny, Killurin  
Long John Broadford Margaret O'Brien Kilurin ? August 1843 Patrick Kelly, Elmhill Daniel Madden, O'Callaghans Mills  
Long John Claremount Margaret O'Dea Claremount 10 February 1854 William McInerny, Kilurin Mary Brown, Mt. Allan  
Loughery Patrick Crusheen Sarah Cotter Cragg 23 February 1878 Michl. Dillon Mary Carney  
Loughlin John Broadford Margaret Lillis Kilgorey 25 July 1844 James Loughlin, Broadford Cornelius Murphy, Kilgorey  
Loughlin Patt Broadford Cathrine Sallinger Cealderra 2 February 1845 Michl. Tuohey, Broadford Mary Sallinger, Cealderra  
Loughlin Terence Broadford Cathrin Murry ? Butterhole [Upper Crag] 25 February 1873 Patt Loughlin Catherin Ryan  
Loughnane John Feacle Bridget Kelliher Kilurin 28 January 1868 Thomas McMahon, Feacle Ellen Tuohey, Kilurin  
Lucas Michael Killuran Bridgt. Connell Killuran 5 February 1837 John Connellan, Killuran Michl. Kennely, Killuran  
Lynch Jeremiah Kilurin Hanna O'Dea Kilurin 20 January 1839 Michael O'Dea, Kilurin Cathrine O'Dea, Kilurin  
Lynch John Tulla Bridgt. Touhy Killuran 5 February 1837 Michl. Touhy, Killuran John Lynch, Tulla  
Lynch Patrick Kilaloe Anne Conlan Kilurin 19 February 1843 James Lynch, Kilaloe Edmund Conlan, Kilurin  
Lynch Thomas O'Callaghans mills Bridget O'Connor Kilkishen 6 May 1854 John Lynch, O'Callaghans mills Anne Lynch, O'Callaghans mills  
Lyons Daniel Scarth Cathrine Mulready Belvoir 9 February 1861 Peter Mulready, Belvoir Mary Lyons, Scarth  
Lyons Dennis Anaghneal Bridgt. McGrath Killuran 5 February 1837 Michl. McGrath, Killuran Danl. Lyons, Anaghneal  
Lyons Dennis Loughborough Mary Flyn Loughborough 23 February 1841 William Carter, [Callaghans] Mills Cathrin Carter, [Callaghans] Mills  
Lyons James Scart Bridget Lynch Clonbrick 23 February 1852 Patt Lynch, Clonbrick Judy Lyons, Scart  
Lyons Michael Kilnoe Cathrine Walsh Kilurin 12 February 1839 Andrew Connelon, Kilnoe John Walsh, Kilurin  
Lyons Myles Cealderra Winfred Hynes Kilgorey 16 July 1847 John Mangan, Claremount Patrick Hynes, Kilavoy  
Lyons Peter Cealderra Anne Molony Loughborough 28 February 1854 Bartholomey Sallinger, Cealderra Cathrine Kelly, Feacle  
Lyons Stephen Kilkishen Mary Galligan Kilkishen 2 February 1857 Michael Neville, Kilkishen Elizabeth Neville, Kilkishen  
Lyons Terence Drominikela Bridget Flanagan BallyMcDonnell 10 February 1840 Peter Lyons, BallyKelly William Flanagan, BallyMcDonnell  
Lyons Terence Ahaclare Mary Murphy Gurtatrassa 4 March 1859 Patt Kelly, Woodfield Bridget Keliher  
Lyons Thos. Cealderra Margaret Bently Kiluran 5 May 1846 Michl. Sallinger, Cealderra William Bently, Broadford  
Lysaght Patrick Kilgorey Cathrine Galvin Kilgorey 27 January 1845 Edmund Canny, Kilgorey Bridget Carter, Kilgorey  

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RC Mariage Records for O’Callaghan’s Mills Parish, 1835-1881