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Genealogy of the O’Cormacain Family of Thomond by John P. McCormack

Miscellaneous references

From "History of the Diocese of Cork" by Evelyn Bolster:

1464 Lachtin O'Cormack, Prebend of Drimoleague and Perpetual Vicar of Dunmanway. He is described as having "studied canon law and civil law for several years."

1469 Lachtin O'Cormack was still Prebendiary of Drimoleague.

From "Irish priests in Penal times" by Wm. P. Burke:

Co. Westmeath, parish of Dysart:
"Dominick Nugent, registered Priest for the parish of Dysart is bed-ridden, and Bryan Cormock officiates."

From "Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts" for the years 1601 – 1603 edited by Brewer and Bullen, London, 1870.

Emigrants to Spain from Munster (after the siege of Kinsale in 1601) --- "From Kinsale with Don John in March, 1601 ... William McCormock, Dermot McShane ... etc ... all Connoughtmen." (page 201)

Letter of May 2, 1601 --- (page 53) ---
"As Soon as I had perfect intelligence of their intentions, and knowing what small resistance they should receive in Connought, I despatched Captain Flower, serjeant-major of this Province, with 1000 foot, to the aid of Sir John Barkeley, and to forbid the enemy's passage into Munster, who before his coming unto him was enforced to give way to their greater force; yet by good hap Donnogh McCormocke (who was a principal gentleman of Munster, and prisoner with Tyrone ever since his being here until now, enlarged only to the end to breed new disturbance) in O'Shaughan's country, at a castle of his, was the 27th of March slain."

Donnough McCormocke (alias McDonnagh) fought in an insurrection with "Teige O'Rourke, John Fitzthomas, Piers Lacy, and others of Munster."

March 27, 1574 --- Abbeys in Galway ---
"Monaster O Gormagan (possessed by the Earl of Clanricarde)"

1608 --- from Wexford --- "The gentlemen of the Barony of Gwery ... Moraigh Mccormicke of Tomcoyle ..."

1611 --- distribution of land in Ulster:
Precinct of Clinawly --- "Donell McCormock --- 50 acres --- 10/6 (rent)"
Precinct of Kilmakrenan --- "Tirlagh McCormock Boy --- 64 acres --- 13/8 (rent)"

1617 --- "Donell McCormock, living, entailed all his lands to his son Donell Earl of Clancare, and his heirs, and for want of such issue to the heirs of James Earl of Desmond, by his wife Elinor, daughter to the said Donell McCormock Liragh, and the remainder to the right heirs of the said Donell forever, which is Ellen, daughter to the Earl of Clancare, married to Florence McCartie." (NOTE: Florence is a man's name!)

1615 --- "The lordship of Dowally was long in suit between Donogh McCormock, the 17th McDonagh, and Dermond MacOwen, the 18th McDonagh. At last it was ordered at the Council board in Ireland that Donogh McCormock should have, to him and to his, that portion of land which appertained to the chief Lord of Dowally, and Dermond McOwen should enjoy to him and his heirs that portion which in former time did of custom belong unto the Tanist. But Dermond McOwen, after the death of Donnoghe McCormock, entered upon the whole lands and enjoys it at this present, 1615." (NOTE: Tanist = successor to a title or position, elected to the post during the lifetime of the current holder of the title)

Co. Kildare --- "Names of jurors for the High King --- Barony of Ravill-- Teige O'Gormagan of Ardriston ..."

From "Irish brigades in the service of France"

"M'Cormack, Sous Lieutenant en 1781 a 1787; Capitaine en 1787 - 1793. Regiment de Berwick."

"O'Gormocan, James, Chevalier de St. Louis; Capitaine en 1762 - 1790. Regiment de Berwick."

"O'Gormocan, Chevalier de St. Louis; Sous Lieutenant en 1778; Lieutenant Colonel en 1791 - 1792. Regiment de Berwick.

From Meagher's Irish Brigade (U.S. Civil War)

"McCormack, James --- First Lieutenant, 63rd New York Volunteers".

From "Index to Irish Wills"

Diocese of Killaloe:
     Cormick, Cornelious, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary --- date of probate: 1773.

     Cormick, John, Gurteen, Co. Tipperary --- date of probate: 1777.

Diocese of Limerick:
      McCormack, Robert (Tobacconist), Limerick --- date of probate: 1754.

From "Landowners of Ireland" compiled by U.H. Hussey DeBurgh, 1878

Cormack, Michael --- 11 Eden Park, Kingstown --- 1285 acres in Tipperary valued at \853.

Cormick, Isaac --- representatives of -- Cromwell's Fort, Wexford --- 1312 acres in Wexford valued at \927.

McCormack, James C. of Dublin --- 1110 acres in Mayo valued at \94.

McCormack, John of Dublin --- 936 acres in Cork valued at \751, and 2629 acres in Mayo valued at \145, for a total of 3565 acres valued at \896.

McCormack, Patrick of Ardkell, Hollymount, co. Mayo --- 800 acres in Galway valued at \227, and 431 acres in Mayo valued at \223, for a total of 1231 acres valued at \450

McCormack, William O. of Kingstown --- 13 acres in Co. Dublin valued at \80, and 1609 acres in Mayo valued at \679, for a total of 1622 acres valued at \759

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