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Genealogy of the O’Cormacain Family of Thomond by John P. McCormack

Chronology of O'Cormacain references:

East Clare, North Tipperary, East Limerick & South Galway

1253-1267: Isaac O'Cormacain, Bishop of Killaloe.

1285: Bishop O'Hogan of Killaloe paid 50 shillings for the chattels of Master Gilbert O'Cormacain.

1307: sons of Maolmana O'Cormacain slay O'Cindergain, kinsman of MacNamaras, in the church of Moynoe.

1317-1322: Tomas O'Cormacain, Bishop of Killaloe.

1355-1382: Tomas O'Cormacain, Bishop of Killaloe. (Not same man as last entry)

1376: Maurice O'Cormacaine, Franciscan Friar in Limerick.

1389: David O'Cormacain, Dean of Killaloe.

1403: Thomas O'Cormacain, Rector of Latteragh. (North Tipp.)

1404: Henry O'Cormacain, Rector of Templedowney. (North Tipp.)

1428: Sean O'Cormacain, Dean of Killaloe.

1428: Enri O'Cormacain, Precentor of Killaloe.

1428: Christinus O'Cormacain, Vicar of Dunkerrin. (North Tipp.)

1455: David O'Cormacain, Canon of Killaloe and of Limerick, was granted benefices of Feakle and OGonneloe (both East Clare).

1461: Tomas O'Cormacain, Dean of Killalaoe.

1462: Tomas O'Cormacain, Dean of Killaloe and Vicar of Kilbarron. (North Tipp. on Loch Derg)

1478: David O'Cormacain, Dean of Killaloe.

1543: Henry O'Cormacain, Abbot of Abbey Gormican

1565: (Following are Abbey Gormican O'Cormacains from south Galway, Diocese of Clonfert.)
Thadeus O'Cormacayn, Prebendary of Kyllcuayn.
Odo O'Cormacayn, Prebendary of Benmor.
Johannes O'Cormacayn, Vicar of Kyllmoconna.
Donatus O'Cormacayn, Vicar of Tyrkynesgrech.
Mauricius O'Cormacayn, Vicar of Dunnoctho.
Willemus O'Cormacayn, Vicar of Kyllmolonoch and Rector of Kenvoy.

1567: William O'Cormacain, Abbot of Abbey Gormican.

1596: 2 August. John Oge O'Cormokan of Moynoe sat on a jury in Ennis.

1618: April. Donnell McCormock witnessed an O'Brien deed relating to land in "Leameneh and Ballygriphae" Co. Clare.

1637: 5 April. Donnough O'Cormackun of Moynoe was found not guilty, along with about a dozen others, of riot and trespass at Letter, Co. Clare. The property was possessed by Patrick Hogan, Esq., and was owned by Lewis Jones, Protestant Bishop of Killaloe. Some dozen others were found guilty of the same offence.

1640: "Before Cromwell's time, the tenants of the bishop of Killaloe in Moynoe parish (all of which belonged to the bishop) were MacCormickan and the macBrodines, as stated by Bishop Worth."

1653: Persons transplanted from City and County of Limerick:
Uny Ny Cormacke.
Mathew Cormuckane.
Dermot O'Cormacke.
Rose O'Cormacke.
Teige O'Cormuckane.
William O'Cormuckane.

1654: "Mahowne O'Cormickane proprietor in fee by descent from his ancestors of 1/4 part of the plowland of Boher" in Ballina, Co. Tipperary. (Just across the river from Killaloe.)

1654: transplanted to Barony of Leitrim, Co. Galway, from Moynoe, Co. Clare:
"Ny Sida, Mourne, alias Cormackan, of Moyno and Hugh McSida, son and heir of John McSida."

1664: occupier of townland of Ballybreen,Kilfenora parish, Co. Clare, was Donough MacCormack.

1710: "... McCormick and his mother, ... nee McMahon." tombstone in St. Munchin's churchyard, Limerick.

1755: Conner Cormecan lived in Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare.

1790: "John McCormick who dep. this life Dec. 1790." tombstone in St. Munchin's churchyard, Limerick. (Same tomb as mentioned above for the year 1710.)

1798: Colonel McCormick, rebel, captured in Killaloe.

1803: Edmund McCormick, Catholic school master, parish of Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare.

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