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Daniel Gallery (1859 - 1920)

Title: Daniel Gallery
Type of Material: Family History
Places: Slievedooley, Labasheeda, Co Clare and Montreal, Quebec
Dates: 1859 – 1920
Source: Various
Transcriber/Donator: Margaret Gallery

Biography Daniel Gallery

Clare Journal’ June 21 1915

A loyal Clareman in Canada

His many friends in Clare will be interested to learn that Mr Dan Gallery is one of the most prominent supporters of the British Empire in Montreal although he himself was the victim of landlordism and misrule, his father, as the old people are aware, being evicted from two extensive farms some 50 or 55 years ago. Mr Gallery has always taken a very keen interest in all Irishmen, but more especially those of the Banner county. Shortly after the outbreak of the present war he was one of the first in Montreal to organise and promote the Home Guard movement in that great city and has left nothing undone since to increase the number of gallant and brave Canadian soldiers who went to shed their blood in France in defense of the mother country. There is an old saying that "blood always tells" and just to prove the truth of the proverb we will take a glance at Mr Gallery's family history. His paternal grandmother was a member of the distinguished Kelly-Kenny family, and his mother a daughter of the late John O'Neill of Slievedooley, Labasheeda whose ancestor, a member of the princely house of Dungannon, after having his property confiscated in Tyrone, came to Clare shortly after the flight of the Earls from Ulster and settled in Slievedooley, near Labasheeda , where his descendants still survive. This reference shows that Mr Gallery has some of the stoutest and best blood in Ireland and we are delighted to see he is living up to the traditions of his warrior and kingly ancestors.

Mr Gallery is a brave and honourable man and always takes a leading part in promoting the interests of his adopted country. He is also a staunch supporter of Home Rule for Ireland and has spared neither time nor money in promoting his country's cause.

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