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Inhabitants of Scattery Island, Shannon Estuary, Co. Clare by Senan Scanlan

6.3 Western Pilots: Newspaper extracts relating to Piloting: 1880-1907

1880 Tuesday 20th April (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
Pilot Accommodation

The Secretary read a letter from Major Studdert in reference to the application to the Board in erecting a house on “Cain Island” for the accommodation of Pilots. Major Westropp states that he is willing to consent to the application and he will give the land at £1 a year with a lease for 35 years.

1880 Tuesday 10th August (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

There were two applications for pilot licenses but the applicants could not be appointed as they did not make the required number of voyages.

1880 Tuesday 21st September (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The assistant secretary of the Board acquainting the Harbour Board as to the stranding of the barque “Uranus” of St John's N.B. on Beale Bar in the River Shannon when in charge of a pilot on the 5th inst said the casualty was attributable to the neglect of the pilot and the commissioners were asked to see into the matter.
The Pilot, a man named Griffin who after investigation of the case was called before the Board and reprimanded.

1880 Tuesday 19th October (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Mr Boyd in pursuance of notice of motion moved that persons applying for Pilots' Licenses for the future be required to make one foreign voyage in a square-rigged vessel. This was agreed at two foreign voyages.

A letter was read from Denis? (Felix?) Brennan, Master Pilot requesting that the commissioners will refuse to grant any more licenses to persons putting in applications.

1881 Tuesday 8th February (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

A letter was read from Walter St Clair master of the ship “Scandinavian” complaining that he could not get a pilot to bring the vessel up the Shannon, which caused her great delay and that in consequence he ran the risk of losing the vessel and that when a pilot did come he refused to bring the vessel up the river without being paid an exorbitant sum

Ald Philips believed that the Master Pilot did not exercise sufficient discipline over the pilots and he also believed that there was a bad feeling in existence between two clans of pilots. He suggested the commissioners should appoint a new Master Pilot.

Mr Cochrane - has anything being done in accordance with the suggestion that was made to have a fresh code of rules provided for the pilots because they generally get up for an excuse that they are not conversant with the rules-------.

A fresh code of rules has been printed and it was decided that the pilots should be summoned to attend on Wednesday to have the complaint of Capt. St Clair investigated.

1881 Tuesday 9th August (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
The Pilot Boat
The Harbour Master was ordered to make periodical inspections of the Pilot Boat.

1881 Tuesday 23rd August (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
The Pilot Boat

The Commissioners confirmed the appointment of Mr Broderick master of the pilot boat. A letter was read from two men residing in Scattery Island advising the commissioners to cancel the appointment of Mr Broderick as they were of the opinion that he was not a proper person to have a responsible office.
Mr Wall identified the signature of one of the men to the letter as a person who was discharged from the services of the Commissioners owing to his intemperance and inability.
The Harbour Master said that he understood and believed Mr Broderick to be a proper man. ------.

1881 Tuesday 20th September (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

A long petition was read from Denis Cullinan ex-pilot whose license was cancelled by the commissioners, praying that the Board might reinstate him to his duties. The commissioners refused to accede to the prayer of this petition.

1881 Tuesday 8th November (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

A Charge against the Western Pilots

Scattery Island, Kilrush, Nov 6th ‘81.
The following letter was read:

To Wm Carroll, Esq, Sec Harbour Board,

I wish you to bring this letter before the Harbour Board at its next meeting. In my humble opinion the Western Pilots generally speaking have been for some time rather slack in the fulfilment of their proper functions-as pilots. For example a ship escaped the attention of the band on guard last Friday evening: She got no pilot till she went to Grass Island. Were our pilots a little careful they would boarded the ship-but no what makes the matter blacker is that this unpiloted ship fills a high place in the list of such like accidents. I beg to suggest that the pilots in the Lower Shannon ought to observe there rules better, even for the sake of the navigable good name of the Shannon if not for the sake of commerce or the sake of any other consideration.
I am Sir, Your obedient servant,
Felix Brennan, Pilot

The Harbour Master explained that on the date mentioned in the letter the pilots were in Kilrush seeing to the repair of the pilot boat which sustained injuries some time past. The explanation of the Harbour Master was considered satisfactory.

1881 Tuesday 2nd December (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
The Pilot Boat
An application was read from Mr Tevester manager of the National Bank in Kilrush, applying for a month's loan of the pilot boat for fishing purposes.

1882 Tuesday 24th January (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The Clock Tower was completed during last year and is now proving a great boon to the Harbour.

The Pilot Boat.
A letter was read from the master of the pilot boat stating that it had undergone repairs and that it was now in good condition.
A letter was also read from the Pilots stating that their lives were not safe in the boat, and recommending the commissioners to dispose of it as it was worse than ever.

Ald Phillips - I look upon the letter as a gross exaggeration it is plain that the pilots want to get back to the old system (Hear! Hear!).

1882 Tuesday 7th March (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The following letter was read by the Harbour Master.

The Master of the Pilot Boat,
Cappa, Kilrush. Feb 24th 1882.
Wm Carroll Esq,

I must respectively beg leave to acquaint you why I have not been able to send you the log for the last fortnight. This is owing to it being left ashore by the Felix Brennan gang. Three of them went ashore for bread, when I got the bread and paid for the carriage P Brennan told me that they wanted to go to Kilrush for butter as they could not get it on Saturday and they also wanted to get wood to make paddles for the canoe. I said I would wait for them during their absence I was summoned on a jury to attend an inquest to be held on two men who were drowned the previous day. They returned before the inquest was over and were told where I was gone. They went on board and did not think proper to come for me although they were laying for eight days within half an hours pull the weather the whole time being very fine. I beg leave to state Sir that I consider it was a gross neglect of duty and that it was treating me with a great deal of disrespect such as I don't deserve. I must respectively beg that they will be cautioned not to allow the like to recur again. I have the honour to be your servant,
Edward Broderick, Pilot Master.

The undermentioned are the names of the gang:
Felix Brennan, Scattery. Pat Brennan, do. Denis Behan, Rinevella. Pat Cahill, do.
Thomas McNamara, Kilbaha. Darby Keeffe, Querrin, Denis Keeffe, do.

1882 Tuesday 21st March (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
The Western Pilots

A letter was read from some of the Western Pilots calling on the commissioners to aid them as their present position could not as they allege be more destitute.
Mr Boyd said that it would be quite illegal and contrary to the rules of the Board to divert any of their funds to assist the pilots.
The letter was marked “Read”.

A letter was read from a pilot named Denis Behan of Rinevella, County Clare with reference to the casualties off Kilstiffin Bank for the last ten years and which included the washing overboard of two hands from a schooner in 1881? and in the winter of 1880 a Swedish barque coming through had at least one mast and one rudder-head carried away.
The barque Gleenamona had a narrow escape and one of the crew was washed overboard about 9? years ago. Tradition hands down to unmeasurable casualties and loss of life happened in the above mentioned bank and only for the Pilots' knowledge more serious consequences would ensue.
This information was ordered to be transmitted to the Irish Lights Commissioners.

1882 Tuesday 11th July (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
Dismissal of an Officer

Owing to the unsatisfactory manner in which the duties of the pilot master were being discharged Mr Harris moved the dismissal of Mr Broderick, he being the person holding the appointment.

Advertisement (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour
Pilot Master Required

The Limerick Harbour Commissioners will receive applications from persons competent to take charge of their pilot boat on the Lower Shannon and act as Master of the Western Pilots.
Salary £1 per week. A retired Coastguard or seafaring man would be preferred
Applications to be sent in before 12 o'clock on Monday 24th to
William Carroll, Secretary, Chamber of Commerce, Limerick, 11th July 1882.

1882 Tuesday 25th July (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Appointment of Pilot Master

The following applications put in for the situation of Pilot Master.
John Quinlan, Thomas Mahony, John Harris, Stephen Brennan, Captain N Sheehy, Bartholomew Leader, Michael Meany.

1882 Tuesday 5th September (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
Pilot Licenses

Two letters of applications for pilot licenses were read and referred to the Pilot Committee.

1882 Tuesday 19th September (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
Pilot Licenses

Two pilot licenses were granted on the Askeaton River.

1882 Tuesday 3rd October (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
Pilot Licenses

A requisition numerously signed by the pilots was presented against the granting of any further licenses by the commissioners. There were also a few applications for pilot licenses read.

1882 Tuesday 17th October (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
Pilot Licenses

A report was read from the Pilot Committee recommending the commissioners not to grant any more licenses as the number of licenses already granted was in excess of the usual number.

1882 Tuesday 21st November (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
The Pilot Boat

A letter was read from the Western Pilots in which they stated that they were not in a position to continue their subscription towards the cost of the Pilot Boat.
The letter was referred to the Pilot Committee.

1883 Tuesday 7th August (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

A letter was read from the Allen Line Company stating that the pilot sent by the commissioners to Liverpool arrived in due time to pilot SS Grecian into Foynes Harbour
Mr Harris suggested the advisability of summoning a general meeting of the Western Pilots for the purpose of re-examining them as to their eligibility of piloting steamers.
The following letter from Captain Giles of the late steamship Treneglos was read:

To the Limerick Harbour Commissioners,

I beg to inform you of a total loss of my steamship the Treneglos of St Ives on the Bridges Rock in your river while proceeding up to Limerick on the 30th ult in charge of a licensed pilot named James Cahill. -------. As I leave for home to-morrow should you desire any further particulars relative to the disaster I will as far as conversant therewith be pleased to give it to you.
I am Gentlemen, Your obedient servant,
Richard Giles
The Board agreed to suspend the Pilot

1883 Tuesday 11th December (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Ald Phillips gave notice that a sum of £10 be granted to the widow of Michael Cahill a pilot who died some months ago, his family being in great distress.

The Board granted the sum of £10 each to the widows of the pilots named Joyce and Cahill.

1884 Tuesday 8th January (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Mr McDonnell proposed “That the proper legal steps be immediately taken to have the pilotage in the Shannon compulsory-----”

1884 Tuesday 19th February (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
Complaint against Pilots

The following communication was read,

-------, being for the present relieved from the command of the ship Poonah ---- I beg to bring under the notice of your Harbour Commissioners the state of your Western Pilots-------. At 5.30pm on the evening of the 8th last I passed Loop Head.------- I commenced burning blue lights to attract their attention and proceeded up the river expecting every moment one would present himself,----. At 8pm Friday the water shoaling I anchored between Carrigaholt and Doonaha. On the following morning at 7am I hoisted a Pilot flag but it was not until 8.30am a pilot came aboard and took charge. Before we could get anchor up it commenced to blow-----vessel drove on Beal Bar.

The loss of the Treneglos.
A letter was read from the Pilot who was in charge of the above vessel at the time she ran on the Bridges Rock asking to be re-instated.
Mr Spillane- I propose that you mark the letter “Read”. It is men trifling with the Board.

1884 Tuesday 4th March (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Petitions were received from the pilots of the Upper Shannon as well as from the Western Pilots setting forth their grievances.
The Chairman wished to be informed how many pilots were at the present employed?

Harbour Master: About twenty six not including those employed on river steamers.
Chairman - and there is not sufficient work for so many?
Harbour Master - There is a great falling off in the number of vessels coming to the dock for the past year. The discussion then ended.

1884 Tuesday 27th May (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The SS Gwendoline
Capt. Sheehy pilot master attended to explain how the difficulty arose with the Captain of the vessel in procuring the services of a pilot------.Captain Sheehy explained that at the time mentioned a very heavy gale was blowing from the South and although he made several attempts to put about to sea those attempts proved abortive.
The Chairman said that in future it was the express desire of the Commissioners that the pilot boat should be always at her station.

1884 Tuesday 1st July (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The Secretary read a letter from Captain Sheehy master of the pilot boat tendering his resignation. The Board appointed Mr J Harris in room of Captain Sheehy.
Mr Wilson was understood to say it would be better if the pilot boat was taken up altogether and which would be bound to work more satisfactorily.

Mr Harris - You would suggest to put a bit of powder under her and blow her up (a laugh).

A Complaint
A complaint was received from a Pilot named Daniel Kelly, of the conduct of a man who he alleged boarded a vessel he not being a licensed pilot and of the rough handling he received on the occasion.

1884 Tuesday 26th August (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Mr Harris said he would withdraw the motion of which he had given notice: That James Cahill be restored to his former position as pilot on our river and that his license be restored to him. He did so as he believed Cahill was not competent to be again entrusted with a license but he would suggest that the Board give him some assistance to go to America.
Mr Harris now proposed that the pilot Lillis get back his license as he has made a declaration to the effect that he never permitted his brother to use his license and that when he did use it once it was without his knowledge.
These matters were referred to Pilot Committee.

1885 Friday 9th January (Limerick Reporter)
The Late Storm:

--A Large steamer supposed to be laden with grain has been driven ashore on Beal Bar point in the Shannon. ---Up to the present no distress signals have been displayed. A pilot states that her position is critical, ---.

1885 Tuesday 10th February (Limerick Reporter)
Letter to Harbour Board

My Dear Sir,
I very much regret to have to perform the disagreeable duty of reporting to the Harbour Commissioners that whilst in charge of Mr C Hanrahan, a licensed Shannon Pilot the steamer Vale of Calder was run ashore at Beal Bar about 12.45 after midnight on Wednesday night or Thursday morning 8th January and sustained considerable damage.----After the board hear the evidence they may find it desirable to make such recommendations regarding the adjustment of the Kilcredane light as may reduce the danger of vessels allowed to get on Beal Bar.
I remain dear Sir, Yours Faithfully, R Phillips agent SS Vale of Calder.

1885 Tuesday 24th March (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The Glynn Shipping Company
Mr Phillips read a letter from the above company dated the 18th last, in reference to their application requesting the commissioners to appoint two additional pilots for piloting of the company's steamers in and out of the port.-----.

Pilotage Rates:
---Following proposed and agreed:
That the Pilotage rates between Scattery and Limerick on vessels outward bound in ballast be increased to the amounts mentioned in the schedule annexed and that the said increased rates be substituted in respect of vessels of tonnage of from 350 to 1900 and upwards, inclusive of the rates allowed by the existing rates.

1885 Tuesday 28th April (Limerick Reporter)
Harbour Board adopted:

That the board cannot see their way to making any new appointment of pilot ---.until the present numbers be reduced----.

1885 Tuesday 23rd June (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
The protection of the River

A report was read from the Harbour Master in which he stated that a sum of £30 was necessary for the overhauling of the pilot boat. Mr Wilson said that the old system was the best for the pilots to provide their own means of boarding vessels and they would find that the river would be better watched. At present the river is badly watched----.

The Chairman --- mentioned the case of a vessel named the Liberia that almost proceeded as far as Scattery Island before she got a pilot. He said it was a gross case to have occurred at any time more particularly in the middle of summer.
It was agreed to adopt the report of the Harbour Master and the work was ordered to be carried out.

1885 Tuesday 1st September (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The Secretary acknowledged the receipt of two very lengthy communications from two of the Clare pilots, which principally contained charges against each other, showing that there is an envious disposition existing between some members of the body. The Secretary said that the two pilots in question are always quarrelling about the piloting of vessels the result being that the time of the commissioners is taken up with the reading of such documents as the present ----.

1886 Tuesday 19th January (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board:
The Grievances of the Western Pilots

A deputation attended on behalf of the body of the Western Pilots and Mr Brennan an old member of the body read an exhaustive statement which embraced the many grievances which they have to contend with, and also the low rates which they receive for risking their lives in the protection of property. The statements contained in the document were fully agreed to by all the Western Pilots.

Mr McDonnell said that the statement about small vessels should be inquired onto----.
Brennan said that the language used to them when the came aside some of the small vessels is scandalous.”They tell us and the Harbour Commissioners to go to h—l”
Mr Harris said that they could not compel a vessel to take a pilot as there was not a system of compulsory Pilotage on the river ----.
Brennan said that three of their body were obliged to go into the workhouse as they could not support themselves outside.

1887 Tuesday 8th February (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
Pilot's License

The application of Mr Fitzmaurice, junr, was unanimously granted for a pilot’s license.
(This looks like the Harbour Masters son?).

1888 Friday 13th July (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
The Pilots:
A communication was received from the Fergus Pilots to have their Pilotage rates increased. The letter was referred to the Pilot Committee.

1888 Tuesday 24th July (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Arising out of an application for a license on the lower Shannon.
Mr Harris said that he had communicated with the pilots as to whether or not a vacancy existed. Sixteen answered in the affirmative and six said there was no vacancy.
The Chairman did not approve of the question being put to the pilots at all.
The matter was referred to the Pilot Committee.

1889 Tuesday 19th February (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

A communication was read from the Western Pilots seeking for an increase in the pilotage fees. They proposed that the rate for piloting vessels at present from the mouth of the river at Loop Head should be doubled and twenty per cent increase to that from Scattery to Limerick.
Mr McDonnell said it would not be to the interest of the port to increase the charges. Pilotage and towing rates were the two things most complained of by skippers, the matter was referred to the Pilot Committee.

1889 Monday 13th May (Clare Journal)
Clare Castle Harbour Board

----When the schooner Agnes was leaving the quay, Pat Ahern, pilot came on the quay and kicked up a terrible row, arguing with the other pilots about terms. The vessel went on a mud bank near the new pier the captain blamed the pilots and said it was disgraceful and a loss to him to have lost a fair wind. ------- Shipping for the month: 5 sailing coasters arrived and one departed, 4 sailing smacks and 4 home steamers arrived and all departed.

1889 Tuesday 6th August (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

-----A memorial was read from the pilots of the river seeking for a readjustment of their rates of remuneration. The matter was referred to the Pilot Committee.

1889 Tuesday 20th August (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

---- Mr Connington agent to the Lower Shannon SS Company came before the board to apply for a pilot's license for Mr Hall, master of a river boat, for the navigation of tog-boats. One of the pilots who was present said they believed if a license was given it meant putting another disemployed on them, ----

1890 Tuesday 19th August (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour B
A communication was received from the Board of trade following a complaint they had received from Martin Purtill that the commissioners had declined to renew his license as a pilot. He asked the Board to use its influence to have his license revived -----.

1891 Tuesday 14th April (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board
----- Mr C Pappalas master of the Eccsterin’s? wrote for information of the Harbour Board that when proceeding up the Shannon, in charge of pilot T Hanrahan, the vessel struck ground between Spillane's Tower and Barrington's Quay. When the pilot's attention was called he said it was all right no harm was done. One of the plates on the starboard side was holed and will have to be replaced before the vessel starts on another voyage. -----.
Mr Harris said he heard to-day and the Harbour Master would tell them that she received the damage in one of the ports she was loading at. -----
The charge against was withdrawn---.

1891 Tuesday 8th December (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

---- It was moved by Ald J Counihan,seconded by Mr B O’Donnell, and after a protracted controversy a man named Kelly, brother to a deceased river Fergus pilot was chosen to supply the vacancy, he undertaking to give half the proceeds of his earnings to the widow,----.

1892 Tuesday 15th March (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The Secretary read a letter signed by Patrick Brennan, Simon Griffin and Denis Keeffe on behalf of themselves and four of the Western Pilots at Tarbert (?) who were suspended some time ago for 12 months for leaving their station and neglecting to attend a vessel.
Chairman: there was a resolution passed that they should be deprived of the branches? It was as bad a case on their part as he ever knew.

Mr Begley: said he was present when the case was discussed and to his mind the case was not proved----
Mr Begley gave notice to rescind the resolution at the next meeting------.

1892 Tuesday 29th March (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Mr Begley in accordance with notice of motion moved that the seven pilots suspended for 12 months for leaving their station at Kilcredane whilst on duty be taken back, they were now three months suspended and he thought they were sufficiently punished. The feeling of the Board was against the motion and it fell through.

Michael Reynolds, pilot of the Upper Shannon made a complaint against a Western Pilot named Patrick Brennan, of having struck him on the 18th inst. The Board censored Brennan and cautioned him that if the offence was repeated by him or any of the other pilots, they would be immediately dismissed.

1893 Tuesday 17th October (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The Following letter was read:

Kilrush Oct 6th.
Dear Sir,
In reply to yours of the 2nd inst saying the steamer Kingsley was allowed pass here without being examined allow me to say there must be some misunderstanding on the point. The steamer was duly examined by me on the 18th September when I found her and her crew in a healthy condition. She had only sufficient drinking water to last until she got to Limerick, and could not have any to get rid of on her arrival. Permit me to add that the Commissioners may be assured that every vessel which I board will be fully inspected and with as little interference with the trade of the port of Limerick as the public safety warrants.
Your Obedient Servant, John F Counihan, Medical Officer of Health.

The Mayor considered this letter very satisfactory.

---A Letter was read from Mr Matthew Hanrahan asking to be appointed a pilot-----.

1894 Tuesday 26th June (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

Mr J S Gaffney, solicitor attended on behalf of the pilots of the river Fergus and an application had been made by a man named Tuohy for the purpose of getting a license to act as pilot on that river—there were seven pilots already on the Fergus. After some discussion the Chairman said there was no vacancy. The application was refused---.

1894 Tuesday 6th November (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

A letter was read------

We are also requested by the masters of the steamers Fergulie and Garnock to inform you that they were both detained twelve hours at Grass Island the first on the evening of the 30th ult. and the latter on the 2nd inst. In both cases no Limerick pilots were at their station, and the Western Pilots absolutely refused to take charge beyond their station. ----- “Mullocks and Sons”.
Mr Spillane inquired if there was a pilot in attendance
Mr Harris answered in the affirmative.
Matthew Hanrahan, river pilot attended and the Board having heard his reply to the letter read.
Mr Spillane: said it came to this that at a part of the river two miles wide the vessel was landed on a shingly rock, he considered it as an act of great carelessness.
After some discussion it was agreed to dismiss the pilot on the motion of Mr Spillane.

1895 Saturday 25th February (Kilrush Herald and Kilkee Gazette)
On Saturday a large and deeply-laden Norwegian barque passed in Loop Head she was unable to weather Kilclogher point and had to let go both anchors in the bay. With the sea breaking over her as it was blowing a gale the pilots were unable to board her. At ten o'clock next morning a canoe put off in charge of Mr Brennan pilot an awful heavy sea running at the time but Mr Brennan managed to board her and was engaged all day in keeping the ship's anchors clear. At three o'clock on Sunday evening the Waterford Steamship Co's tug, Flying Huntsman came to the assistance of the distressed barque and towed her up to Scattery Roadsteads at six o'clock in the evening. The Pilot Brennan deserves much credit ----.

1895 Tuesday 14th May (Limerick Reporter)
Limerick Harbour Board

The Western Pilots were stating there was no reason to justify the charge made by Mr Sliney Chief Officer of Customs that they did not bring ships as near as possible to Cappa pier for quarantine purposes. The pilots submitted that no notice should be taken of the letter. ---.

1895 Saturday 14th December (Kilrush Herald and Kilkee Gazette)
Some weeks ago a fully-rigged ship Cromartyshire went ashore on Beale Bar. The Captain said the Pilot did not answer his signal. Mr Brennan came forward in his own and comrades defence and said the captain was trying to save Pilotage ------.

1907 Monday 25th February (Clare Journal)
Kilrush Urban Council –The Pilots

Mr Boyd, Secretary of the Limerick Harbour Board wrote saying that his body had considered the application to allow the local pilots take in ships to Cappa pier, but it was expressly against the rules to allow it. Letter marked “Read”.
Broken Agreement.
Pilots O'Brien and Shannon of the creek, reported Pilot Kelly for infringement of the rule recently made by the body and sanctioned by the Limerick Authority, whereby each man should go on duty a fortnight in turn. They asked that justice be done them and Kelly complained to the Limerick Harbour Board for disobedience of orders.
Pilot O'Brien said he went out in his turn but Kelly would not allow him to take a steamer out and he did not lodge the pilotage fees received as directed.
He produced documents from captains of two steamers that arrived in the port stating that if amalgamation was not in force they would have given him the pilotage as he worked satisfactorily on previous occasions.
Chairman: Send on the letters and documents to the Limerick Harbour Board and let that body deal with it. This course was agreed to.

1907 Monday 25th March (Clare Journal)
Kilrush Urban Council -The Kilrush Pilots suspended for insubordination.
The Clerk read the following letter,

Secretary Office, Limerick Harbour Commissioners, 4th March '07.
Pilot John Kelly, not feeling satisfied to work in a body with the other pilots as ordered by this authority and confirmed by your Council, I have suspended him, and directed him to send in his certificate until such time as I can report to my commissioners on his insubordination and I have so informed the other pilots in the meantime.
I am Sir, Yours Faithfully, John Boyd, Secretary.

1907 Thursday 1st August (Clare Journal)
Kilrush Petty Sessions. -- Assault at Cappa Pier
Patrick O’Brien, a Kilrush Pilot, had Andrew Bourke Harbour Master summoned for assault at Cappa Pier on the 10th July, and seemed to arise from some previous differences between the parties.

1907 Clare Champion 7th September 2007
(Banner in bygone days 100 Years Ago)
Washed up by the sea

On Friday, Mr Thomas Lillis, JP Coroner for West Clare held an inquest at Rhinevella,West of Carrigaholt,on the body washed up by the sea that morning at Rinevella Bay. The remains were identified as those of the pilot McNamara, drowned off the pilot boat near Beale Bar in May, after putting another pilot on board an incoming French ship bound for Limerick.
Pilot Griffin gave evidence before the coroner's jury, touching the occurrence. He and McNamara after putting a pilot on board the Frenchman were returning when the deceased accidentally went overboard. The night was dark and although “heaving to” and hanging around for some time, he could not see McNamara again. The deceased was over 60 years of age, it is stated. The jury returned the usual verdict of accidental drowning.

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