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RC Baptismal Records for LIDDY/LYDDY for the parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus: Surname Index

Title: RC Baptismal Records for LIDDY/LYDDY for the parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus
Type: Baptismal records
Dates: April 29th, 1829 – February 26th, 1866
Place: RC Parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus
Source: Newmarket-on-Fergus RC Baptismal Registers on FHL Film 979693
Transcriber/Donator: Ernene Smedley (Nee Dillon), Queensland, Australia.
Researching Dillon, Clune, Meaney, Grady,Fraley/Frawley, Liddy, Clancy, Morony.


Register by Mother’s Maiden Name

Child's Forename
Father's Forename
Mother's Forename
Mother's Maiden Name
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Brennan Mary 2 August 1856 Michael Mary [cannot read] Pat LIDDY Mary LIDDY  
Brennan Michael 6 January 1863 Andy Anne Slattery James LIDDY Mary Anne LIDDY  
Bruggy?? Martin 10 October 1856 John Kate Keane Martin LIDDY Marg't. Bruggy ??  
Buckeley James 3 February 1849 Martin Margaret ? John LIDDY Marg't Mack  
Carthy James 12 July 1846 Patt Marg't. LIDDY Daniel LIDDY Bridget LIDDY Killanasol
Carthy John 22 January 1850 or 1851 John Mary LYDDY Michael Mack Marg't Mack Kilnasoula
Clanchy Patt. 1 November 1847 James Ann Mack James LIDDY Bridget LIDDY  
Conlon Patk.   January 1834 Michael Mary LIDDY Dnl.Conlon Sally Halleron  
Conlon Mary 9 January 1842 Michael Margt LIDDY Mary McNamara    
Connell Patk. 25 March 1838 Daniel B [not listed] ? LIDDY cannot read  
Connell Cath 15 March 1846 Martin Cath Healy John Healy Margt.Liddy Granahan
Connellan Brigt. 11 February 1831 Michael Marg't LIDDY Dan'l Connellan Mary Connellan  
Corbett Thos 23 November 1840 Jas Cath Cleary? Patt LIDDY Mary LIDDY  
Croughan Mary 23 June 1830 Patt Mary Hermer Michael LIDDY Bridget LIDDY Mough Castle
Crowe Francis 20 March 1850 Tom Mary Morris John LYDDY Anne LYDDY Carrigerry?
Cullenan Mary 9 July 1831 P. Cath LIDDY ? McNamara Mary Flynn  
Cullinan Patrick 11 April 1863 Michael Margaret Bourke Daniel LYDDY Catherine LYDDY  
Curtin Anne 21 November 1830 James Anne LIDDY James Ryan   Firgrove
Dally Ellen 19 February 1834 Michl. Anne Hartigan Michl.LIDDY Ellen Hartigan  
Dennis Bridget 17 March 1862 McNamara Mary Molony Martin LYDDY Mary Loughnane  
DILLON illegible 14 January 1840 Lawrence Peggy McNamara ? Mary LIDDY  
Dwyer Michael 23 July 1839 Edm. Biddy LIDDY James Doorly Mary Gullen  
Dwyer Biddy 27 January 1841 Edm. Biddy LIDDY Ml.Gallaher Judy Gleeson  
Dwyer Margaret 27 May 1846 Edm. Biddy LIDDY M ? Duggan Margaret LIDDY Ardsollas
Eagan Bridget 9 April 1847 Patt. Mary LIDDY Michael Eagan Mary Eagan  
Egan Mary 9 July 1842 ? Anne LIDDY Jas. Connelly Mary Graddy  
Egan Mary 2 May 1850 Michael Mary Molony Michael LIYDDY Hannah Butler  
Fahy Michael 19 April 1855 Andy Bridget Ward Michael LIDDY Catherine Donohue  
Hanneen Laurence 29 September 1861 Matthew Bridget Considine James LIDDY Mary Calaghan  
Hanneen Jane   August 1863 ? Catherine McNamara John LIDDY Bridget Conlon  
Heffernan Denis 21 February 1866 John Sarah Neil Patt. LIDDY Hannah LIDDY  
Henessy Pat 16 February 1858 John Catherine LIDDY Thomas Reddan Mary Reddan  
Hennefsy Thomas 28 August 1860 John Catherine LIDDY John Doogan Catherine Doogan  
Hennefsy Catherine 28 July 1863 John Catherine LIDDY Michael Hennefsy Anne Callinan  
Hennefsy Catherine 20 August 1865 John Kate LIDDY James LIDDY Ellen Duggan  
Hickey ? 18 February 1842 Laurence Mary LYDDY      
Hickey Mary 15 September 1843 Lawrence Mary LIDDY Thos Mack Mary McMahon Killula
Hickey Michael 11 July 1845 Laurence Mary LIDDY Patt. LYDDY Eliza McMahon Killis???
Hickey Margaret 24 July 1854 Laurence Mary LIDDY Patt.LIDDY Mary LIDDY  
Hickey John 24 April 1856 Laurence Mary LIDDY Pat F...?? Eliza ???  
Keogh Mary 12 September 1854 Thos. Bridget Kelly Michael LYDDY Mary LYDDY  
LIDDY John 16 August 1830 Michael Anne ? Thomas Lydane Mary LYDDY  
LIDDY Thomas   September 1833 Michael Margaret ?ice Ellen Bremar    
LIDDY Thos 15 December 1833 John Sally McNamara Thos LIDDY    
LIDDY Michael   March 1833 Michael Anne Gleeson P. Carmody    
LIDDY Brigit 4 January 1834 Lot B McNamara Pat ? Cath ?  
LIDDY Jas 4 February 1835 John Sally Mulconry James LIDDY  
LIDDY Michl 14 September 1835 Jn Mary Murphy Michael Gallagher Mary Warde
LIDDY Thomas     1837 Patk. Mary Hallenan Thos. Burns Brgt. Lennard
LIDDY Patk.   March 1838 Patk. Cath M???? Dnl.LIDDY Mary M???
LIDDY Jn.   April 1838 Patk. Mary Halloran Francis Morris Mary Halloran
LIDDY Jn. 15 May 1838 Patk Hona McNamara Jn. Hickey Annie McCarthy
LIDDY John 2 February 1839 John Anne McCarthy Pat Lynch Ellen McCarthy
LIDDY Mary 24 June 1839 Thos. Judy Corbett Catherine Oates ?
LIDDY Anne 26 July 1839 John Honora Murphy Patt McNamara Mary McMahon
LIDDY Jns. 28 July 1839 Tim Mary McInerney Jns. LIDDY Mary LIDDY
LIDDY Anne [Twin] 26 December 1839 Tom Johanna Lynch Anne Graddy Hugh? Mary?
LIDDY Biddy [Twin] 26 December 1839 Tom Johanna Lynch Anne Graddy Hugh? Mary?
LIDDY Mary   December 1839 Pat ? McNamara James LIDDY Bridget Cunneen
LIDDY Pat 7 January 1840 Pat [illegible]   Pat ? ? LIDDY
LIDDY Mary   July 1840 W Mary Riedy Mary Callahan  
LIDDY Martin 11 August 1840 John Joan Mac Jas Carmody Anne Lynch
LIDDY Biddy 10 January 1841 ? Mary Lynch Biddy Lynch  
LIDDY Ellen 17 April 1841 Michael Mary Woods J.Hinchy ? Woods  
LIDDY Daniel 26 June 1841 John Anne Carthy Patt Lynch Nance Liddy  
LIDDY Michael 15 February 1842 James Joanna McNamara Biddy Crumming?    
LIDDY John 21 May 1842 Thos. Judy Corbett Dennis Hogan Anne O'Brien  
LIDDY Lott 14 June 1842 Lot Biddy McNamara Thos Lynch Mary Lynch  
LIDDY Martin 13 October 1843 Pat Cath Murphy John Healy Bridg. N????  
LIDDY Jn 22 May 1845 Ml. Eliza Kendall Thos. McNamara Mary McNamara Newmarket
LIDDY Thady 24 October 1845 Mlichael Margt. [cannot read] Thady Woods Eliza Woods Granahan
LIDDY James 24 October 1845 John Jane Carmody James LIDDY Mrs.LIDDY Carragorra?
LIDDY Wm. 9 May 1846 Michael Fanny Cullanan Thady LIDDY Biddy Mack Newmarket
LIDDY Mich'l ?? 10 August 1846 James Judy Doogan John Guerin Judy Mack Granahan??
LIDDY Cathrine 20 August 1846 James Mary Hea...? Eliza Corbett    
LIDDY Stephen 10 December 1846 Patt. Mary Lynch Daniel Lynch Mary Burke Moohane
LIDDY Mary 19 June 1850 Michael Marg't. Woods Dennis Lahine? Mary Didgedan?  
LIDDY Cathrine 3 May 1851 Patt Mary Murphy Michael Murphy Eliza Liddy  
LIDDY Mary 27 April 1855 James Margaret Donnellan John Donnellan Mary Donnellan  
LIDDY Michael 7 October 1855 John Jane Carney Patt. Frawly Mary Morony
LIDDY Margaret 28 December 1855 James Margaret Mac?Mack Tom Corbett Johanna Keune??
LIDDY Margaret 25 June 1855 or 1856 Patrick Catherine Murphy Roger Murphy Penelope Casey?
LIDDY Bridget 8 July 1856 Pat Anne Neil John Cunneen Mary Cunneen
LIDDY Mary 28 February 1857 Theady Peggy Clancy Michael Clancy Bridget Clancy
LIDDY Margaret 26 March 1857 Jas. Marg't Donnellan Pat Clancy Ellen Clancy
LIDDY John 8 July 1857 Patt. Eliza Hartigan Pat Hartigan [cannot read]
LIDDY Peggy 12 July 1858 Pat Anne O"Neil John Cunneen Bid Cunneen
LIDDY Bridget 23 December 1858 James Margaret Donlon Michl.Lynch Bridget Connell
LIDDY Anne 24 April 1859 Patrick Eliza Hartigan Patk. Burn?? Hannah Mack
LIDDY Margaret 2 May 1859 Thady Margaret Clancy Thos.Cullinan Mary Eg??
LIDDY Michael 5 May 1859 Dan Mary McNamara Michael McNamara Marg't. McNamara
LIDDY Michael 11 November 1859 James Margaret Maley L???Kennedy Mary Kennedy
LIDDY Martin 10 October 1859 John Bridget Daune?? Cath Mack Eliza Fahey
LIDDY Catherine 3 November 1860 James Margaret Donlon Patt. Cusack Mary Cusack
LIDDY Mary 6 August 1861 Pat Ellen Hartigan Thos.LIDDY Bridget Mack
LIDDY Michael 22 September 1861 Theady Margaret Clancy Thos. Clancy Anne Clancy
LIDDY Michael 16 September 1861 Patt. Anne O"Neal Thos.Daffey Bridget McMahon
LIDDY Margaret 4 September 1862 Daniel Kate Mack James [cannot read] Margaret [cannot read]
LIDDY James 5 February 1863 Thos. Mary Whelan James Lynch Mary Lynch
LIDDY Mary 8 April 1864 Daniel Katherine Mack Johanna Mack  
LIDDY Daniel 31 October 1864 James Margaret Donnellan Martin Higgins Marg't Morony.
LIDDY Michael 11 April 1865 James Sarah Mack Daniel LIDDY Bridget LIDDY
LIDDY Michael 1 September 1865 Thos. Mary Whelan Peter Whelan Briget Whelan
LIDDY Bridget 25 October 1865 Daniel Catherine McNamara James McNamara Johanna McNamara
Littleton James 13 April 1857 John Mary McNamara Patt. LIDDY Anna McNamara
Loughlan Mich'l. 23 August 1846 Andy Mary Lynch Matt.Corbett Marg't.LIDDY
LYDDY ? 17 August 1831 Michael Mary McNamara Michael LYDDY Bridget Bermingham
LYDDY Winny? 9 November 1841 Js. Margaret Maley Jns. Maley Ann McNamara
LYDDY Eliza 31 November 1841 Patt Kitty Murphy Mary LYDDY Bridget Donlon
LYDDY Michael 25 September 1842 Patt Mary Lynch Patt Lynch Mary LYDDY
LYDDY Mary   October 1843 Thos. Joanah Lynch John Ryan Mary LYDDY
LYDDY Anne 5 November 1843 Patrick ? Mack [unreadable]    
LYDDY John 21 February 1844 Michl. Eliza Kendall Patt Slattery S.lucey? Slattery Newmarket
LYDDY Michael 15 July 1844 Michl. Mary O'Neill John Cullinane Sarah Gleeson Newmarket
LYDDY Pat 31 July 1844 Pat Mary Lynch Jas Lynch Bridget Hal???  
LYDDY Andrew 6 February 1845 Pat Cath Fl???? Wm. Lynz?? Mary Lynz??  
LYDDY Michael 10 August 1845 Thomas Judy Lynch Thomas Lynch Catherine Calahan?  
LYDDY Thomas 8 September 1845 Patt Judy Mcnamara Patt Lynch Ann LYDDY Moohane
LYDDY John 22 October 1848 John Jane or Anne Carmody [none listed]    
LYDDY James 1 January 1849 James Margaret LYDDY Patt. LYDDY Mary LYDDY Stonehall
LYDDY Anne 27 May 1849 Michael Mary O"Neil Patt Cullinan Mary Wier  
LYDDY Theady 13 May 1850 Theady Margaret Clancy Jas. LYDDY Bridget LYDDY Moohane
LYDDY Hannah 21 May 1850 Patrick Mary LYDDY Martin Coonen Sally Neale Drumoland
LYDDY John 25 November 1852 James Margaret Donnellan Patt.Donnellan Bridget LYDDY Lounge???
LYDDY Serah 12 March 1853 John Jane not listed Patt Morony Mary Carney  
LYDDY Anne 29 March 1853 Patt. Catherine Murphy Dan Culleen?? Bridget Maher Shepper???
LYDDY Anne 3 June 1853 Theady Margaret LYDDY Patt Croghan Anne Ryan Mohane
LYDDY Patrick 31 December 1853 Jas. Margaret Donnellan John Donelan Mary Donelan  
LYDDY Anne 14 June 1860 Daniel Catherine McNamara Anne McNamara Michael McNamara  
LYDDY Jane 8 February 1864 Patrick Eliza Hartigan John LYDDY Catherine White  
Lynch Thomas 2 December 1833 Michael B Thaloon Patk. LIDDY Mary Clanchy  
Lynch Mary 13 August 1836 John Mary LIDDY Marg. LIDDY    
Lynch Catherine 27 February 1839 John Mary LIDDY Wm. LIDDY Marg.Hennessy  
Lynch Mary 16 March 1842 Jn. Mary LIDDY Michael LIDDY Margaret LIDDY  
Lynch Joanah 2 November 1843 LIDDY Bridget Thaloon Patt. LYDDY Ann Cahill Newmarket
Lynch Jas. 2 November 1851 William Mary LYDDY Thos. LIDDY Peggy LIDDY Cahi...??
Lynch Bridget 31 January 1857 Daniel Judy Lynch Michael LIDDY Ellen Lynch  
Lynch Thos. 1 January 1858 William Mary LIDDY John Clancy Margaret Clancy  
MAC Mary 24 July 1840 ? Eliza Blake Patt LIDDY Mary LIDDY  
McCormick Anne   November 1853 Cornelius Mary LYDDY Jas. LYDDY Anne LYDDY  
McCormick Eliza 27 June 1857 Con Mary LIDDY Michael LIDDY Anne LIDDY  
McCormick Jane 7 January 1860 Connor Mary LYDDY Wm.McCormack Anne McCormack  
McCormick Ellen 31 March 1862 Con Mary LIDDY Dan LIDDY Susan Lynch  
McCormick Hannah 9 June 1864 Connor Mary LIDDY John LIDDY Susan Lynch Moohane
McGarvey Margt. 1 June 1842 Js. Mary Hartney ? Fraley Biddy Liddy  
McGrath Mary 15 January 1865 Patrick Ellen Sheedy Anne LYDDY    
McMahon Brigt. 4 May 1835 Js. Brg Gallagher Jn. LIDDY Mary LIDDY  
McMahon Bridget 5 April 1854 Patt. Anne McMahon Michael LIDDY Bridget Mien?  
McMahon James 5 January 1855 James Mary Collins John LYDDY Anne LYDDY  
McMahon Anne 25 January 1860 James Mrs. McMahon Daniel LIDDY Sarah LIDDY  
McMahon Sarah 19 March 1865 James Mary Collins James LYDDY Winifred LYDDY  
McNamara Anne 28 April 1839 Andrew Bridgt. Molloy Wm. LIDDY Bridgt.LIDDY  
McNamara Dennis 15 November 1859 Dennis   McNamara Mrs. LIDDY    
McNamara Anne 5 October 1865 Michael Anne Casey John LIDDY Anne LIDDY  
McNearny Michael 7 August 1845 John Mary LYDDY James McNearny Margt. McNearny Newmarket
Meade Mrg. ? 28 January 1834 Patk. Bid LIDDY Michael Gleeson Brgt.Meade  
Meade Patk. 20 January 1837 Patk. Brgt. LIDDY Thos. Meade Brgt. Meade  
Meade Cathrine 13 April 1840 Pat Biddy LIDDY [obliterated] ? Fraley  
Meehan Norry 1 November 1840 Jerm. Judy LIDDY Edm.Fraley Mary Hickey  
Mei???? Patt. 4 April 1858 ? Bridget Lynch John LIDDY Bridget Lynch  
Minehan Thos. 14 December 1845 Michael Mary LIDDY Patt. Green Mary Green  
Moylan Margaret 11 October 1851 Patt. Bridget Lynch Jas. LYDDY Norry Mack Mohane
Moylan Thomas 24 November 1855 Pat Bridget Lynch Michael LIDDY Anne Liddy  
Moylan Bridget 25 January 1860 Patt Bridget Lynch Thos.LIDDY Kate Connel  
Moylan Michael 9 January 1862 Patrick Bridget Lynch Frank Cof??? Anne LYDDY  
Mulconry Patt 28 February 1839 Jn Judith LIDDY John Considine Brig.Mulconry  
Murphy Mary 11 August 1863 Patrick Bridget Mack Michael Lewis Elizabeth LIDDY  
Neil ? Mary 13 September 1838 Js. Judy Hickey Margaret LIDDY    
O"Neil Ellen 7 March 1842 Jas. Biddy Connell Michael LIDDY Mary Molony  
O'Brien John 22 December 1831 Michael Mary LIDDY Ned Baker    
O'Brien Anne 23 July 1863 Michael Eliza Cunneen Martin LYDDY Kate Cooney  
O'Dea Martin 9 November 1845 Patt Biddy LIDDY [none listed]    
O'Dea Cath 13 April 1846 John Nancy Kennelly Jn.Hickey Biddy LIDDY  
O'Neil Thos 9 February 1841 Jas Judy Hickey Biddy LIDDY    
O'Neil Mary   April 1859 Dennis Bridget Maher Pat LIDDY Anne LIDDY  
O'Neil Thomas 15 November 1860 Dennis Bridget Maher Patrick LIDDY Catherine Maher
Oph?? Margt. 11 August 1842 Dnl Mary Conlon James LYDDY ? Ahern
Reily Mary 17 November 1857 John Marg't Kett???? Martin LIDDY Eliza LIDDY
Sheehan Michael 30 August 1861 James Bridget Coffey Patrick LIDDY Mary Anne LIDDY
Treveeny ? Jn. 27 June 1837 Joe Mary LIDDY Patk.Treveeny or Sweeny Ann ?
Ward Patt 27 May 1864 Patt Mary Murnane James Ward Sarah LIDDY
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