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Inhabitants of Scattery Island, Shannon Estuary, Co. Clare by Senan Scanlan

3.3 Inhabitants after 1840AD: Ordnance Survey and Landed Estates Court

Ordnance Survey Map of Scattery Island
This map completed during 1839 and published in 1842[34] appears to shows the following buildings (excluding ruined churches) starting from the northern end of the island:

  1. Marcus Keane’s Summer House (Later Brennan's 1848 and Melican's c1886)
  2. Hehir's house and outhouse?
  3. House slightly to the north of the pier. (Later Scanlan's 1845)
  4. Pier
  5. Elizabethan Castle
  6. Two houses between the castle and graveyard (Could be one house with outhouse)
  7. (Later Melican's 1845)
  8. One large long house (Later McMahon's and Brennan's 1844)
  9. One house near the above number 7 (Later Griffin's 1844)
  10. Master Gunner's house
  11. Battery

At this time it would appear that there were no other houses or buildings worth recording between Griffins’ and the Master Gunner's house. (The 1841 census counted 9 houses). It is likely that some of these houses continued to be used by the Custom/Revenue officials up to the early1840s before the introduction of steam cutters when they transferred to the Cappa, Kilrush station.

Ordnance Survey Map of Scattery Island, 1842
Ordnance Survey Map of Scattery Island, 1842

Landed Estates Court Rentals[35]
The table below outlines detail of the leases for the island operating from 1844 onwards. (See more detailed information in Appendix II. These details are taken from the notice of the island's auction at the Landed Estate Court on 2nd March 1866. This court was set up to facilitate the sale of estates whose owners could not invest enough to make them productive.

Tenants Name Yearly Rent Quantity of land Tenure of Tenant.
  s d A r p  
Austin McMahon 7-10- 0 6-0-0 Lease dated 3rd March 1844 from F Keane to tenant.
Michael Griffin 15-0-0 12-0-0 As above
Patrick Brennan 7-10-0 6-0-0 As above
Michael Hanrahan 7-10-0 6-0-0 As above
John Melecan 7-10-0 6-0-0 Lease date 10th June 1845.
Michael Scanlan 7-10-0 6-0-0 Lease date 10th June 1845.
Jeremiah Hehir 25-0-0 20-0-0 Tenant from year to year determined 25th March.
Michael Crotty 5-0-0 4-0-0 As above
John Fall 5-0-0 4-0-0 As Above
John Mahony 5-0-0 4-0-0 As Above
John Connor 5-0-0 4-0-0 As Above
Patrick Falls 5-0-0 4-0-0 Lease date 6th February 1846 for 2 lives or 21 years.
Patrick Brennan and Tim Costelloe 13-0-0 10-2-27 Lease date 1st February 1848.
Table 4: Landed Estates Court Rental, 1866

The five tenants above leasing 4 acres with a yearly rent of £5 together and Michael Hanrahan may as already stated have built houses or upgraded them for themselves. Indeed Griffith's Valuation (1855), outlined in the next section, provides some answers as it shows that John Fall, John Mahony and Patrick Fall have houses listed and Anne Connors, probably widow of John, also has a house. Hanrahan's house later Moran's (Pegum's) was the only early tenant house built with a slated roof as his land was not suitable to grow enough raw material for thatch[36].

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