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Complete Marriage Records for RC Parish of Scariff and Moynoe, 1852 - 1881

Transcription of Register 1 - 1852 to 1872

Marriage Register for Scariff and Moynoe, beginning May 5, 1852
Groom Residence Bride Residence Witness 1 Residence Witness 2 Residence Priest
1852 MARRIAGES (1)
22 NOV 1852 Dennis Ocalaghan   Maria Hogan Scariff Mary Carroll   Margt Hogan    
1853 MARRIAGES (10)
30 JAN 1853 Thos Long Tobercolon Kate Griffin Derry___ John Canny   Bridget Griffin Scariff  
30 FEB 1853 Michl Sheedy Ogonoloe Jean Dowdle Tingaree Thos Gallaher Ogonoloe Margt Corbet Tingaree  
    1853 Stephen Brogan   Bridget Dillane Capabane John Brogan   Biddy Dillane Capabane  
    1853 Michl McNamara Feacle Mary Tuohy Coolagore Michl McNamara Clonusker Biddy Collins Coolagore  
    1853 Laurence Durack Ballyboy Mary Cleary Bal___ John Durack Ballyboy Biddy McNamara Bal____  
    1853 Thos Tuohy Feacle Catherine Fenessy Coolagoree Michl Tuohy Feacle Margt McNamara Coolagoree  
29 AUG 1853 Joseph Parker   Maria no entry Corr___ Thos Slack Scariff Maria Odwyer    
      By special license from Rome
12 SEP 1853 Stephen Farrell   Maria Farrell Sc_____ Stephen Hickie   Biddy Molony    
18 SEP 1853 Michl Conry   Mary Calaghan Scariff Denis Minogue   Mary Hacket    
14 NOV 1853 Martin Brogan Capabane Kate     John Brogan Cappaban Biddy Reeves    
1854 MARRIAGES (16)
27 JAN 1854 Michl Carolan   Margaret Brogan   Peter McNamara   Mary Drwyer    
29 JAN 1854 Pat McNamara   Eliza Nunan Prospect Edmd Slattery   Ellen McNamara Prospect  
5 FEB 1854 Michl Griffin   Bridget Gr____   Pat Dynan   Mary Griffin    
7 FEB 1854 Danl Clancy   Mary McNamara Bally___ Pat Clancy   Mary Beston Ballyboy  
21 FEB 1854 Michl Mason Shean Kate Obrien Coolag___ Pat Minogue Shean Margt Farrell Scariff  
24   1854 Danl Dowdle Fussa Kate Curreen   Robert Dowdle Fussa Margt Roughan    
8   1854 Edmd Steward   Biddy Minogue   James S Laurence Ogonoloe Margt Corbett Tingaree  
    1854 Denis Morony Feacle Margt Molony Coolagoree John Calaghan   Margt Molony Gortaderra  
8   1854 Thady Mac Tobernagath Biddy Odonnel Poulag___ Danl Mahony Tobernagath Biddy Nuna[n] Turkine  
Baptism of John, son of Simon Flannery & Biddy Grady recorded and lined out.
Baptism of Kate, daughter of Michl Hartneidy & Biddy Markham recorded and lined out.
31 JUL 1854 Pat Hacket   Margt McGrath Scariff Stephen Hickie   Bissy Bennet Scariff  
14   1854 Laurence Dynan Derrymore Kate Welch Scariff Pat Griffin Derrymore Kate Molony Scariff  
28   1854 Thomas Burke   Mary Ward Scariff Michl Ward   Hanna Balton Scariff  
    1854 Danl Madden   Mary Smark Scariff Pat Madden   Mary Anne Oneil Scariff  
_6   1854 Patrick Dynan   Maria Griffin Derrymore Pat Griffin Derrymore Jane Brady Kil______  
    1854 John Kelly   Maria Rochford Scariff James Beston   Maria Farrell Scariff  
    1854   Carolan   Kate Kilfole D____ James     Margt      
1855 MARRIAGES (19)
    1855 John Coffee   Ellen Hartneidy Derrymore John Molone   Mary Coffee Derrymore  
15 FEB 1855 Pat Hogan   Mary Beston Clonrush John Beston Ballyboy Bridget Beston Clonrush  
20   1855 Michl Molony Kilnena Anne Roughan   John Hallinan Dromyn Margt Roughan Coolagore  
17   1855 John Kilfoyle Kilnena Catherine Slattery Gortaderra Pat Slattery   Mary Slattery Cappabane  
20   1855 John Rogers   Catherine Torpy Meenross William Rogers Shean Biddy Torpy    
20   1855 Pat Wall Clonrush Anne Beston B____ James Dooly Clonrush Biddy Beston B_____  
20   1855 Michl Tubs   Mary Tuohy Kylekavine John Tuohy   Biddy Tuohy Kylekavine  
20   1855 Roger Minogue Ballymalone Margt Tracy   Stephen March Ballymalone Biddy Molone Cur__  
23 APR 1855 Pat Fennessy   Biddy Miniter Gortaderra Edmd Doyle   Biddy Doyle Gortaderra  
23 APR 1855 Michl White   Anne Minogue Poulagour John White   Miles Odonnell Corakieil  
3 MAY 1855 Michl Sheehan   Biddy Boice Scariff James Horan   Mary Boice Scariff  
7 MAY 1855 Theady Hart   Mary Tuohy Scariff John Gilmore   Peggy Cusack Scariff  
17 MAY 1855 Pat Fenessy   Anne Regan Coolagory Martin Obrien   Biddy Obrien Coolagory  
6 AUG 1855 Pat Dwyer   Mary Hacket Scariff William Canny   Fanny Canny Scariff  
7   1855 John Hagerty   Mary Rogers Derrygrany Martin Sexton   Margt Lynch Derrygrany  
12 SEP 1855 Martin Obrien   Ellen                  
Torn and soiled near bottom of page
12 NOV 1855 John Sheedy   Onny Morony Deerp____ James Sheedy   Mary Bleach Capa___  
21 NOV 1855 William Hogan   Margt Nunan Poulagour John Hill Scariff Biddy Nunan Poulagour  
29 NOV 1855
Baptism recorded: "Danl of Pat McNamara & Mary Rogers [W.P.], SS: Denis McNamara (Waterpark) & Margt Rogers"
8 DEC 1855 Martin Rogers   Bridget Curreen Clu___ Pat Dwyer   Eliza Bennet    
1856 MARRIAGES (9)
22 JAN 1856 James Long   Bridget Rogers Alias Ringrose   Thos Long   Mary Rogers Ochrim [Aughrim]  
30 JAN 1856 John Bleach   Bridget Dillane Capa Pat Bleach   Margt Minogue    
30 JAN 1856 John Walsh   Mary Farrell Moynoe James Walsh Caherhurly Mary McMahon    
3 FEB 1856 Danl Kenedy   Anne Weily   Pat McMahon   Margt Griffin    
  MAR 1856
Baptism recorded and struck out: "Pat, of Denis Roughan & Bridget Molony"
28 APR 1856 Pat Dwyer   Margt OBrien   John Grary   Mary Grary    
14 JUN 1856 John Danaher   Margt Rodgers   Joe Griffin Fussabeg Catherine Griffin Fussabeg  
20 JUN 1856 James McNamara Mallyrd Anne OBrien Scariff Michl OBrien   Ellen Hanly Scariff  
30 JUL 1856 Thos McDermot   Anne Reeves   Owen Gleason   Bridget Reeves    
30 AUG 1856 John Skehan   Biddy Ronan   Darby Obrien   Hanna Barrington    
1857 MARRIAGES (16)
24 JAN 1857 Michl Bennet   Anne White Scariff Theady Hart   Peg Cusack Scariff  
1 FEB 1857 Thad Nunan   Mary Ryordan Scariff John Loftus   Catherine Molony Scariff  
8 FEB 1857 John Curry   Hanna Fenessy Cool____ John Blake Tulla Mary Fenessy Cool___  
    1857 John Lyon   Catherine Crotty Mac___ Martin Crotty   Anne Crotty    
    1857 Darby Tuohy   Penny Minogue   John Tuohy   Margaret Minogue    
    1857 John McNamara   Margt Roughan   Danl McNamara   Mary Fahy    
    1857 Thomas Goony   Bridget Roughan Scariff William Balton   Judy Counihan Scariff  
    1857 James Farrell   Mary Gleeson   Michl Wiely   Biddy Gorman    
    1857 Robert Smark   Mary Calaghan   Martin Mac   Maria Bennet    
    1857 Michl Mulcahy   Nancy Boland Scariff John Molony   Ellen Ryan    
    1857 Michl Obrien   Catherine Reddan   Michl Obrien   Bridget Reeves    
    1857 Michl McMahon   Mary Mulcahy Scariff Mary Horan   Peggy Cusack    
    1857 Laurence Durac[k]   Kate Guerin   John Conway   Mary McMahon    
16   1857
Baptism recorded: "William and Mary twins of Michl Leonard & Kate"
Baptism recorded: "Pat of John Kilfoil & Kate Slattery"
1 JUL 1857
Baptism recorded and lined out: "John of Andrew Bugler & Margt"
2 OCT 1857 Michl Kenedy   Mary Griffin Scariff Pat Griffin   Kate Griffin Derrymore  
3 OCT 1857 John Mylan   Kate Curran   Thos Lahiff   Kate Hogan    
8 OCT 1857 John McMahon   Mary Horan Fussabeg Danl McMahon   Ellen Ryan Fussabeg  
1858 MARRIAGES (16)
16 JAN 1858 Michl Goonane   Mary Shanahan Scariff Pat Griffin   Kate Coffee Scariff  
20 JAN 1858 Thos Burk   Margt Leonard   Fergus Mannix   Onny Da___    
24 JAN 1858 Michl Walsh   Mary Sheridan Scariff Bat Sheridan   John Coffee    
2 FEB 1858 Pat Coffee   Maria no entry Derrymore Denis Mungovan   Kate Coffee Derrymore  
4 FEB 1858 Martin Burke   Anne Doudle Tingaree Danl Molony   Maria Keily Ogonoloe  
8 FEB 1858 John Broderick   Margt Brogan   James Obrien   Margt Durack    
8 FEB 1858 John McNamara   Maria Collins   Walter Kenedy Kilnoe Margt Guerin    
18 FEB 1858 Danl McMahon   Anne Tuohy   Pat McMahon   Mary Molony    
    1858 Thos Corbett   Anne Burke Scariff Henry Scrot [Scut]   Mary Hynes Scariff  
18   1858 Patrick Minogue   Margt Curran   Isaack Allen Clonrush B. Doyle Gortaderra  
22 JUL 1858 Pat Farrell   Mary Tuohy Moynoe James OBrien   Kate Tuohy    
19 SEP 1858 John Hacket   Kate Riordan   John Loftus   Peggy Durack    
12 OCT 1858 Thos Curreen   Margt Riordan Gortaderra Edmd Cahil[l] Clounte Anne Hoy    
14 FEB 1858 John Hart   Bridget Sheedy   Andrew Hart   Bridget Melody    
    1858 Patt Keane   Margaret Minogue   Richard Salmon   Margaret Dillane    
21   1858 Patt Clancy   Mary Flanagan   James Beston   Ellen Ogorman    
1859 MARRIAGES (2)
8 AUG 1859 Michl Brislane   Mary Nugent   Daniel Griffin   Ellen Ryan   J F
9 SEP 1859 Patrick OBrien   Eliza Tuohy   John Obrien   Ellen Bennet   J F
1860 MARRIAGES (22)
6 JAN 1860 Michael Lynch   Mary Reddan   John White   Ellen Bennett   J F
15 JAN 1860 James Kelly   Hanna Moloney   Henry Allen   Bridget Minogue   J F
1 FEB 1860
Baptism recorded and lined out: "Jeremiah of Jeremiah Obrien & Mary Obrien"
6 FEB 1860 James Collins   Mary Burke   Jeremah Scanlan   Anne Canny   J F
7 FEB 1860 Michael Moloney   Bridget Minogue   Ml Moloney   Mary Rogers   J F
7 FEB 1860 Michl Moloney   Mary Mungovan   Michl Moloney   Anne Rotchford   J F
7 FEB 1860 Jeremiah Tuohy   Ellen Balton   Thady Sheehy   Ellen Balton   J F
9 FEB 1860 Patrick Odea   Mary Obrien   Michl Conway   Catherine Tracy   J F
14 FEB 1860 Ternc OBrien   Bridget Noonan   Chas Odonnell   Bridget Nugent   J F
14 FEB 1860 Michl Egan   Catherine McMahon   Martin Durack   Catherine Garvey   J F
18 FEB 1860 Edmd Minogue   Ellen Flannery   John Jones   Ellen Grogan   J F
18 FEB 1860 James Fennessy   Sarah Roughan   James Roughan   Catherine Purcell   J F
20 FEB 1860 John Hogan   Ellen Minogue   Patt Hogan   Ellen Bleach   J F
21 FEB 1860 John Griffin   Mary Molony   Patt Dooley   Bridget Qui____   J F
21 FEB 1860 Patt Minogue   Margaret Sullivan   Wm Hickey   Ellen Minogue   J F
21 FEB 1860 Martin Curtin   Winifred Malone   John Jones   Eliza Campbell   J F
21 FEB 1860 John Scott   Bridget Reeves   Michl Scott   Margaret Rogers   J F
21 FEB 1860 Robert Doudle   Bridget Davis   Thos Corbett   Mary McNamara   J F
21 FEB 1860 Ed Houragan   Catherine Sheedy   John Sheedy   Judith Houragan   J F
21 FEB 1860 Patt Bleach   Mary Moloney   James Minogue   Sarah Davis   J F
29 APR 1860
Baptism recorded: "Thos of Danl McMahon & Mary Clancy"
9 MAY 1860 Patt Bunch   Mary Power   John Wilson   Honora Danaher   J F
4 OCT 1860 Maurice Dillane   Ellen Shaughnessy   John Dillane   Catherine Molony   J F
1 DEC 1860 James Doyle   Bridget Tuohy   Daniel Laden   Catherine Tuohy   J F
1861 MARRIAGES (12)
6 FEB 1861 John Noonan   Anne Doyle   John Noonan   Mary Rogers   J F
11 FEB 1861 Daniel Molony   Bridget Slattery   Patt Slattery   Bridget Brogan   J F
11 FEB 1861 William Roughan   Anne Slattery   John Curneen   Anastasia Sheehan   J F
11 FEB 1861 Maurice Dillane   Mary Griffin   John Dillane   Catherine McMahon   J F
12 FEB 1861 James Morrissy   Lucy Gleeson   James Morrissy   Mary Noonan   J F
12 FEB 1861 William Scanlon   Anne Crotty   Michael Cox   Eliza Crotty   J F
12 FEB 1861 Daniel McGennis   Mary Callaghan   Denis Hynes   Eliza Grogan   J F
12 APR 1861 Simon Odonnell   Biddy Torpy   John Horan   Ellen Ryan   J F
18 JUN 1861 Marcus Patterson   Margaret Griffin   Henry Scott   Margaret Ogorman   J F
6 JUL 1861 Jeremiah Tuohy   Honora Lynch   Patt Obrien   Judith Minogue   J F
_9 JUL 1861 Thos Flanagan   Anne McMahon   William Bleach   Winifred Collins   J F
7 NOV 1861 Michael OBrien   Rachel Grennan   Edward Campbell   Eliza Campbell   J F
1862 MARRIAGES (14)
13 JAN 1862 Matthew Cooney   Catherine Tuohy   Michael Cooney   Catherine Tracy   J F
28 JAN 1862 John Brogan   Julia Minogue Capaban James Broderick   Ellen Minogue Capa___ J S
_5 JAN 1862 Pat Hogan   Mary McMahon   Thos Quirk   Margt McMahon   J S
21 FEB 1862 Thomas Kelly   Ellen Kelly   William Farrell   Mary Oshea   J F
27 FEB 1862 Michael OBrien   Anne Corbett   Michael OBrien   Mary Minogue   J F
  MAR 1862 Michl Molony   Mary Harrin   Mat Harrin   Mary Harrin   J F
1 MAR 1862 Michael Boland   Mary Coffey   Edmond Burke   Kate Cullen   J F
      "Married at Newport" noted for this couple.            
2 MAR 1862 Rody Cosgrave   Margaret Dillon   Luke Mullins   Ellen Dillon   J F
3 MAR 1862 Patt Lohan   Hanna McNamara   James Lohan   Ellen Farrell   J F
4 MAR 1862 James Hickie   Bridget Beston   Mat Hickie   Bridget Hallinan   J F
4 MAR 1862 Patt McMahon   Ellen Obrien   Michael McMahon   Margaret McMahon   J F
  MAR 1862 William Reidy   Margaret McMahon   Daniel Flannery   Bridget Torpy   J F
4 JUN 1862 Maurice Dillane   Honora Hogan   John Dillane   Mary Dillane   J F
27 OCT 1862 Edward Ofarrell   Margaret Fitzpatrick   Patt Carey   Miss Wallnutt & Miss Mary Ml Skehan   J Fogarty
1863 MARRIAGES (8)
  JAN 1863 John Corbett   Mary Burke Scariff Denis Quin   Margt Farrell Scariff J S
17 FEB 1863 Martin Mungovan   Mary McMahon   Denis Mungovan   Mary Bleach   J Fogarty
18 FEB 1863 Jas McMahon   Bridget Torpy   Jas McMahon   Honora Lynch   J Fogarty
9 APR 1863 Denis Collins   Mary Davis   Andrew Rogers   Mary Minogue   J Fogarty
19 APR 1863 Michl Ward   Judy McNamara   William Farrell   Bridget McMahon   J F
7 JUN 1863
Baptism recorded and struck out: "Pat of John Whitan & Mary Brody"
9 JUN 1863 John Hogan   Mary Torpy   Michl McMahon   Margt Cusack   J Fogarty
_4 JUL 1863   Ogorman   Catherine McNamara   Jeremiah Skehan   Bridget Slattery   J Fogarty
16 NOV 1863 Willm Roughan   Margt Gorman   Michl Dinan   Anne Duggan Scariff  
1864 MARRIAGES (10)
27 JAN 1864 Thos Brady   Mary Rogers   Patt Griffy   Mary Rogers   J Fogarty
_7 JAN 1864 Danl Morony   Mary Bleach Ballyglass Michl Morony   Mary Morony Ballyglass J S
9 FEB 1864 Martin Minogue   Bridget Malone   Martin Balton   Mary Rogers   J Fogarty
9 FEB 1864 James Tobin   Bridget Minogue   Thomas Tobin   Margt Molone   J S
    1864 William Hogan   Margaret Farrell   Daniel Egan   Bridget Farrell    
    1864 Thomas Salmon   Bridget Dinan   James Minogue   Mary Corbett   J Fogarty
9   1864 Pat Slattery   Mary Reeves   Michl Morrissy   Mary Ryan   J S
25 MAY 1864 John OBrien   Mary Ryan   Thady Obrien   Elizabeth Walker   J Fogarty
20 JUN 1864 Michl Kerns   Honora Ryan Gortaderra William Ryan   Mary McNamara Scariff J S
11 SEP 1864 Th____ McMahon   Mary Horan   James Naghten   Mary Rogers   J Fogarty
1865 MARRIAGES (8)
2 FEB 1865 William Coffey   Margt Dooley   John Moloney   Bridget Noonan   J Fogarty
5 FEB 1865 Daniel Dinan   Margt Moloney   John Minogue   Anne Duggan   J Fogarty
18 FEB 1865 Patt McNamara   Ellen Grogan   John McNamara   Eliza Grogan   J Fogarty
23 FEB 1865 Thomas McGrath   Mary Conway   James Conway   Bridget Conway   J Fogarty
28 FEB 1865 Michl Callaghan   Bridget Sullivan   Patt Perill   Bridget Callaghan   J Fogarty
28 FEB 1865 Michael Boland   Eliza Crotty   Thomas Halpin   Bridget Melody   J Slack
17 SEP 1865 Patt Ryan   Ellen Durack   Patt Durack   Bridget Conway   J Fogarty
22 NOV 1865 Pat Flanigan   Kate Molony   Peter Flanigan   Miss Monaham   J S
1866 MARRIAGES (12)
4 FEB 1866 Daniel Dillane   Maria Mulley   James Farrell   Margaret Farrell   T O M
3 FEB 1866 Dan Flannery   Bridget Brogan   John Crotty   Bridget Bugler   J S
  FEB 1866 Patrick McMahon Tulla Bridget Conway Gurt_____ Thady McNamara   Margt Conway   J S
11 FEB 1866 Pat Harran Gortaderra Bridg McNamara   Patr Rogers   Mary Minogue   T O M
13 FEB 1866 Francis McNurry Woodford C____ McNamara   Ml Cooney   Kate Moloney   T OMeara
13 FEB 1866 Jno Shea   Mary Nash   James Morony   Bridget McMahon   T O M
    1866 Jas Jones Scariff Mary Hynes   Ml Sheedy   Margaret Hynes   T OMeara
14 MAY 1866 Thomas Burke   Mary Sheedy   Tom Morony   Ellen Ryan   T OMeara
5 JUN 1866 Pat Toohey   Margaret Sheedy   John Morrissey   Anne Bolton   T OMeara
2 JUL 1866 Jas Molony   Bridget Power   Jas Sheedy   Ellen Barrington   T OMeara
12 NOV 1866 Thos Campbell   Anne McCarthy   Thos Harran   Ellen Balton   T OMeara
21 NOV 1866 Boman Sheridan   Cath Reeves   Jas Finnegan   Bridgt McNamara   T OMeara
1867 MARRIAGES (21)
10 FEB 1867 Jas McMahon   Anne Minogue   Ml McMahon   Kath Corbett   P OMailly
10 FEB 1867 Ml Canny   Margt McMahon   Pat Morony   Bridgid Collins   P OMailly
14 FEB 1867 Ml Molony   Ellen Bleach   Wm Molony   Mary Morony   T OMeara
16 FEB 1867 Jas Nunan   Mary Jones   Ml Nugent   Bridgid Brady   P OMailly
17 FEB 1867 Thos Hogan   Bridgid Molony   John OBrien   Bridgid Gorman   T OMeara
18 FEB 1867 Pat Griffin   Mary Rogers   Dan McNamara   Kath Roughan   T OMeara
23 FEB 1867 John Power   Sarah Dillon   Patrick Power   Mary Dillon   T OMeara
23 FEB 1867 Michl Keane   Mary Rogers   John Minogue   Margt Rogers   T OMeara
24 FEB 1867 + Michl Molony**   Anne Bolton   John Thornton   Margt OBrien   T OMeara
2 MAR 1867 Timothy Mulcahy   Bridgid McMahon   Martin Mulcahy   Margaret Toohey   T OMeara
3 MAR 1867 Thos Hannon   Mary Burke   Jno Hannon   Mary Hassett   P OMailly
5 MAR 1867 Ml Grogan   Margt Burke   Pat McCormick   Anne Tracy   T OMeara
5 MAR 1867 Jno Hayes   Bridgid Malone   Thos Hayes   Bridgid Martin   T OMeara
5 MAR 1867 John McGennis   Bridgid Hanrahan   Kath Purcell   Jno Tobin   T OMeara
5 MAR 1867 Jas Broderick   Mary Dillane   Jno OBrien   Anne McMahon   T OMeara
4 JUL 1867 Jno Grady   Julia Obrien   Dan Grady   Margt OBrien    
21 JUL 1867 Robert Guerin   Margt Obrien (widow)   Pat Guerin   Mary Minogue    
31 OCT 1867 James Flynn   MarAn Patterson   John Molony   Brigid Flynn    
8 NOV 1867 Jno Ryan   Brigid McElligott   Dan Whelan   Mary Hill   P OMailly
29 NOV 1867 Pat McNamara   Mary Hill   Wm Farrell   Mary Downes   T OMeara
31 DEC 1867 Pat Hennessy   Ellen Bolton   Thady Sheedy   Kath Sheedy   T OMeara
1868 MARRIAGES (15)
2 FEB 1868 John Tuohy   Brigid Farrell   Pat Conway   Margt OBrien   T OMeara
11 FEB 1868 James OBrien   Sarah Slattery   no entry no entry   no entry no entry   T OMeara
12 FEB 1868 Denis Costelloe   Ellen M Corbett   Denis Mulcahy   Brigid Corbett   P OMailly
19 FEB 1868 Patrick Perrill   Brigid Ocallaghan   Jno Cooney   Mary Mungavin   T OMeara
19 FEB 1868 James Connors   Margt Daffy   Denis Molony   Margt Lyddy   T OMeara
24 FEB 1868 Jno McGrath   Mary Guilfoyle   Jno Tobin   Ellen Minogue   T OMeara
25 FEB 1868 Pat Minogue   Ellen Minogue   Pat Durack   Margaret Tuohy   P OMailly
25 FEB 1868 + Pat Slattery**   Brigid Collins   Wm Bleach   Winny McMahon   T OMeara
25 FEB 1868 Pat McNamara   Honor Harhan   Ml Melody   Anne Craven   T OMeara
25 FEB 1868 Wm Tuohy   Margt Obrien   Ed Quirke   Margt Farrell   P OMailly
25 FEB 1868 John Keogh   Mary Crotty   Denis Keogh   Brigid Boland   T OMeara
27 FEB 1868 Wm Dooly   Ellen Barrington   James Sheedy   Brigid Barrington   T OMeara
1   1868 Thady Sheedy   Eliza Canny   Ml Bolton   Mary Hassett   T OMeara
    1868 Ml Lyddy   Brigid Slattery   Thady Butler   Annie Duggan   T OMeara
12   1868 Jno Perrill   Cath Malone   Jno Lillis   Maria Tuohy   T OMeara
1869 MARRIAGES (12)
7 JAN 1869 John Minogue   Katherine Bordman   Denis McMahon   Winny Whyte   P OMailly
16 JAN 1869 Augustine Finlay   Kate Hehir   Jas Whyte   Mary McNamara   T OMeara
18 JAN 1869 Jas Watson   Margt McCarthy (Widow)   Jas Halloran   Mary Kirby   T OMeara
4 FEB 1869 Pat Durack   Kate Coony (widow)   Jno Dillane   Brigid Roughan   T OMeara
6 FEB 1869 Pat Ryves   Margt Lenihan   Pat Rogers   Kate McInerny   T OMeara
9 FEB 1869 Gerald Stewart   Mary Bleach   Michl Sullivan   Mary Morony   T OMeara
7 APR 1869 Michl Guerin   Brigid Haran   Wm Hanly   Brigid Culligan   P OMailly
10 JUL 1869 Francis Flannery   Margt Tuohy   Pat Fogarty   Brigid McMahon   T OMeara
30 SEP 1869 Jas Halloran   Mary Boyce   Martin Loftus   Mary Smark   P OMailly
7 OCT 1869 Patrick Sheahan   Margt Craven   Thomas Gibson   Anne Craven   P OMailly
1 NOV 1869 Patrick Darcy   Brigid Hayes   Michl Guerin   Rebecca Hogan   T OMeara
13 NOV 1869 Peter Flanagan   Brigid Brady   Edwd Campbell   Ellen Brady   T OMeara
1870 MARRIAGES (13)
13 JAN 1870 Edward Hickey   Brigid Conway   Jno OBrien   Jane Conway   T OMeara
10 FEB 1870 Patrick Ryan   Mary Sullivan   Malachy Fallon   Margt Callaghan   T OMeara
14 FEB 1870 Mat Haran   Mary Mungavin   Michl McNamara   Mary McNamara   P OMailly
19 FEB 1870 Jno McNamara   Brigid Wiley   Thos Stritch   Anne Sullivan   P OMailly
21 FEB 1870 Wm Cleary   Mary Corbett   Jno Allen   Brig Ocallaghan   P OMailly
23 FEB 1870 Peter Scanlon   Brigid McMahon   Thos Ogorman   Maria Farrell   P OMailly
28 FEB 1870 + Thos Mulvihill**   Anne Ryves   Darby Obrien   Margt Molony   T OMeara
1 MAR 1870 Ml McNamara   Winny McMahon   Pat McNamara   Mary Minogue   T OMeara
1 MAR 1870 Pat Donnellan   Kate Corbett   no entry no entry   no entry no entry    
1 MAR 1870 Jas McGrath   Brigid Malone   Jas Donohoe   Brigid Malone   P OMailly
1 MAR 1870 Edmond Hackett   Brigid Torpey   no entry no entry   Mary McMahon   P OMailly
16 JUL 1870 Ml Tuohy   Brigid McNamara   Thos McNamara   Anne McNama__   T OMeara
1 SEP 1870 Jno Malley   Rose Carroll   Darby Tuohy   Mary Carroll   T OMeara
1871 MARRIAGES (4)
28 JAN 1871 Edmond Minogue   Ellen Brady   Michl Thornton   Ellen Culligan   P OMailly
    1871 Wm Reidy (Widower)   Brigid Sammon   Michl Corbett   Mary Sammon   T OMeara
    1871 Peter Danaher   Mary McNamara   Jno Burke   Eliza Loftus   P OMailly
6 JUL 1871 Timothy Neylan   Mary Carroll   Jno Blake   Anne Carroll   T OMeara
1872 MARRIAGES (6)
9 FEB 1872 Patrick Duggan   Ellen Molony   Wm Duggan   Kate Minogue   T OMeara
10 FEB 1872 Patrick Hallinan   Brigid Bleach   Patrick MacCarthy   Mary Morony   T OMeara
11 FEB 1872 Denis Bleach   Mary Malone   Pat Wall   Mary Tuohy   P OMailly
23 FEB 1872 Ml Thornton   Anne Molony (Widow)   Jno Minogue   Maria Bolton   T OMeara
30 MAR 1872 Patrick Balton   Kate Moloney   Edmond Balton   Ellen Sheehan   T OMeara
20 APR 1872 Timothy Hayes   Mary Culligan   Michl Hayes   Ellen Culligan   T OMeara

** Cross found near groom’s names on three records indicating death, 24 FEB 1867 (Michl Molony), 25 FEB 1868 (Pat Slattery), and 28 FEB 1870 (Thos Mulvihill). No date of death recorded.

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Scariff and MoynoeRC Parish Marriage Records, 1852-1881