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Registry of Freeholders 1829 for the County of Clare

Title: Registry of Freeholds 1829
Type: Freeholders registry
Dates: 1829
Place: County Clare
Source: Clare Journal & Ennis Advertiser - 18 May 1829
Transcriber/Donator: David Kenny, Australia

The Clare Journal, and Ennis Advertiser
Ennis, Monday, May 18, 1829

The following is a list of Applications made to the Clerk of the Peace, for the County of Clare, for Registry of Freeholders, at Ennis, on the 3rd day of June, next.

No. Name Residence of Applicant Descripton of Freehold, with Names of Barony and Townland in which it is situte. Valuation
[£ and l denote pounds sterling]
1 John Gabbett Shepperton Land situate at Shepperton, Barony of Bunratty and Townland of Ballysallagh £20
2 Thomas Callaghan   Land at Inch Hillogne (?), Baorny of Tulla £10
3 John Callaghan Knockrack Land at Knockbrack, Barony of Tulla do.
4 Daniel Noonan Ballymacdonnell Land at Ballymacdonnell, Barony of Tulla do.
5 Matthew Clune Aughrimtoohy Land at Aughrimtoohy, Barony of Inchiquin do.
6 Bartholemew Clune Mount Ievers Land at Mount Ievers, barony of Tulla, townland of Ballyreela do.
7 James Clune Aughrimtoohy Farm and lands at Aughrimtoohy; barony of Inchiquin do.
8 Mat. Ryan Dremina, alias Kilrush Dwelling house, Offices and Garden in the Main-street, town of Kilrush, Barony of Moyarta, and townland of Dremina do.
9 John Kelly Market-square, Kilrush House and garden at Cappagh, alias Market-square, Kilrush, barony of Moyarta £20
10 Laurence Thynne Knockerskeheen Farm and lands at Knockerskeheen, barony of Burren do.
11 Very Rev. T. O'Shaughnessey Ennis House and garden town of Kilrush, and Barony of Moyarta do.
12 Cornelius Hickie Ennis Houses in High-street, Ennis, and old Crown Office Lane, Barony of Islands £10
13 David Fitzgibbon Ennis House and concerns, town of Ennis, Barony of Islands do.
14 Henry Kendall Newmarket Houses and land town of Newmarket, Barony of Bunratty do.
15 Michael Clune Kil??lum Houses in High-street, Ennis, barony of Islands £20
16 Edward Marshall Ennis Houses and Offices in Church-street, Ennis, Barony of Islands £10
17 Joseph Gegan same Dwelling house, High street, Ennis, and Barony of Islands do.
18 Jeremiah Buckley same Ball Court with house and garden adjoining Mill st. Ennis do.
19 Patrick Clune North Mount Ivers Land at North Mount Ievers, barony of Tulla do.
20 John Thynne Lahenay Houses at Lahenay, barony of Corcomroe £20
21 Michael Considine Ennis House and Land at Green-park, part of Clonroadmore, and Barony of Islands do.
22 John Considine same Houses and lands of Inch, barony of Islands £10
23 Michael Tierney Ennistymon House in Ennistymon, barony of Corcomroe do.
24 Morty O'Brien, jun. Langhtvalla House and land townland of Laughivalla, Corcomroe barony do.
25 Matthias Thynne Ennistymon House and land at Ennistymon, barony of Corcomroe do.
26 Daniel Thynne Lahensy House in Ennistymon, barony of Corcomroe do.
27 Connor O'Brien Corofin Kellen, part of Glanquin townland, barony of Inchiquin £20
28 Thomas Considine Ballinalackin Houses, Offices, and land at Ballinalackin, townland of Ballinalackin, and barony of Corcomroe £10
29 James Neagle Kinilty Houses and land at Kinelty, barony of Corcomroe do.
30 John Macdonogh Ballynalackin Houses na dland at Ballinalackin, Corcomroe barony do.
31 Darby Touhy Toureenomona Lands at Cregavoher, townland of Cregavoher, Bunratty barony do.
32 William Lardner Ennis Houses, Offices, & yard in England's lane, Ennis, barony of Islands do.
33 John Russell Coolshehane House and land in Coolsbigane, barony of Inchiquin do.
34 Daniel Hartigan Ennis House in Cloghaneagower, town of Ennis, barony of Islands do.
35 Neptune Blood Fantore, alias Carhoocarragh House and land barony of Corcomroe, townland of Fantore, alias Corhoocarragh £20
36 James Raleigh Ennis House in High-street, Ennis, barony of Islands £10
37 Roger Connors Curragh Lands of Curragh, and Derrynaheela, barony of Tulla do.
38 John Greene Miltown Tilling, residing & grazing, at Miltown, barony of Tulla do.
39 Patrick Darcy Knock House and land at Knock, townland of Knock, Islands barony do.
40 Patrick Lyons Knocknamanna Lands and premises at Knocknageemana, Islands barony do.
41 Patrick Marshall Ennis Corn store and garden at Drombiggill, townland of Clonroadbegg, and barony of Islands £20
42 Bryan Moran Lahensy House and lands at Lahensy, barony of Corcomroe £50
43 Michael Cullinan commons of Kilnaboy House and land rent free for ever, on the commons of Kilnaboy and barony of Inchiquin £10
44 Edmond Haire Ennis House in High Street Ennis, Islands barony do.
45 Patrick Cunneen Kilnaboy Land rent free for ever, on the Commons of Kilnboy, Inchiquin barony do.
46 Francis Kearse Killeen Killeen, part of Glanquin townland, and barony of Inchiquin do.
47 Malachy Gorman Gortuaclogh Gortnaclogh, Inchiquin barony do.
48 Patrick Lyons Knocknamana House & land, townland of Knocknageemana, Islands barony do.
49 James Flaherty Tyrlaheen Houses and land, townland of Tyrlaheen, Corcomroe barony do.
50 Andrew Shannon same Like do.
51 James Roche Clonroadmore Rent charge, lands of Ballylean, and Gurtnemana, barony of Clonderalaw £50
52 John Burns Ballykilacurran Houses & lands, Ballykilacurran townland, Inchiquin barony £10
53 Denis Kean Drumcauran House and lands, townland of Drumcawran, Islands barony do.
54 Francis Neylan Market-st. Ennis Houses in Market street Ennis, Islands barony £20
55 Patrick O'Brien Cahirlogha House and land, Caherlogha, Inchiquin barony £10
56 James Foley Clonaglohaue House and land, Clonalohane, Inchiquin barony do.
57 Andrew Daly Lifford House and lands, Lifford townland, Island barony do.
58 John Kenny Corofin Tenements and garden, town of Corofin, lands of Kilvoydane, Inciquin barony do.
59 Andrew O'Loghlen Corofin Laughtagonna and Corofin, Inchiquin barony do.
60 James Neagle Ballylane House, Offices, and land at Ballylane, barony of Corcomroe do.
61 Michael Walsh Ballinalackin Houses, Offices, lands Ballinalacken, barony of Corcomroa do.
62 James Neagle Ballynalacken House, Offices, land at Ballynalacken, same barony do.
63 Patrick Linnane Glandree Houses and lands at Glandree, barony of Tulla do.
64 Thomas Ryan Ennis House and Offices Jail-street, Ennis, barony of Islands do.
65 Thomas Darcy Clonroad House and premises at Clonroad, barony of Islands do.
66 Thomas Powell Ennis Farm of Trig, barony of Bunratty £50
67 Thomas Caulfield Ballymullone House and land in Ballymullone, barony of Tulla £20
68 Michael Gorman Caranagry House and lands at Carranagry, barony of Ibrickane £10
69 Thomas O'Gorman Molosky Houses and land at Molosky, same barony do.
70 Martin Costelloe Cappahard House and land at Cappahard, barony of Bunratty £20
71 Thomas Lynch Killoo Lands and premises, barony of Islands, townland of Killoo £10
72 Michael Cuddihy Killoo Like do.
73 Thady Cullinan Shanavay House and land barony of Islands, townland of Shanaway do.
74 Michael O'Brien Cahirmakerla Lands at Cahermikerrila, barony of Burren £20
75 Thady Curtin Drumcaurin Land at Kilkee, barony of Inchiquin £10
76 Patrick Barrett Corofin Tenements in Corofin, barony of Inchiquin do.
77 John Higgins Ennistymon Houses & land at Ennistymon & Lahensy, Corcomroe barony do.
78 John Hurley Lahensy Like do.
79 Patrick Flanigan same Dwelling House in Ennistymonm townland of Labensy, and barony of Corcomroe do.
80 Mort Flanigan same House and land in Ennistymon, townland of Lehensy and barony of Corcomroe do.
81 Thomas Davin Lissane House and land, townland of Lissane, barony of Islands do.
82 Patrick Davin same Like do.
83 John Fitzgerald Ballyshanny House and land at Ballyshanny east, barony of Corcomroe do.
84 Richard Trousdell
Forte Lease of Lites, townland if Carrandota, Clonderalaw barony £50
85 Patrick Davin Clare Dwelling house & premises, in Clare, barony of Islands £10
86 Thomas Heany Ennis House in Jail-street Ennis, barony of Islands do.
87 Denis Daly Clondrina House and land in the townland of Clondrine, Islands barony do.
88 Michael Scanlon Garrranboy Lands at Finleymore, and barony of Tulla do.
89 John Heyns Corofin Bronn's Riggs, cregbryan, barony of Tulla do.
90 Anthony Enraght Cappa Land, East Paradise, and Rabeens, townland of Fentraghtmore, Ibickane barony 20l.
91 John Neagle Ennistymon House and Offices, Ennistymon, barony of Corcomroe 10l.
92 Owen Fahy Deerpark House and land at Deerpark townland of Kilbrickane, and barony of Bunratty do.
93 Morty Kerin Callura Lands at Kealkile, barony of Corcomroe do.
94 George Jordan Cahiremore House and lands at Cahiremore, barony of Corcomroe do.
95 Thomas Kerin Gregg Lands at Kealkile, same barony do.
96 Patrick Healy Ennistymon Houses & land, townland of Ennistymon, Corcomroe barony do.
97 Patrick Quin same Houses in the Town and lands of Ennistymon, same barony 20l.
98 Walter M. White City Limerick Houses in Mill-street, Ennis, barony of Islands do.
99 Francis Swyny Ennistymon House and land at Ennistymon, barony of Corcomroe do.
100 Charles Healy same Like 10l.
101 Daniel O'Brien same House and land at Ennistymon, same barony do.
102 John Glynn same Like do.
103 John Curran same Like do.
104 Connor O'Brien same Like do.
105 Michael Keane same Like do.
106 Bryan Dowd same Houses and lands at Ennistymon & Lahenay, same barony do.
107 Patrick Walshe same Houses and land at Ennistymon, barony of Corcomroe do.
108 Laurence Stack same Like do.
109 Michael Gallery Lahensy House and land Lahensy, barony of Corcomroe do.
110 Patrick Liddy same Like do.
111 Patrick Macmahon Bantha House and land at Bantha, alias Castlequarter, barony of Coromroe do.
112 Morty Kerin Calluragh House and land Kealkile (?), same barony do.
113 James Ryan Lisheen House and land townland of Lisheen, barony of Islands do.
114 Mathias Meehan same Like do.
115 Michael Farrell same Like do.
116 Timothy Lawler same Like do.
117 Michael Cunneen (?) same Like do.
118 Thomas Healy Knockininane House and lands, townland of Knockaninane, same barony do.
119 Timothy Daly Barnageeby House and land at Barnageeby, same barony do.
120 Patrick Meehan same Like do.
121 Peter Fallahy
same Like do.
122 Edmond Walsh Lisheen House and land at Lisheen, same barony do.
123 Michael Kerse of Killeen Killeen, part of Glanquin, barony of Inchiquin do.
124 John Mulconry same Like do.
125 James Molony Cragg Lands at Derrycatbgravine, townland of Glandre, barony of Tulla do.
126 John Hehir Cunaramen Lands in Bunratty barony, townland of Knockaderra 10l.
127 Barth. Macnamara Knockaderra House & land, barony of Bunratty, townland of Knockaderra do.
128 Lucius Wilson Ennis House in Ennis, barony of Islands, townlands of Clonroadbeg do.
129 Thomas Kean Beechpark Lands at Affock, barony of Tulla do.
130 Patrick Lynch Lissane Lands at Ballygeereen, barony of Bunratty do.
131 James McDermott Clare Houses and lands, townland of Clare, barony of Islands do.
132 Patrick Arthur Ennistymon House and out-offices with land annexed, in Ennistymon, barony of Corcomroe do.
133 Thomas Flanagan same House in Ennistymon, and land in Srunhill townland, same barony do.
134 John Stacpoole Ennis Lands at Knockaninane, barony of Islands do.
135 Connor Corry same House in chapel lane, Ennis, same barony do.
136 Daniel Curtin same House and land in Islands barony, townland of Cloghleigh do.
137 George Walton Ballysheen House and land at Ballysheen, barony of Tulla do.
138 Richard Blood Haypark Lands at Haypark otherwise Gortcooldorrin, Inchiquin barony £50
139 John Healy Ennistymon Houses and land at Ennistymon and Newtown, Coromroe barony 10l.
140 Edmond Kenny Kildornan House and ground at Ennis, barony of Islands do.
141 Michael Morgan Lahensy Houses and lands at Lahensy, barony of Corcomroe do.
142 Roger Guthrie Ennistymon House and lands at Ennistymon, same barony do.
143 Thomas Kerin callura Flanagan House and land at Keilkile, same barony do.
144 Denis Kean Ennistymon House and land at Ennistymon and Lahensy, same barony 20l.
145 Michael Finucane Ennistymon Land at Poulugnoe and Glan, same barony £10
146 John Kerin same House and land at Ennistymon, same barony do.
147 Michael Broderick Ennis House and land in Ennis, barony of Islands £20
148 Michael Quin Knockadrunagh House and lands in Cahirclough and Knockdrumogh, on Corcomroe barony £10
149 John Quin Rough island House and land in Rough island, barony of Inchiquin do.
150 Daniel Lawler Lisheen House and land in Lisheen, barony of Islands do.
151 James Conway   House and land in Blean, barony of Islands do.
152 James Dooneelly   House and land Rosshill, same barony do.
153 Peter Cleary Barnageehy House and land in Barnageehy, Islands barony do.
154 Richard Clancy, jun Ennis Houses and lands at Fortfergus, Clonderalaw barony £50
155 Patrick Powell Poplar Lands of Cloneen, Corcomroe barony £20
156 James O'Connors Horse island House and land at Lisheen, Islands barony £10
157 William Walshe Lisheen Like do.
158 John Shannon Gorthbofarna House and Lands of Ballyea and Gorth-Bofarna, townland of Ballyea and Gorth-Bofarna, & Inchiquin barony do.
159 Patrick Murray Ennistimon Houses and Lands at Ballyincheen, Burren barony, townland of Ballylaheen £20
160 John O'Riely same House and land at Ennistimon, Corcomroe barony 10l.
161 Thomas Kennedy same Like do.
162 Roger Higgins same Like do.
163 John Kennedy same Like do.
164 Andrew Leo Tulla Houses and land in Tulla, barony Tulla do.
165 Bartholemew Hehir Commons Commons, townland of Ballymacuff, Inchiquin barony do.
166 Thomas Baker Upper Commons Upper Commons, townland of Commons, same barony do.
167 Michael Moloney Creevagh Land, part of Creevagh, townland of Ballyportry, Inchiquin barony do.
168 John Molony same Like do.
169 Thomas O'Brien Killoo Houses and land, townland of Killoo, Islands barony do.
170 Thomas Fahey Clare Houses in Clare, Islands barony do.
171 Edmond Meany Clare Houses and lands, in same do.
172 Martin Liddy Ennis House and land in Jail-street Ennis, Islands barony do.
173 James McMahon Backfield Land at Backfield, Tulla barony do.
174 John Curry Newmarket Houses and land in, and near Newmarket, townland of Carrunakelly, Bunratty barony do.
175 Patrick Frawley same Like do.
176 Thady Kelly same Lands and Houses at Carrunakellybeg, Bunratty barony do.
177 Sylvester Hehir Ennis Houses and land in, and near Newmarket, townlands of Carrunakelly, and Rathfoland, Bunratty barony do.
178 William Minogue Glanbonive House and land at Glanbonive, in the barony of Tulla do.
179 James F. McNamara Ennis House in Church-street Ennis, Islands barony 20l.
180 John Higgins Commons Kilnaboy House and land for ever, on the Commons of Kilnaboy, Inchiquin barony 10l.
181 John Corry same Like do.
182 John Monehan same Like do.
183 William Keeffe same Like do.
184 Pat. Fogarty Commons Moyrhea House and land, Commons of Moyrhee, Inchiquin barony do.
185 Patrick Cullinan Ballybrody Lands at Ballymurphy, Burren barony do.
186 John Cleary Lisheen House and land at Lesheen townland, Islands barony do.
187 Patrick Hehir Corofin House and Gargen in Corofin, Inchiquin barony do.
188 Francis N. Keane Beech-Park Cottage House and offices, in Jail-street Ennis, Islands barony 20l.
189 James O'Keeffe Mill-street Ennis Lands at Clounteen, Islands Barony 10l.
190 Martin Touhy Scarriff House and land, town of Scaffiff, townland of Ballyminogue, Tulla barony do.
191 Patrick Minogue same Like do.
192 Patrick O'Dea same Like do.
193 George Bennett same Like do.
194 James Haren same Like do.
195 Joseph Davoren Cahirsherkin Lands and tenements on Cahirsherken, Corcomroa barony 50l.
196 Henry Thomas Baylee, Scart Land at Enagh O'Flinn, Tulla barony do.
197 Michael Arthur Sunville Houses and land at Derravorilla, townland of Kilkishen, Tulla barony 10l.
198 Patrick Goold Ennis Houses and Garden, Market-street Ennis, Islands barony do.
199 Michael Burke same Houses and land on Lifford and Cloghleigh, Islands barony £50
200 James Moylan Latoon House and Lands Rinegarane and Latoon, Townland of Rinegarane and Latoon, Barony of Bunratty £10
201 Andrew McInerheny Castle park House and land at Ballycunneely, Barony of Bunratty do.
202 John Spellissy Newmarket Houses and land in Newmarket, Barony of Bunratty do.
203 John Sheehan Caherbreedeen House and land at Ballycunneely, Barony of Bunratty do.
204 Daniel McNamara Kilkishen Land and Houses at Kilkishen, Barony of Tulla do.
205 John Halloran Newpark Newpark, Barony of Tulla do.
206 John Touhy Backfield Land at Backfield, in the Barony of Tulla do.
207 John Russell Snaty House and Land at Snaty, Barony of Tulla do.
208 Denis Gleeson Gragg Land, in townland of Cragg, Barony of Tulla do.
209 Michael Cullinan Cooleassy House and Land, in townland of Cooleassy, Tulla Barony do.
210 John Hagerty Carhumore House & Land, in townland of Carhumore, Tulla Barony do.
211 John Carmody Ballyvone House and Land in Ballyvoin, Barony of Tulla do.
212 John Molony Drominekella House & Land in townland of Drominekella, Tulla barony do.
213 Patrick Molony same Like do.
214 Martin Gleeson Snaty House and Land in the townland of Snaty, Tulla Barony do.
215 John Mangan Ennis Houses in Mill-street, Ennis, Barony of Islands do.
216 Michael Mangan Kilrush Houses and ground in the town and townland of Kilrush, Barony of Moyarta do.
217 David Power Ennis Lands of Dromquin, Barony of Islands 50l.
218 Michael Mungan Clare Houses and Land in town of Clare, Islands Barony 10l.
219 Luke Tealmens (?) Clare Lands in the townland of Clare, Islands Barony do.
220 Luke Burke Scarriff House and Land in Scarriff, townland of Ballyminogue, Barony of Tulla do.
221 Michael Morony Clare House and Land in the town of Clare, Islands Barony do.
222 Thomas Bridgeman Killeen Lands at Kilmaly, townland of Kilmaly, Islands Barony 50l.
223 James McMahon Backfield Lands at Backfield, and Barony of Tulla 10l.
224 Charles Gilmore Ballyvaughan House in the Barony of Burren do.
225 Terence McMahon same House and Land in Barony Burren do.
226 James Clancy Toonagh Like do.
227 Michael Calnan Gregans Leaase of lives, Barony Burren, and townland of Gregans do.
228 Michael Noonan same Lands of Gregane, Burren barony do.
229 John O'Dea Ballyvaughan House at Ballyvaughan, Burren barony do.
230 Owen McGan Gregans Lands at Gregane, Burren barony do.
231 Denis Woods same Lease lives Gregane, Burren barony do.
232 John McNanamara Knockatian Lands of Lissane, Burren barony do.
233 Charles O'Loughlin Croughbeg Lands Clonmartin, Burren barony do.
234 John Lysaght Cregacurredenan Corcomroe barony, townland of Cregacurredan do.
235 Thomas Callaghan Killenora Corcomroe barony, townland of Cartownibagbilly do.
236 Henry Powel Tulla Houses and Gardens at Tulla, barony of Tulla 20l.
237 Patrick Kennedy Lahinch Houses & Land in Corcomroe barony, townland Lahinch 10l.
238 Daniel Cunneen Kilnaboy House and Land in Inchiquin, Commons of Kilnaboy do.
239 Thomas Corcail same Like do.
240 John Nihill Ballycarroll House & Land, Bunratty Barony, Callycarrol Townland do.
241 Daniel Nihill Newtown House & Lands, Newtown Townland, Bunratty Barony do.
242 John Gorman Gortnaglogh Land at Gorthuaglough, Inchiquin Barony do.
243 Daniel Powell Nutfield Land at Lemeneigh, same Barony do.
244 Patrick Lysaght Creggicurridane Carrunacleary Townland, Corcomroe Barony do.
245 Daniel Lysaght Creggicurridane Ballinalackin Townland, same Barony do.
246 Edmond O'Connor Knockavullen Lands of Knockavullen & Moyrhee, Townland of Shanavallasallagh, Barony of Inchiquin do.
247 Michael O'Connor, jun. same Like do.
248 Patrick O'Connor Ballinahone Part of Moyree Lands, Townland of Knockatarnoth, Inchiquin Barony do.
249 Henry Ross Lewin Rosshill House and Land at Cooltinagown, Clonderalaw Barony 50l.
250 Timothy Murphy Miltown House and Land, Miltown Townland, Ibrickane Barony 10l.
251 David Blake Loughwood Land at Loughwood, Knocktarmon Townland, Barony of Inchiquin 50l.
252 William Meehan Kilrush Lands of Clonwhite and Sheanbeg, Shain Townland, Clonderalaw Barony 20l.
253 Patrick Donnellan Miltown Lands at Carruduff, Barony of Ibrickane do.
254 Timothy McMahon Kells House and Land, Townland of Kells, Inchiquin Barony 10l.
255 James Spellissy Corofin Townland of Carrunabaghela, Barony of Corcomroe do.
256 Patrick Leyden Kilmore House and Lands at Kilmore, Barony of Corcomroe do.
257 Timothy Leyden same Like do.
258 Michael Shannon Tonelegee Lands at Tonelegee, Barony of Inchiquin 20l.
259 Michael Quin Corofin House and Land, at Corofin, Barony of Inchiquin 10l.
260 William Owen Inchiquin Lands and Tenements at Ballymacough, Inchiquin Barony do.
261 Andrew O'Loghlin Corofin Lands and Tenements at Cragbrien Fitz-Edmonds, Barony of Inchiquin do.
262 Michael Lawler Clonomera Lands at Clonomera, Barony of Corcomroe do.
263 Timothy Shannon Cahersherkin House & Lands at Cahersherkin Dynan, Corcomroe Bar. do.
264 Connor Doherty Clonomera Townland of Clonomera, same Barony do.
265 Patrick Mooney same House and Land at Clonomera, same Barony do.
266 Darby Davoren   House and Lands Burren Barony, Ballymurphy townland do.
267 Bryan O'Loghlen Port House and Land at Cooga, Barony of Inchiquin 50l.
268 Michael Lillis Clare Houses and Land, in and near Clare, Barony of Islands 10l.
269 Rev. David Kenny Castletown House and Lands, at Castletown, Barony of Bunratty do.
270 Thomas Roche, jun. Cragreigh Land, Townland of Cragreigh, Barony of Inchiquin do.
271 Thomas Roche, sen. Gortnaplear Land in Gortnaplear Townland, Barony of Inchiquin do.
272 John Saunders Clare House and Land, Townland of Clare, Barony of Islands do.
273 Patrick Molony same House and Land in the town of Clare, Barony of Islands do.
274 Patrick Hill, jun. Lisheen Land at Knockboy, Innishealane Townland, Islands barony do.
275 John Paterson Clare House and Land Townland of Clare, Barony of Islands do.
276 James Smith Cratloe Houses and Land, ay Cratloe, Barony of Bunratty do.
277 Michael Casey Labasheedy House and Land, at Cullina, Barony of Clonderlaw do.
278 Michael Hickey Caheracon House and Land, at Cullina, same Barony do.
279 J. Hogan George's-st. Lmerick Lands of Dromore and Derryulk, Barony of Tulla 50l.
280 R. Stacpoole Newtown Stacpoole House and Tenements in Ennis, and house and Land at Clareville, Barony of Islands do.
281 John Shannon Gortbofarna House and Lands in Ballyea and Gortboforna, Barony of Inchiquin 10l.
282 Michael Shannon Gortbofarna House and Land, in Gortboforna, same barony do.
283 Thomas Fahey Clare House in the town of Clare, Barony of Islands do.
284 Michael McGrath Scarriff House and Lands in Fossabeg Townland, Tulla Barony do.
285 Patrick Minogue Scarriff House and Land, in Scarriff, Barony of Tulla do.
286 Michael Hehir Corofin Tenements in town of Corofin, Barony of Inchiquin do.
287 John Mullins Dromcullanebeg House and Land in Dromcullanebeg, Inchiquin Barony do.
288 Edmond Doherty Ballynacally House and Lands at Ballynacally, Clonderalaw Barony do.
289 Joseph James Buncraggy House and Lands in the town of Kilrush, Moyarta Barony 20l.
290 William Bowler Kilrush Like do.
291 Michl. McNamara Erinaghmore House & Land Inchiquin Barony, E?aghmore Townland 10l.
292 D. Lopdell Riverview, Co. Galway Lands of Ballylimane, Barony of Burren 50l.
293 John Lopdell same Lands of Coolorty, Barony of Inchiquin 20l.
294 James Cullinan Glenfort Houses and Lands, at Gregances, Barony of Burren 10l.
295 Thomas O'Donohue Ennistymon House and Lands, at Ennistimon, Barony of Corcomroe do.
296 Daniel Finucane Dromell Lands at Dromell, Barony of Inchiquin do.
297 James Roach Cragreagh Lands, Barony of Inchiquin, Townland of Cragreagh do.
298 Patrick Moran Liscullane House and Land, same Barony, Liscullane Townland do.
299 Connor Moran same Like do.
300 T. McInerheny Sixmilebridge Lands, Barony of Tulla, Townland of Sixmilebridge do.
301 J. McInerheny Carrunekelly Land, same Barony, Townland of Carrunekelly do.
302 Michael Sullivan Tulla Houses and Land in Tulla, same Barony do.
303 John Doherty Clonakella Lands, Clonderalaw Barony, Townland of Clonakella do.
304 Thomas Gurmane   Lands of Drommonduff, same Barony do.
305 John Kean Killofin House and Tenements, Kilrush, Barony of Moyarta do.
306 John Minogue Clonushee Houses and Land, Clonuskee Townland, Tulla Barony do.
307 Dan. McNamara Coolreaghmore House and Land, Coolreaghmore Townland, same Barony 20l.
308 William Watson Caherhurly House and Land, Cahirhurley Townland, same barony 10l.
309 Michael Conway Laccarroe Houses and Land, Lacarrow Townland, same Barony do.
310 James Cahill Caherhurly House and Land, Cahirhurley Townland, same barony do.
311 James Lahiff Scarriff Houses and Land at Scariff, same Barony 20l.
312 Patrick Minogue Clonuskee Houses and Land Townland of Clonuskee, same Barony do.
313 Patrick Hogan Coolreaghmore Houses & Land, Coolreaghmore Townland, same barony 10l.
314 William Duggan Ballykelly Land at Raheen, same Barony do.
315 Francis Scott Fossabeg House and land in Scarriff, Tulla barony do.
316 Timothy Hogan Coolraymore House and offices, townland of Coolraymore, Tulla barony do.
317 William Pinion   House and land in Clare, Islands barony do.
318 Terence O'Brien Lacamore House & land, townland of Lacamore, Ibrickane barony do.
319 John Connell same Like do.
320 John Hayes Cloneyogan House & land, Cloneyogan townland, Ibrickane barony do.
321 Michael Hayes same Like do.
322 P. O'Loughlin Knocknegeemana Houses and land at Knockaegeemana, Islands barony do.
323 Thomas Linnane Dromoher House and lands, Dromoher townland, Inchiquin barony do.
324 Andrew Lysaght Annville Lands at Anneville, Inchiquin barony do.
325 Thomas Alts same Like do.
326 Pat. FitzGibbon Miltown Houses and lands, Miltown townland, Ibrickane barony do.
327 Thomas McInerheny same Like do.
328 Charles S. Cahill Ennis Houses and land, townland of Riverston, Inchiquin barony 50l.
329 John Doherty Quilty House and land, townland Quilty, Ibrickane barony 10l.
330 Francis Fitzgibbon Breafa Houses nad land, townland of Brefa, Ibrickane barony do.
331 Patrick Burke Baureegaun House and land, at Baureegaun, Tulla barony do.
332 James O'Brien Rockfield Lands at A?tyterala, Inchiquin barony 50l.
333 John Laffin City Limerick Lands of Skahana, Islands barony do.
334 Thomas Molony Ennis House and lands, townland Clonroad, Islands barony 20l.
335 James Gavin Loghvalla House & land, at Laghvalla, townland of Dangar?, barony of Clonderalaw 10l.
336 William Richards Ennis House in Jail-street Ennis, Islands barony do.
337 Mathias Glynn Affock House and land at Affock, Tulla barony 20l.
338 James Molony Lower Uggoone House and land at Uggoone, Tulla barony 10l.
339 John Pepper Ardboula House and land at Ardbiula, Tulla barony do.
340 James Flanigan Ballydavine Land at Ballydavine, Inchiquin barony do.
341 James Burke Kildysart House and land at Kildysart, Corcomroe barony do.
342 Patrick O'Connor Knockavullen Lands of Moyree, Sganavallasallagh townland, Inchiquin barony do.
343 Edmond O'Connor same Like do.
344 Bryan O'Brien Ballygriffy House and land at Ballygriffy, Inchiquin barony 20l.
345 Francis Kean Killamoas House & land, townland of Ballyashee, Inchiquin barony 10l.
346 T. B. Burke Newgrove Cottage House & land at Toureen & Commons, Tyredagh townland do.
347 Thomas Cullinan Bushypark Land at Clogher, Corcomroe barony do.
348 John Ryan Roughan's Hill House and land, at Roughan's-Hill, part of Tullyvohan, Bunratty barony do.
349 Augustine T. Moran Mucknish Burren barony, townland of Deelan 50l.
350 Connor Corry Correncree House and land at Correncree, Islands barony 10l.
351 Michael McInerheny Cregg, alias Kilrush House & land, Kilrush, Cregg townland, Moyarta barony do.
352 John Colpoys Kilrush Land, townland of Enaghmonmore, Ibrickane barony 50l.
353 John Bulger Cappa House & Land, Kilrush, Cappa townland, Moyarta barony 10l.
354 Daniel Mara Cregg House & land, Kilrush, Cregg townland, Moyarta barony do.
355 Michael Downs Cappa House and land, Kilrush, townland Cappa, same barony do.
356 George Colpoys Dremina Land, townland Bleanmore, Clonderalaw barony do.
357 George Colpoys Knock Land at Knock, Clonderalaw barony do.
358 Stephen Grogan Kilrush House, townland of Dremina, Moyarta barony 20l.
359 Denis Gorman same House and land, Kilrush, same barony 10l.
360 Francis Downes same House at Kilrush, same barony do.
361 Benjamin Alender same Like Freehold do.
362 Daniel Hanly same House and land Kilrush, Moyarta barony do.
363 Denis Hynes same House at Kilrush, same barony do.
364 William Glynn same Like do.
365 Simon Gorman same House and land at Kilrush, Moyarta barony do.
366 Edward Mara same Like do.
367 John Gorman same Like do.
368 Mathias Mescall same Like do.
369 Bartholemew Glynn same Like do.
370 Michael Hehir Cragleigh House and land at Cragleigh, Islands barony do.
371 Patrick Hehir same Like do.
372 John McGee Kielereen House and land at Kieleren, Inchiquin barony do.
373 Thomas Nihill Rathcragane House and lands at Ratheragane, Islands barony do.
374 Anthony Shannon Gorthbofarna House and land at Gorthbofarna, Inchiquin barony do.
375 Ths. McInerheny Sixmilebridge Houses and land adjoining Sixmilebridge, Tulla barony do.
376 Patrick O'Loghlin Drimnegaugh Land at Drimnegaugh Inchiquin barony do.
377 Anthony O'Loghlin same Like do.
378 Michael Collins Cregleigh House and land at Cregleigh, Islands barony do.
379 Michael Lucas Ennis House and premises at Ennis, same barony do.
380 Thomas Meehan Stonepark House and land at Stonepark, Bunratty barony do.
381 Roger Carroll Ballykelly House and land at Ballykelly, Tulla barony do.
382 Michael McNamara Allacloune House & land at Alacloun, Maherytownland, Bunratty bar. do.
383 Patrick Rogers Doon House and land at Doon, same barony do.
384 John Egan Laught House and land at Laught, Ballycorick, Islands barony do.
385 Laurence Mulvihill Lismorriss House and land at Lismorris, Islands barony do.
386 Timothy Molony Lisduff House and land at Lisduff, same barony do.
387 Thomas Hynes Ennis Land at Knock, same barony do.
388 Anthony Considine same House and offices, in Ennis, same barony do.
389 Michael McNamara, senr. same Like do.
390 Michael McNamara, junr. same Like do.
391 Denis O'Loghlin same Houses at Ennis, same barony do.
392 Terence Haren Tullaghboy Land at Quilty East, Ibrickane barony do.
393 Michael Collins Knockaclara House and land at Knockalara, Tulla barony do.
394 John Kean Clonbouly House and land at Clonbouly, Islands barony do.
395 John Organ Drinagh House and land at Drinagh, Inchiquin barony do.
396 Michael Ryan Coolecasey House and land at Coolecasay, Tulla barony do.
397 Michael Markahan Derryneaske House and land at Derryneask, Bunratty barony do.
398 Michael O'Dea Cragavealcross House and land at Cragavealcross, Bunratty barony do.
399 Denis Dwyer Renamona House and land at Renamona, Bunratty barony do.
400 Darby Nester Allaghruane House and land at Allaghruane, same barony do.
401 James Galvin Cahorarunneen House and land at Cahorarunneen, Bunratty barony do.
402 Patrick Quigly Derrygarriff House & land at Derrygariff, Adddg townland, Tulla bar. do.
403 Patrick O'Dea Ballymaly House and land at Ballymealy, Islands barony do.
404 Joseph Molony Gallows-park House and land at Gallow's parks, same barony do.
405 James Neagle same Like do.
406 Michael Clune Gurtafuka House and land at Gurtefuka, Bunratty barony do.
407 Patrick Foley Crusheen House and land at Crusheen, same barony do.
408 Bartholemew Leyden Kilemore House and land at Kilemore, Corcomroe barony do.
409 Connor Leyden same Like do.
410 Patrick Donohue Lahinch Houses at Ennis, Islands barony 20l.
411 Timothy Markahan Derryneaske House and land at Derryneask, Bunratty barony 10l.
412 Connor Kinnelly Allaghruane House and land at Allaghruane, Townland of Magbery, barony of Bunratty do.
413 Denis McMahon Feighroe House and land at Freighroe, barony of Islands do.
414 Thomas Halloran Corbally House and land at Corbally, Townland of Cleanagown, barony of Bunratty do.
415 Jeremiah Reddan Cloghaneagour House and premises at Clohaneagour, Townland of Clonradbeegg, barony of Islands do.
416 James Kelly Barntick Lands at Ballybeg, Townland of Clareabbey and Carhunakelly, barony of Islands 20l.
417 Augustine McMahon Lahinch House at Lahinch, barony of Corcomroe 10l.
418 James Boland Cooperspark House and land at Cooperspark, barony of Tulla do.
419 Patrick Molony Ennis House and land at Ennis, barony of Islands do.
420 Thomas Normoyle same Like do.
421 Michael Leary same Land at Cloghlea, barony of Islands do.
422 Michael McDonnell same House at Ennis, barony of Islands do.
423 John O'Connor Ballyortla House and lands at Ballyortla, barony of Bunratty do.
424 Patrick O'Connor same Like do.
425 William Burly Ennis House at Ennis, barony of Islands do.
426 John Fitzpatrick same House and land at Ennis, same barony do.
427 Stephen Neylan Ratheragane House and land at Ratheragane, same barony do.
428 Laurence Flynn Ballymaly House and land at Ballymaly, barony of Bunratty do.
429 John Flinn same Like do.
430 James Flinn same Like do.
431 Denis O'Dea same Like do.
432 Edmund Gilbreath Ballynagran House, Land and Mills at Ballynagran, same barony do.
433 Darby Galvin Caheraruneen House and land at Caheraruneen, same barony do.
434 Patrick Galvin same Like do.
435 Patrick O'Sullivan Kells House and land at Kells, Inchiquin barony do.
436 James Hayes Rahoragane House and land at Rathoragane, Islands barony do.
437 Patrick Neylan same Like do.
438 Patrick Sheehy Tulla House and land at Tulla, Islands barony do.
439 Patrick Corbett Newtown House and land at Newtown, same barony do.
440 James Boyce Miltown House and land at Miltown, same barony do.
441 Thomas Couney Miltown House and land at Miltown, same barony do.
442 James Clune same Like do.
443 John Clune same Like do.
444 Thomas Greene same Like do.
445 Patrick Hogan Derrycranagh House and land at Derrycranagh, Bunratty barony do.
446 James Harrisson Leightera House and land at Leightra, Tulla barony do.
447 Michael O'Keeffe Allaghclune House & land at Allaghclune, townland of Mahery, Bunratty barony do.
448 Patrick Vaughan same Like do.
449 Thomas Cullinan Busbypark House and lands, Islands barony do.
450 Michael O'Dea Cloneasheen House and lands at Clonasheen, Bunratty barony do.
451 John Sheehy Ratheragane House and land at Ratheragane, Islands barony do.
452 Edmond Fitzgerald Doorlas House and land at Doorlas, townland of Mohellow, Bunratty barony do.
453 James Halloran Derrycranagh House & land at Derrycranagh, townland of Mahery, Bunratty barony do.
454 Christ. Burnell Clounaglahane House and land at Clounaglahane, barony Inchiquin do.
455 Patrick Mongavan Stonepark House and land at Stonepark, barony of Bunratty do.
456 Patrick Daffy same Like do.
457 James Meehan same Like do.
458 James Toohy Ballycoree House and land at Ballycoree, barony of Bunratty do.
459 Patrick Toohy same Like do.
460 Daniel Mallehen Derrygarriff House and land at Derrygarriff, barony of Tulla, Townland of Affogh do.
461 Michael Hogan same Like do.
462 Hugh Quigly same Like do.
463 Patrick Hassett Affogh House and land at Affogh, barony of Tulla do.
464 John Galvin same Like do.
465 Thomas Galvin same Like do.
466 James Galvin same Like do.
467 Michael Galvin same Like do.
468 Patrick Byrns Lifford Houses at Lifford, barony of Islands do.
469 Timothy Rogers Doon House and land at Doon, barony of Bunratty do.
470 Michael Considine Cappa House and land at Cappa, barony of Bunratty do.
471 Thomas Brew Ruan House and land at Ruan Commons, barony of Inchiquin do.
472 Andrew Molony Ballycoree House and land at Ballycoree, barony of Bunratty £10
473 Thomas McNamara same Like do.
474 John McNamara same Like do.
475 Michael Molony same Like do.
476 James McGrath same Like do.
477 Bartholemew McMahon same Like do.
478 Michael Considine same Like do.
479 Thomas Molony same Like do.
480 Denis Nihill Casey's Park House and land at Casey's Park, barony of Islands do.
481 Michael Kean Cloghanegour Houses and land at Clohaneagour, same barony 20l.
482 John Collins Realagh House and land Relagh, Townland of Deighamade, barony of Islands 10l.
483 Peter Healy Commons Moyree House and land at Moyrhee, barony of Inchiquin do.
484 Pat Mongavan Cloghanegour House and premises at Clohaneagour, Barony of Islands do.
485 John Hogan Caherina House and land at Caherina, Baron Bunratty do.
486 Patrick Molone Ennis House at Ennis, barony of Islands do.
487 Patrick O'Hennessy same House at Arthurs Row, Ennis, same Barony do.
488 John Russell Drinagh House and Land at Drinagh, Barony of Inchiqin do.
489 James Grady Derrycromane House and land at Derrycromane, Townland of Maghery, Bunratty barony do.
490 John O'Dea Lisbawn House and land, at Lisbawn, Clonderalaw barony do.
491 Gilbert O'Dea Derrycrissain Land at Cree, Moyarta barony 20l.
492 William Dillon Maghery House and land at Maghery, barony of Bunratty 10l.
493 James McMahon Derrycranagh House and land at Derrycranagh, same barony do.
494 James Murphy same Like do.
495 James Markham Derryneask House and land at Derryneask, same barony do.
496 John Griffy same Like do.
497 Henry Hewitt Ballinoe House and land at Ballinoe, Townland of Cahirkine, barony of Bunratty do.
498 Thomas Walsh Cahirsherkin House and lands, Cahirsherkin, barony of Coroomroe do.
499 John Walsh Monreel House and lands at Monreel, barony of Inchiquin do.
500 James Edwards Poulnalour, alias Knockballaghantralie House and land at Knockballaghantrelic, Townland of Glanquin, barony of Inchiquin do.
501 John Flanigan Poulnalour House and land at Poulnalour, same barony & townland do.
502 James Mulconry same Like do.
503 James Finn same Like do.
504 Martin Kearse Loghafolla House & land at Loghafolla, in same barony & townland do.
505 George Clune Ennis House on the Causeway, Ennis, barony of Islands do.
506 Patrick Flanigan Glanroe House and land at Glanroe, barony of Inchiquin do.
507 James Molony Fairhill House and land at Fairhill, barony of Tulla do.
508 Thomas McNamara Aylebane House and lands at Aylebane, same barony do.
509 Thomas Purcell Gurtalassa Lands at Leighart, same barony 20l.
510 William Purcell Crossderry House and land at Crossderry, same barony 10l.
511 Patrick Purcell same Like do.
512 Michael Purcell same Like do.
513 John Kearse Glanroe House and land at Glanroe, Inchiquin barony do.
514 Thomas Kearse Loghafolla House and land at Loghtfalla, same barony do.
515 Patrick Gallagher Kilkishen Pound, houses and land, at Kilkishen, Tulla barony do.
516 Francis Brody Lackareigh Land at Lackareigh, townland of Glanquin, Inchiquin bar. do.
517 Patrick Brennan Clare Commons Land at Clonroadbeg, Islands barony do.
518 Pierse Stamer Clare House and land at Clare, same barony do.
519 David McNamara same House at Clare, same barony do.
520 Patrick Kelly Ballybegg House and land at Ballybeg, same barony do.
521 John Foster Rineroe Land at Rineroe, Inchiquin barony do.
522 Morty Cullinan Corofin House and garden at Corofin, same barony do.
523 George Brew, jun. Tullyerine House and land at Tullycrine, Clonderalaw barony do.
524 Michael Behane Brefagh House and land at Brefagh, same barony do.
525 George Brady Bleanmore House and land at Bleanmore, same barony do.
526 John McMahon Kilmore House and land at Kilmore, same barony do.
527 Martin Galvin Tullycrine House and land at Tullycrine, same barony do.
528 Patrick Fraly Coolsippeen Land at Coolsippeen, Barony of Clonderalaw do.
529 John O'Callaghan   House and Land, at Lurga, called Beaudyke, Townland of Coolready, Barony of Tulla do.
530 John Silver Dromanin Land at Gurtnamerican East & Knocknecarragh, Townland of Curraghahish, Barony of Bunratty do.
531 Darby Touhy Toureen House and Land Cragavoher, part of Mohel, same Barony do.
532 Terence Ryan Adergull Land at Adergule, same Barony do.
533 Michael Hickey Ennis House and Tenements in Ennis, Barony of Islands 20l.
534 James Moran Rannagh Lands at Rannagh O'Brien, barony of Bunratty 10l.
535 John S. Moran Mucknish Land, Townland of Kilmeatron, same barony 20l.
536 Thomas Garvey Sheeppark House and Land at Sheeppark, barony of Bunratty 10l.
537 Ter. O'Brien Glancollomkill House and Lands at Glancolmkill, barony of Burren 20l.
538 M. O'Bryan Collomkill Cottage House and Lands at Ballyalla, called Lack?anemore and Poulafuckane, barony of Bunratty do.
539 Patrick Cleary Lesbeen House and Land at Lesbeen, barony of Islands 10l.
540 James Cleary same Like do.
541 John O'Brien Corofin House and Lands, in and near Corofin, Inchiquin barony do.
542 Michl. Silver Gurtnamerican east House and land at Gurtnamerican East and Knockanecarragh, barony of Bunratty do.
543 Michael O'Halloran Kilcornan House and lands at Kilcornan, barony of Tulla  
544 James Hynes M.D. Ennis Land at Baunkile, barony of Inchiquin do.
545 Michl. O'Loghlen Derrycutteen House and land at Derrycutteen, same barony do.
546 John O'Loghlen same Like do.
547 James Burke Lifford House and land, at Lifford, barony of Bunratty do.
548 Joseph Torpy Clonmore House and Land at Clonmore, barony of Islands do.
549 Patrick Coghlan Furroor House and land at Furroor, same barony do.
550 Maurice Fraly Lahaknock House and Land at Lahaknock, same barony do.
551 Patrick O'Keeffe Lismoylebridy Houses and Land at Lismoylebridy, same barony do.
552 Patrick O'Keeffe same Like do.
553 Thomas Whelan Toonagh House and land at Toonagh, barony of Bunratty do.
554 Thomas Hogan same Like do.
555 Michael Kearse Killeen House and land at Killeen, barony of Inchiquin do.
556 John Keane Killard House and land at Killard, barony of Islands do.
557 Patrick Lillis Killard Like do.
558 John Custy same Like do.
559 Denis Custy same Like do.
560 Thomas Halpen same Like do.
561 Daniel Murphy Affogh House and Lands at Affogh, barony of Tulla do.
562 Thomas Powell, jun. same Like do.
563 Thomas Powell same Like do.
564 Francis Powell same Like do.
565 Patrick Powell same Like do.
566 James Halpin same Like do.
567 John McNamara same Like do.
568 Mathew Murphy same Like do.
569 Thomas Hassett same Like do.
570 James Burke same Like do.
571 John Fitzgibbon same Like do.
572 Patrick Conners Killard House and land, at Killard, barony of Islands do.
573 James Gallery same Like do.
574 Connor Gallery same Like do.
575 Michael Gallery same Like do.
576 Michael Doohan Lissicasey House and Land at Lissicasey, same barony do.
577 Laurence Barry Lauraugh House and Land at Lauraugh, barony of Inchiquin do.
578 John Brody Lackareigh Land at Lackareigh, same barony do.
579 John O'Connor Lamanus House and lands at Lamanus, barony of Islands do.
580 Patrick O'Connor same Like do.
581 John Cleary same Like do.
582 John Collins Knockaclara House and Land at Knockaclara, barony of Tulla do.
583 Michael Ryan Coolycasey House and land at Coolcasey, barony of Inchiquin do.
584 Martin Meere Clonroadmore House and land at Clonroadmore, barony of Islands do.
585 Thomas Torpy Ballinically House and land at Ballinacally do.
586 Timothy Fitzgerald Carrahan House and land at Carreghan, barony of Bunratty do.
587 John Mulcahy Ballinagleragh House and land at Ballynagleragh, barony of Tulla do.
588 Thomas Gorman Coolicasey House and Land at Coolacasey, same barony do.
589 Patrick Murphy Clare House and land at Clare, barony of Islands do.
590 John Flanigan Carrahan House and land at Carraghan, barony of Bunratty 10l.
591 Patrick Costello Clontabaniff Land at Derrygariff, barony of Islands do.
592 Patrick Kelly Cappagh House and land at Cappagh, barony of Tulla do.
593 Thomas Digedan same Like do.
594 Denis Molony Lisduff House and land at Lisduff, barony of Islands do.
595 Patrick McGrath Gorthavella House and land at Gorthavalla, barony of Bunratty do.
596 John Fitzgerald Knockerskhan House and land at Knockerskeheen, barony of Burren do.
597 Mathias Hoare same Like do.
598 Michael O'Connell same Like do.
599 Patrick O'Connell same Like do.
600 Bryan Sharry same Like do.
601 Mathias Lacy Ardamus House and land at Ardamus, barony of Corcomroe do.
602 Mathew O'Connor same Like do.
603 Mich. O'Connor Knockerskeheen House and land at Knockerskeheen, Burren barony do.
604 Michael Liddy Cragg Land at Knockanoultig, barony of Corcomroe do.
605 William Hewitt Ballyhannon House and land at Ballyhannon, barony of Bunratty do.
606 Terence Mitchell Doonmulvihill House and land at Doonmulvihill, same barony do.
607 Stephen Mitchell Derrycaliff House, Mills, and Land, at Derrycaliff, same barony do.
608 Thomas Deviny Killard House and land at Killard, barony of Islands do.
609 Edmond Corry Toonagh House and land at Toonagh, barony of Bunratty do.
610 Thomas Fitzgerald same Like do.
611 Patrick Halloran same Like do.
612 Michael Sharry Clonboly House and land at Clonboly, barony of Islands do.
613 Michael Lillis Dromoherin House and land at Dromoherin, barony of Tulla do.
614 John Quin Balllinruane House and land at Ballinruane, barony of Bunratty do.
615 Edmond Quin same Like do.
616 Thomas Quin same Like do.
617 Patrick Loughery same Like do.
618 Joseph Tamplin same Like do.
619 John Tamplin same Like do.
620 Michael Brody same Like do.
621 Michael Halpin Affogh House and land at Affogh, barony of Tulla do.
622 Edward Greene Bleanaliga House and land at Bleanaliga, barony of Ibrickane do.
623 John Nugent Green same Land at Carhunacleary, barony of Corcomroe 20l.
624 Michael Killeen Knockaninane House and land at Knockaninane, barony of Islands 10l.
625 Charles Barry Drimnagaugh House and land at Drimnagaugh, barony of Inchiquin do.
626 Michael Ready same Like do.
627 Michael O'Neill Craganebawn House and land at Craganebawn, barony of Tulla do.
628 Michael Birmingham same Like do.
629 Daniel Hogan same Like do.
630 James Brennan Ennis House in Millstreet, Ennis, barony of Islands do.
631 Patrick Corey Lissicasey House and land Lissicasey, same barony do.
632 Peter Griffin same Like do.
633 Anthony Griffin same Like do.
634 Mor. Curtis Kilnaboy Commons House and land, rent free for ever, on the Commons of Kilnaboy, barony of Inchiquin do.
635 Timothy Doolaghty Quin House and land at Quin, barony of Bunratty do.
636 Daniel Clune Gurteenasellagh House and land Gurteenasellagh, same barony do.
637 Michael Reedy Crossderry House and land at Crossderry, barony of Clonderalaw do.
638 Patrick Reedy same Like  
639 Thomas Crowe Knock House and land at Knock, barony of Inchiquin do.
640 Michael Ryan Ballymacahill Land at Knockanane, barony of Bunratty do.
641 James Flaherty Tierleheen House and land at Tierleheen, barony of Corcomroe do.
642 Andrew Shannon same Like do.
643 Michael Shannon Ballyea Land at Gortbofarna, barony of Inchiquin do.
644 John Hehir Smithfield House at Smithfield, barony of Bunratty do.
645 Patrick Murphy Cappaleigh House and land at Cappaleigh, barony of Islands do.
646 Michael Cummane, jun same Like do.
647 Charles Connellan same Like do.
648 Michael Warren same Like do.
649 James Griffy same Like do.
650 Patrick Kelly same Like do.
651 James Conlan same Like do.
652 Michael Cummane, sen same Like do.
653 Michael Griffy same Like do.
654 Francis Gallery same Like do.
655 Thomas Burke Monereel House and land at Monereel, barony of Inchiquin do.
656 Peter Drony Monreel House and lands at Monreel, Inchiquin barony do.
657 John Droney same Like do.
658 Patrick Healy Castletown House and land at Castletown, Bunratty barony do.
659 Michael Considine Kilquane House and land at Kilquane, Islands barony do.
660 Connor Flanagan Carahan House and land at Carrahan, Bunratty barony do.
661 John O'Dea Ballymaley House and land at Ballymaly, same barony do.
662 Pat O'Neill Ballysheen House and land at Ballysheen, Tulla barony do.
663 Charles Killeen Knockaninane House and land at Knockaninane, Islands barony do.
664 Daniel Killeen same Like do.
665 William Butler Knockerskeheen House and land at Knockerskeheen, Burren barony do.
666 Ross O'Loghlen same Like do.
667 Ts. Lahiff commons of Kilnaboy House and land at Kilnaboy, Inchiquin barony do.
668 Daniel O'Grady Shorepark Land at Lisheen, Islands barony 20l.
669 Thomas Pilkington Waterpark Land at Clareabby, same barony 50l.
670 Francis Gallery Strasburgh Houses and tenments at Strasburgh, same barony 10l.
671 Timothy Clune Gurteen Land at Gurteen, Bunratty barony do.
672 James Gallery Ennis House and tenement at Ennis, Islands barony do.
673 Martin Liddy same Houses and garden at Clonroadbeg, same barony do.
674 James McQuillin same House and tenement in Church-st. Ennis, same barony do.
675 John Morony same House at Brefa, Ibrickane barony do.
676 James P. Crowe same Land at Cahiragaranemore and beg, Inchiquin barony 50l.
677 Andrew Molony same House in Ennis, Islands Barony 10l.
678 Patrick Maher Ardamusbegg House and land at Ardamusbegg, Burren barony do.
679 Andrew Considine Ardamusmore House and land at Ardamusmore, Corcomroa barony do.
680 Patrick Considine same Like do.
681 Timothy Hehir Killoo House and land at Killoo, Islands barony do.
682 Owen Kean same Like do.
683 James Hogan Ballyloghnane House and land at Ballloughnane, Tulla barony do.
684 William Dinan same Like do.
685 John Hogan same Like do.
686 Thomas Molony Ballybraun House and land at Ballybraun, same barony do.
687 Denis Rogers same Like do.
688 John Dearin Rahene House and land at Rahenabegg, Tulla barony do.
689 Martin Byan Ballybrohan House and land at Ballybrohan, same barony do.
690 John Hara same Like do.
691 Denis Cleary Lisheen House and land at Lisheen, Islands barony do.
692 Connor Cleary same Like do.
693 James Neylan Cappanakella House and land at Cappanakella, Inchiquin barony do.
694 Constance Curtin Kilkee House and land at Kilkee, same barony do.
695 Michael Kelly Toonagh House and land at Toonagh, same barony do.
696 James Greene Mucknish House and land at Mucknish, same barony do.
697 James Kelly Drummina Land at Dromine, same barony do.
698 Patrick Kelly Ballygriffy Land, townland of Cappanakelly, same barony do.
699 Connor Hogan Kelleen House and land at Kelleen, same barony do.
700 Michael Macky Cregmoher House and land at Cregmoher, same barony do.
701 John Conway Ballyea House and land at Ballyea, same barony do.
702 Michael Conway same Like do.
703 Michael Barry same Like do.
704 James Connell Derrycloney Lands at Derryclony, Bunratty barony do.
705 Thomas Flynn Carhueduff Land at Dromoher, Inchiquin barony do.
706 John Burke Kilrush House and land at Kilrush, Moyarta barony do.
707 John Kean same Like do.
708 John Fox same Like do.
709 John Bulger same Like do.
710 Bryan Turpin same Like do.
711 John Rochford same Like do.
712 Patrick O'Connor same Like do.
713 William Stenson same Like do.
714 Patrick Hassett same Like do.
715 Mathias Connell same Like do.
716 Thomas Miniter same House and Land at Kilrush, Barony of Moyarta 10l.
717 Michale Macdonnell same Like do.
718 Morty Mahony same Like do.
719 Michael Shannon same Lands at Cloungarnane & Cragaknock, Ibrickane barony 20l.
720 Morgan McInerheny Fortfergus House and land at Fortfergus, Clonderalaw barony 10l.
721 Michael Murphy same Like do.
722 James Murphy same Like do.
723 Edmond Murphy same Like do.
724 Michael Scanlon Toonagh House and land at Toonagh, Bunratty barony do.
725 Patrick Doolaghty same Like do.
726 Edmond Gleeson Santha west House and land at Santha, Tulla barony do.
727 James Gleeson same Like do.
728 John Gleeson same Like do.
729 John Fitzpatrick Rathcragane House and land at Ratheragane, Islands barony do.
730 John Macmahon same Like do.
731 James Crane same Like do.
732 Michael Considine same Like do.
733 Andrew Macnamara Knockadoon House and land at Knockadoon, Tulla barony do.
734 Patrick Macnamara same Like do.
735 Michael McCarty same Like do.
736 Nathaniel Turner Coolderra House and land at Coolderra, same barony do.
737 Thomas Turner same Like do.
738 John Considine Cappagh House and land at Cappagh, same barony do.
739 John Cusack same Like do.
740 John Macmahon Upper Ayleroe Land at Upper Ayleroe, Clonderalaw barony do.
741 James Molony same Like do.
742 Michael Macmahon same Like do.
743 John Hassett Cragaknock Land at Cragaknock, Ibrickane barony do.
744 James Shannon same Like do.
745 John Halloran Affogh House and land at Affogh, Tulla barony do.
746 Peter Donohue same Like do.
747 Pat Lillis, John Moyaddamore House and land at Moyaddamore, Moyarta barony do.
748 Michael Connell Derryclony Lands at Derryclony, Bunratty barony do.
749 John Russell Derry Lands at Derry, Inchiquin barony do.
750 Pat Macnamara Knocnageemana House and land at Knocknageemana, Islands barony do.
751 Michael Kerwick Ballygastle House and land at Ballygastle, Tulla barony do.
752 Michael Rochford Rath House and land at Rath, same barony do.
753 Edmond Kevan Aughan House and land, townland of Ballybreen, Tulla barony do.
754 Jeremiah Malone Ennis House in Chapel-lane, Ennis, barony of Islands do.
755 Michael Lynch Coolycasey House and land at Coolycasey, Tulla barony do.
756 Thomas Burke Cragavealcross House and land at Cragavealcross, Bunratty barony do.
757 Denis Murphy Mount Lands at Wattlehill, Clonderalaw barony do.
758 Thomas Clancy Glauncunnane House and land at Glauncunnane, same barony do.
759 Patrick Whelan Bullacorick House and land at Bullacorick, same barony do.
760 Matthew Nihill Rosslevinbegg House and land at Roslevinbegg, Bunratty barony do.
761 Martin Cochlan Lissicasey House and land at Lissicasey, Islands barony do.
762 Tobias Sharry Tullagh House and land at Tullagh, same barony do.
763 Patrick Lillis Derrygarane House and land at Derrygarane, Tulla barony do.
764 David Quealy Ballymacooda House and land at Ballymacooda, Islands barony do.
765 Flan Neylan Boulinaglera House and land at Boulnaglera, same barony do.
766 Patrick Mullins Dabryan House and land at Dabryan, Inchiquin barony do.
767 George Russell Ardromin House and land at Ardromin, same barony do.
768 Timothy Gorman Derreen House and land at Derren, same barony do.
769 Daniel Gorman Drumduff House and land at Drumduff, same barony do.
770 John Clancy Toonagh House and land at Toonagh, Bunratty barony do.
771 John O'Leary Ennis House at Ennis, barony of Islands do.
772 Daniel O'Keeffe Ballybeg House and land Ballybegg, same barony do.
773 James Neylan Toonagh House and land at Toonagh, Bunratty barony do.
774 Laurence Hayes Kilkee House and land at Kilkee, Inchiquin barony do.
775 John Macnamara Lisduff House and land at Lisduff, Islands barony do.
776 John Clune Curteenasallagh House and lands at Gurteensallagh, Bunratty barony do.
777 Charles Stuart Ballybrohan Lands at Rahena, Tulla barony do.
778 Daniel Macnamara Clare House at Clare, Islands barony do.
779 Thomas Doogan Clonboly House and land at Clonbouly, same barony do.
780 Timothy Flannedy Ballinaglera House and land at Ballinagleragh, Tulla barony do.
781 William Brennan Lifford Houses and garden at Lifford, Islands barony 20l.
782 Patrick Miniter Libeen hill House and premises at Cregg, Moyarta barony 10l.
783 John Walsh Cragg Land at Cragg, Moyarta barony do.
784 John Mulqueeny Molagha House and lands at Mologha and Doneal, Clonderalaw and Moyarta baronies do.
785 Thady Kelly Clonreddan House and lands at Clonreddan, Moyarta barony 20l.
786 Thomas Clancy Glancanane House and land at Glanoannane, Clonderalaw barony 10l.
787 Robert Hewit Quin Gardens Lands at Ballyhannon, Bunratty barony do.
788 Patrick O'Kelly Glanmore House and land at Glanmore, Clonderalaw barony do.
789 John O'Kelly Clonina House and land at Clonina, Moyarta barony 50l.
790 James Kelly Creagh House and land at Clonagarnane, Ibrickane barony 20l.

Clerk of the Peace, County of Clare.

  Peace Office, Ennis, May 13, 1829   
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Registry of Freeholders 1829 for County Clare