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Genealogy of the O’Cormacain Family of Thomond by John P. McCormack

Census of Ireland 1659

From "A Census of Ireland, circa 1659" by Petty (Dublin, 1939)

(NOTE: This survey is not complete. There are several Counties missing, one of them being Co. Galway, and there are also baronies missing from some counties. Also, the survey was conducted by English people, some of whom knew the Irish language and some did not. Consequently, the listing of Irish names, and their spelling, varies from place to place. Many nick-names and the usual Irish descriptive names, such as "oge" (young), "beg" (small), "buidhe" (yellow or blonde, usually anglicised as 'boy'.), etc., in many cases appear in the listings as family names. For instance, you might find a Barony with a dozen "boy" families, several "oge" families, etc. There are no families of our name listed for co. Clare. Yet we know they were there. It is very exasperating!)

COUNTY CORK --- Barony of East Carbery ---Cormack Oge, McCormack and O'Cormack: 19 families. Don Oge Corm (Cormac) and Carthy Caulau Owen McCormack were Tituladoes (men of title) of Kilmacabea in the parish of the same name. (title holders of the townland named Kilmacabea)
Barony of West Carbery --- McCormack, 20 families.
Barony of Coursies -- McCormack, 4 families.

COUNTY MEATH --- Barony of Duleek --- Carmick, 9 families.
Barony of Scryne --- Cormick, 5 families.

COUNTY WESTMEATH --- Barony of Ratheonrath --- Carmick, 17 families.
Barony of Moygoishe -- Cormick, 11 families. "John Cormick, Gent. Titulado of Corredonellon."
Barony of Farbill --- Cormick, 6 families.
Barony of Majaskell --- Cormick, 13 families.
Barony of Killkenny --- Cormick, 5 families.

COUNTY FERMANAGH --- John Cormick, Gent. Titulado of Ahaherize, Parish of Bohue
(John Cormick, Gent. listed in "Poll Money Ordinances of 1660 and 1661" for Co. Fermanagh.)
Parishes of Bohue, Rossory, Clenish, and Killasher --- O'Cormick, 10 families. McCormick, 5 families.
Parishes of Aghaharcher, Enniskeane, and Maghercoolmony --- O'Cormick, 5 families.
Parishes of Drumully, Terribruske, Derryvollan, Magherycross and Ennis McSaint --- McCormick, 5 families.

COUNTY DOWN --- Barony of Lower Iveagh --- McCormack, 10 families.
Barony of Castlereagh --- McCormick, 7 families.
Barony of Ards --- McCormick, 14 families.

COUNTY KILKENNY --- Barony of Gowran --- Jacob Cormicke, Esq. Titulado of Brickinclarragh townland in Jerpoynt parish. Cormucke, 16 families.
Barony of Crannagh --- Cormucke, 6 families.

COUNTY KERRY --- Barony of Trughanac --- McCormack, 6 families.

COUNTY LIMERICK --- Barony of Costlea --- O'Cormack and McCormack, 9 families.

COUNTY KILDARE --- Barony of Carbery --- Cormack, 9 families.

COUNTY LONGFORD --- Barony of Rathcleene --- Cormick and Cormack, 7 families.
Barony of Shrowell --- McCormick, 15 families.
Barony of Ardagh --- Cormick, 6 families.
Barony of Moydowe --- Cormick, 19 families.

COUNTY DERRY --- Barony of Loghinsholin --- McCormuck, 6 families.
Barony of Coleraine --- McCormick, 7 families.

COUNTY DONEGAL --- Barony of Raphoe, McCormick, 7 families.

COUNTY ANTRIM --- Barony of Antrim --- McCormick, 6 families.
Barony of Masareene --- McCormick, 6 families.
Baronies of Dunluce, Carey and Kilconway --- McCormick, 27 families.

COUNTY ROSCOMMON --- Barony of Balllintobber --- McCormack, 9 families.
Barony of Boyle --- McCormack, 8 families.

COUNTY TIPPERARY --- Barony of Eliogurty and Ikerryn --- Cormocke, 28 families. Gormocke and Gormoge, 15 families.
Barony of Slevardagh --- Cormucke, 10 families.

QUEENS COUNTY..(LAOIS) --- Barony of Ossory --- Gormogue, 13 families.

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