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Inhabitants of Scattery Island, Shannon Estuary, Co. Clare by Senan Scanlan

8.22 Appendix I: Family Databases: Fishermen


  Name Birth. Marriage Death Occupation Comment and Sources Reference Grave No Census Age 1901/1911
      1901 Census      
Robert McAllen c1863   04/06/1911 Salmon Fisher Presbyterian from Tarbert in Northern Scotland Grave 43 <38/>
Margaret McAllen c1863     Wife Baptist and aged 38 in 1901 Census also from Scotland
Sinon Mahony c1855     Salmon Fisher Noted as Head of Family in 1901 Census aged 46.
Martin Enright c1870     Mackerel F/man Noted as Boarder with Sinon Mahony aged 31 in 1901 Census.
Michael Hennessy c1869     Herring fisher Noted as Boarder with Sinon Mahony aged 32 in 1901 Census.
      1911 Census      
Margaret McAllen c1863       Aged 49 in 1911 Census.
John Simpson c1860     Farmer Aged 51 in 1911 brother of Margaret McAllen also from Scotland.
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