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Genealogy of the O’Cormacain Family of Thomond by John P. McCormack

McCormacks in the priesthood, R.I.C. and British Army

Some McCormack priests

Priests ordained in Maynooth, 1795 - 1895:

Michael McCormick, Diocese of Limerick. Matriculated: 4 September 1828. Class: Rhetoric. There is no record of his ordination. Perhaps he was ordained elsewhere. Perhaps he was never ordained, but there was a Rev. Michael McCormack in the parish of St. Munchin, Limerick City, in the mid 1830s. Possibly the same man.

John McCormack, Diocese of Killaloe. Matriculated: 26 August 1852. Class: Humanity. Ordained: 1857 by Archbiship Michael Slattery of Cashel.

Michael McCormack, Diocese of Killaloe. Matriculated: 4 September 1892. Class: Philosophy. Ordained 19 June 1898 by Archbishop William J. Walsh of Dublin. He was from Co. Clare and, after his ordinatiion, went on loan to Glasgow. He returned to Dioc. Killaloe in 1901, served in Puckane, Broadford, Kilmurray-McMahon, Kinnitty and Mullough, and died 26 March 1918.

McCormack Priests in Australia:

Thomas McCormack, ordained in Thurles 26 June 1876 for the Diocese of Maitland, NSW. He also served in the Didocese of Armidale, NSW. Seemingly, he returned to Ireland, because he is said to have died c.1887-1891 in Ballingarry, Tipperary.

Patrick McCormack, ordained in Thurles (age 26) 18 June 1893 for the Diocese of Maitland, NSW. He arrived in Australia in December 1893, served in several capacities in Maitland for many years, including Parish Priest of Singleton for 14 years. He died 6 January 1951.

William McCormack, son of Patrick McCormack and Bridget Malone of Bodyke, Co. Clare, ordained in All Hallows College, Dublin, 25 June 1893, for the Diocese of Sandhurst, Victoria. He had been Baptized on 1 January 1871, and, because he was under age, his ordination was held back for two years. He arrived in Victoria on the "Curzco" on 6 October 1893. A notation on his record says he was an "exemplary youth." He died in Dookie, Victoria, 23 May 1898, age 27. There is a memorial tablet to him in Dookie Church.

William's brother, John McCormack, baptized 28 June 1877, entered All Hallows College in 1906, but later left and went to the United States. It is thought he was possibly ordained in Sioux City, Iowa.

McCormacks in the R.I.C. (1827 - 1882)

Clare, Limerick & Tipperary McCormacks

Patrick McCormack, age 26, labourer
Co. Limerick
appointed 1827 May 15
posted Tipperary South
pensioned 01 Dec 1855, #20

James McCormick, age 25, farmer
Co. Limerick
appointed 1838 Aug 15
posted Cork East
pensioned 01 Jun 1869, #27

John McCormick, age 25,
Co. Tipperary
appointed 1842 Sep 21
posted Mayo

Thomas McCormack, age 19, labourer
Co. Tipperary South
appointed 1844 Nov 11
posted Limerick
resigned 27 Jun 1850

Patrick McCormack, age 20, labourer
Co. Tipperary South
appointed 1845 Jan 15
posyted Mayo, Donegal, Fermanagh
pensioned 10 Mar 1878, #81
awarded 1/2 chevron for disarming a drunken man of a knife.

Michael McCormack, age 19, labourer
Co. Limerick
appointed 1845 Apr 12
posted Westmeath, Tipperary South
#18.3.2 gratuity given on 10 Sep 1853

Michael McCormack, age 21, labourer
Co. Limerick
appointed 1847 Feb 04
posted ?
pensioned 16 Jul 1877, #60

William McCormack, age 20, labourer
Co. Tipperary
appointed 1848 Dec 12
posted ?

Connor McCormack, age 19, labourer
Co. Tipperary South
appointed 1849 Feb 12
posted ?
resigned May 1857

Michael McCormick, age 20, labourer
Co. Clare
appointed 1852 Apr 15
no posting
discharged 21 Apr 1852
[He didn't last long]

John McCormick, age 20, labourer
Co. Clare
appointed 1855 Feb 19
posted Tipperary South, Wexford
pensioned 21mar1885, #62 [? amount illegible]

John McCormick, age 19, labourer
Co. Clare
appointed 1866 Sep 25
posted Galway East on 26 Jan 1867

William McCormack, age 22, farmer
Co. Limerick
appointed 1879 Dec 02
posted Kings on 29 May 1880
resigned 18 Jun 1883, believed to emigrate

James McCormac, age 19, clerk
Co. Limerick
appointed 1882 Mar 21
posted Kerry on 03 Aug 1882
dismissed on 12 Feb 1885

McCormacks in the British Army (1849 - 1904)
Clare and Limerick only

Thomas McCormack, age 17,
Cappamore, Co. Limerick
enlisted 1849 May28 in Limerick
15th Regiment, 60

Patrick McCormack, age 17, weaver
St.John's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1854 Aug02 in Limerick.
57th Regiment, 3841
discharged Bombay, India 11sep1877. He was variously a corporal, sergeant and gunner

John McCormick, age 20, groom
Newmarket on Fergus, Co. Clare
enlisted 1858 Mar 02 in Aldershot, Hants.
5th Lancers, 27
discharged 21 Sep 1878

John McCormack, age 18
Cappamore, Co. Limerick
enlisted 1859 May 04 in Limerick
80th Regiment of Foot, 1516

Patrick McCormick, age 19
Ennistymon, Co. Clare
enlisted 1864 Jul 12 in Liverpool
73rd Regiment of Foot, rh654
ended military service as color sgt. (ASM) with the Royal Highlanders.

William McCormack, age 18
St. Michael's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1864 Mar 19 in Newmarket on Fergus, Co. Clare
108th Regiment, 1775

William McCormack, age 18
Limerick City
enlisted 1879 Feb 24, Pembroke Dock
22nd Infantry Brigade, 2153
His father's name was James

Michael McCormick, age 18
St. Michael's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1879 Sep 22 in Limerick
South Lancashire Regiment, 893
previously a gunner in the Limerick City Artillery, 2239.

John McCormack, age 17, labourer
Drumcliff, Ennis, Co. Clare
enlisted 1886 Feb 11
Clare Artillery Regiment, 950
He resided in Drumcliff, Ennis

Cornelius McCormack, age 18
Drumcreehy, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare
enlisted 1886 Nov 17
Royal Artillery, 58044
His father was James of Fanoremore, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare.

Christopher McCormack, age 18
St. Michael's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1892 May 05 in Tralee
Royal Munster Fusiliers, mf4032
Married Ellen Flannigan in Limerick 12 Jan1895. Children: George Francis, Kathleen, Christopher Stephen, Patrick Joseph
His father was Patrick of Rosbrien, Limerick City.

John McCormack, age 21, labourer
Killaloe, Co. Clare
enlisted 1894 Jan 01 in Killaloe
Royal Artillery, ra1925
Father, given as Michael of Clarsfort, Killaloe, Co. Clare, was lock-keeper of Moyes Lock, Killaloe.
deserted at woolwich, 15 Nov 1894. Previous enlistment indicated by additional regt. no. ra1738.

Michael McCormack, age 18, labourer
Killaloe, Co. Clare
enlisted 1896 Mar 14 in Ennis
Clare Artillery Regiment, 2050
Father: Michael, Moyes Lock, Killaloe.
Home parish of family was Clonlara (Doonass), Co. Clare
Was employed by Mr. A. Mackey, Killaloe, Co. Clare. Enlisted Royal Artillery 1898, ra32513

John McCormack, age 27, labourer
St. John's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1897 Mar 06 in Limerick
Limerick Artillery Regiment, 1623
Married with 3 children under the age of 14 years. No details.
Resided in John Street. Also see entry under regt. no. 2193.

Michael McCormack, age 20, labourer
Clonlara, Co. Clare
enlisted 1898 Dec 30 in Limerick
Royal Artillery, ra32513
Father Michael, Moyes Lock, Killaloe: Mother Bridget: brother Patrick; brother John;
Was in Clare Artillery Regt. Served China, 1900, Boxer Rebellion, India until 1906. Emigrated to Canada 1907. Canadian Army Artillery Brigade in WWI. Served France and England.

John McCormack, age 18
St. Michael's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1900 approx.
Royal Munster Fusiliers, mf7020
Mother, Catherine: brother, Michael: sisters, Maggie, Hannah, Mary and ? [illegible]

John McCormack, age 19, labourer
St. Michael's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1902 Jan 02
Clare Artillery Regiment, 2732
claimed to reside at St. Munchin's, Co. Clare

Joseph McCormack, age 18, tailor
Drumcliff, Ennis, Co. Clare
enlisted 1902 Mar 18
Clare Artillery Regiment, 2756
resided in Drumcliff, Ennis

Denis McCormack, age 18, labourer
St. Michael's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1903 Jan 19
Clare Artillery Regiment, 2875
Brother James, Herbertstown, Co. Limerick
claimed to reside in St. Munchin's, Co. Clare

John McCormack, age 34, labourer
St. Michael's parish, Limerick City
enlisted 1904 Jun 06 in Limerick
Limerick Militia. 2193
Married with 3 children under the age of 14. No details.
resided in Ballalley Lane [could this possibly be same man as regt. no. 1623?]

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