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Genealogy of the O’Cormacain Family of Thomond by John P. McCormack

Excerpts from the Annals

"Annals of the Four Masters" translated by O'Donovan.

1061 Ogan O'Carmacan, Airchinneach (Erenagh) of Inis-Cumgscraighe, died.

1103 Gillagott O'Cormaic, or Ua Cormaic, slain.

1114 Maelcoluim O'Carmacan, successor of Ende of Ara, died.

1170 Gilla-Iarlaithe O'Carmacan, successor of Comman.

1175 Giolla Donnell MacCormac, Bishop of Ulidia, died.

1200 Malone O'Carmacan, successor of St. Coman, died.

1201 Murtough O'Carmacan, Bishop of Clonfert-Brendan, died.

1202 Murtough O'Carmacan.

1209, 1210 Finn O'Carmacan. (hostage to King John by Crovderg O'Connor)

1234 Mulpeter O'Carmacan, master at Roscommon.

1258 Gilchreest O'Carmacan, Deacon of Elphin, died.

1330 Melaghlin MacCarmaic died.

1342 Farrell MacCormac, son of Gilchreest Finn, slain.

1373 William MacCarmaic, Bishop of Ardagh, died

1382 THOMAS O'CARMACAN, BISHOP OF THOMOND, died. (one of our family)

1419 John MacCarmac, Bishop of Raphoe, died.

1431 Murtough MacCarmaic, son of Philip, slain.

1431 Gillapatrick MacCarmaic of Fermanagh slain.

1431 Donough MacCarmaic.

1437 Giollapatrick O'Carmac, son of Conor, died.

1515 Meanma MacCarmac, Bishop of Raphoe, died.

"Annals of Inisfallen" edited by Sean MacAirt.

1203 The Bishop Ua Carmacain rested in Christ in Cluain Ferta Brenainn. (i.e. Muirchertach, bishop of Clonfert, Four Masters 1202 above.)

"Annals of Ulster" Royal Irish Academy, 1901.

1061 Ocan Ua Cormacain, herenagh of Inis-Cumscraigh, rested in penance.

1103 Murcad the Brown (namely Ua Ruadacain) was killed (if it is true) on a raid in Magh-Cobha and that raiding force slew the stammerer, Gilla Ua Cormaic, on the same day.

1104 Cormac Ua Cormaic, chief of Monaigh [a sept in Iveagh, Co. Down], died.

1114 Mael-Coluim Ua Cormacain,successor of [St.] Eine of Ara [Aran Islands], rested in peace.[He was the Abbot of Aran].

1175 MacCormaic, Bishop of Ulidia, died. [Ulidia = Ulster]

1211 The hostages of Connacht came back to Ireland: namely Diarmaid, son of Conchubhar Mac Diarmata, Conchubhar Ua Eaghra, and Finn Ua Carmacan, and Toibeard, son of a foreign-Gaidhel.

1212 Sitruic Ua Laighenian, successor of [St.] Comgall [of Bangor], died and Oengus MacCormaic was instituted in his stead.

1224 Finn Ua Carmacan rested. [Gven in Annals of Loch-Ce at 1223, where he is said to have been steward of the King of Connacht and to have possessed much land.]

1234 Mael-Petair Ua Carmacan, Master of the school of Ros-Comain, rested in Christ.

1300 Mael-Sechlainn MacCarmaic, a general entertainer, died.

1342 Ferghal, son of Gilla-Christ MacCormaic the Fair, was killed in the same war. [in Connacht]

1347 Fergal MacCormaic was killed and it is not known who killed him.

1431 Plague came in Fir-Manach this year, and Augustine Ua Carmaic died thereof, namely, one versed in the rights of all the Fir-Manach and a man who kept a general guest house.

Mathgamain Ua Carmaic died of the same plague.

Mag Carmaic of Fir-Manach, namely, Gilla-Patraig and Muircertach, son of Philip MacCarmaic, were wickedly slain by Donchadh MagCarmaic and by his malicious companions on the 6th of the Nones of July. [2nd of July]

1437 Gilla-Padraic Ua Carmuic, namely, son of Concubar Ua Carmuic, dide on the 13th of the Kalends of December. [19 November]

1457 Ruaidhri MagCarmuic the Green, an excellent, virtuous man and a man that composed poems of Oglachas [a type or form of poetry] died on the 6th of the Ides of May. [10th of May]

1479 Owen Ua Carmuic the Poor died on the Kalends of November. [1 November]

1515 The Bishop of Rath-both [Raphoe], namely, Menma MacCarmaic, rested in Christ. [He was buried in the habit of a Franciscan in Donegal Abbey]

1521 MagCarmuic, namely, Adam, was slain by Cu-Connacht, son of the black Gillie, son of Toirdelbach MagUidhir, in the beginning of harvest of this year.

1533 Mathgamain O'Carmaic, a good, honoured wright and a man that kept a general guest house, died this year with victory of unction and penance.

"Annals of Clonmacnoise"

1208 or 1209. King John came to Ireland and Cahall Crovdearg O'Connor gave to him four hostages. One of them was "Ffinn O'Carmackan, chieftan of Klyn Kelly."

1237 "Ffelym O'Connor came againe with another armie to Connaught, gaue an ouerthrow to Bryan mcTerlagh O'Connor, to Connor MacCormack, and to the rout of Munstermen and to the sons of Rory O'Connor, where many of the meanest of them were killed. Alsoe Phelym made a prey, in reuenge of his dealing, upon the said Cormack, and Connor MacCormack, that he took all their own spoyles, and goods and their followers, and left them nothing to sustaine themselves, that they were like to perrish for famine. Cormack the next day fled to the Boyle, and his son to the deputy's house that then dwelt at Ryndowne alias John's House. Felym soon after tooke Logh Ke (M'dermott's dwelling in a small island in the lake) and logh Aragh [Loch Arrow, between roscommon and sligo] , and other places, and killed many of his enemies took upon him of Connaught again and banished all his enemies out of the province."

1244 "Phelym O'Connor with great forces went to be revenged (for theire sinister dealings) on Teige O'Relly and the Brenie-men, and made havocke of all they could meett withal in that contrey without any respect to either sex or age whatsoever, they killed both men and beasts without any remorse. At last they came to the Corre [a ford of the Yellow River which flows into Loch Allen, Co. Leitrim], where there was a tymber house of Couples, into which Magnus MacMortagh, and Connor MacCormack entred, and immediately there arose a great blast of winde, which fell down the house, whereof one couple fell on the said Magnus, and did put the top of his head through his braines to his very neck, and caused his neck to sink into his breast."

1260 Gillechrist MacConnor MacCormack was slain in the Battle of Dawne-da-leathglasse. He went to the North with Hugh O'Connor and a Connaught army to aid Brian O'Neill against the English.

1281 Cormack MacCormack O'Donell was killed.

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