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Inhabitants of Scattery Island, Shannon Estuary, Co. Clare by Senan Scanlan

9.4 Appendix II: Details of pilots and Landholders: Landed Estates Court Rentals

The following is extracted from the LEC Rentals (This court were set to facilitate the sale of estates whose owners could not invest enough to make them productive.)

‘Notice of the Life Estate of Francis Nathaniel Keane esq., of the lands and premises on the Island of Scattery in the River Shannon etc, to be sold by auction on Friday, 2nd March 1866, at the Landed Estate Court, Four Courts, on the Inns’-Quay in the City of Dublin at the hour of 12 o’clock at noon.’

Lot no 1. Life Estate in the Island of Scattery in the River Shannon, in the Barony of Moyarta, and County of Clare.

Tenants Name Yearly Rent Quantity of land Tenure of Tenant.
  s d A r p  
Austin McMahon 7-10- 0 6-0-0 Lease dated 3rd March 1844 from F Keane to tenant for 3 lives all of whom still living or for 31 years from the date of lease. Lessee to have power of surrendering on the 25th March giving 6 months notice.
Michael Griffin 15-0-0 12-0-0 As above
Patrick Brennan 7-10-0 6-0-0 As above
Michael Hanrahan 7-10-0 6-0-0 As above
John Melecan 7-10-0 6-0-0 Lease date 10th June 1845.
Michael Scanlan 7-10-0 6-0-0 Lease date 10th June 1845.
Jeremiah Hehir 25-0-0 20-0-0 Tenant from year to year determined 25th March in each year.
Michael Crotty 5-0-0 4-0-0 As above
John Fall 5-0-0 4-0-0 As Above
John Mahony 5-0-0 4-0-0 As Above
John Connor 5-0-0 4-0-0 As Above
Patrick Falls 5-0-0 4-0-0 Lease date 6th February 1846 for 2 lives or 21 years.
Patrick Brennan and Tim Costelloe 13-0-0 10-2-27 Lease date 1st February 1848.

The following observations were also included:
Power is given to the tenant under this lease to cut, gather, and save seaweed upon the shore for manure. He also has a right of passage to the shore of the island and also along the shore as well. The other tenants and occupiers of the said Island to have a general right of passage to the Island.

Source: Landed Estates Court Rentals: Clare, Barony of Moyarta, Rental 368, Vol 30, NAI, and Dublin.

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