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Registry of Freeholders 1829 for the County of Clare

Title: Registry of Freeholds 1829
Type: Freeholders registry
Dates: 1829
Place: County Clare
Source: Clare Journal & Ennis Advertiser – 29 June 1829
Transcriber/Donator: David Kenny, Australia

The Clare Journal, and Ennis Advertiser
Ennis, Monday, June 29, 1829

COUNTY OF CLARE. THE following is a List of Notices of Applications to Register Freeholds delivered to the Clerk of the Peace, for the County of Clare, which will be heard in their respective divisions as follows: - Those in the Division of Kilrush, at Miltown, on Tuesday, te 14th of July, next, at nine o'Clock in the morning; and those in the Division of Ennis, at Sixmilebridge, on Monday, the 20th, ar same hour:-

No. Name Residence of Applicant Descripton of Freehold, with Names of Barony and Townland in which it is situte. Valuation
[£ and l denote pounds sterling]
1 Pat. Macmahon, Esq Knockane Land at Knockane, Knockane Townland, Bunratty barony £50
2 John Macmahon, Esq Knockane Lands at Feenish Island, ditto do.
3 Thomas Hewitt Granahan House and land at Granahan, Granahan Townland, ditto do.
4 Richard Blood Hay Park Land at Haypark, otherwise Gortcooldurria, Townland of Gortcooldurrin, Inchiquin barony do.
5 David Blake Loughwood Land at Loughwood, Knockcarmon townland, ditto do.
6 Bryan O'Loghlin Port House and land at Cooga, ditto do.
7 C. S. Cahill, Esq Ennis House and land, townland of Riverston, ditto do.
8 James O'Brien Rockfield Attyterrilla, ditto do.
9 James P. Crowe, Esq Ennis Land at Cahiragiranemore and Cahiragiranebeg, townlands of Cahiragiranemore and Caheragiranebeg, ditto do.
10 T. Pilkington, Esq Water Park Land at Clare Abbey, Clare Abbey townland, Islands bar. do.
11 John Laffan City Limerick Land of Skahana, ditto do.
12 Richard Stacpoole Ennis House and tenements at Clolianeagour, house and land, called Clareville, part of Cahircalla, ditto do.
13 Thomas Bridgman Killeen Land at Kilmaly, townland of Kilmaly, ditto do.
14 David Power Ennis Lands of Dromquin, townland of Dromquin, ditto do.
15 Michael Burke same Houses and land, townlands of Lifford and Clogheigh, do. do.
16 H. T. Baylee Seart Enagh O'Flinn, barony of Tulla do.
17 John Hogan City Limerick Lands of Dromore and Derulk, ditto do.
18 W. H. C. Marrett Limerick Lands of Sallybank, Townland of Sallybank, ditto do.
19 John Scanlon Garranboy Rent charge, Townland of Finlea, ditto do.
20 D. J. Wilson, Esq Belvoir House and land at Belvoir, Belvoir townland, ditto do.
21 Francis O'Neill Coor House and land, townland of Coor, Islands barony £10
22 J. S. Gurnell City Limerick House and land, Townland of Cappanorna, Tulla barony £20
No. Name Residence of Applicant Descripton of Freehold, with Names of Barony and Townland in which it is situte. Val.
1 Dominick Lopdell Riverview, Co. Galway Lands at Ballylinane, Burren barony £50
2 Aug. T. Moran Mucknish Like at Deelan, ditto do.
3 William N. Macnamara Doolen Like at Fermoyle, ditto do.
4 James Roche Clonroadmore Like at Knockalogha, Ballylane and Gortnaoon, barony of Clonderalaw do.
5 Timothy Brew Derrycrissane Like at Derrycrissane, ditto do.
6 Henry Rosslewin Ross Hill House and land, at Cooltenagown, ditto do.
7 Richard Clancy, jun. Ennis Houses and lLand at Fortfergus, ditto do.
8 James Roche Clonroadmore Rent charge on Rallylane and Gortnacurra, ditto do.
9 Richard Trousdell Forte Lands at Carrandota, ditto do.
10 Bryan Moran Lahensy House, out offices & land, at Lahensy, Corcomroe barony do.
11 Joseph Davoren Cahirshirkin Lands and Tenements, at Cahirsherkin, ditto do.
12 John Cahill Ballyreen Lands at Cahircrusseen, Carrugar, and Ballyreen, ditto do.
13 Francis Macnamara Arranview Townlands of Glashy, ditto do.
14 Michael Kennedy Lahensy Houses and lands at Lahensy, Corcomroe barony, land, at Rooska, Burren barony, and lands at Knockglass, Inchiquin barony do.
15 George Comyn Ourline Lands at Lisdoony, Fanta & Ourline, Corcomroe barony do.
16 James Shannon Cragaknock Lands at Craganook, Ibrickane barony do.
17 John Colpoys Kilrush Land at Enaghmonmore, Enaghmonmore townland, ditto do.
18 William Stenson same House & land at Kilrush; Cappa townland, Moyarta barony do.
19 John O'Kelly Clonina House and land, Townland of Clonina, ditto do.
20 George Fitzgerald Kilrush Lands at Carrandough, Townland of Dough, ditto do.
21 Hugh O'Keeffe Kilrush Land, Townland of Corbally, ditto do.
22 John Curtin Burrebfadda House and land, Burrenfadda, Clonderalaw barony £10
23 James Murphy same Like do.
24 John Murrihy same Like do.
25 John Cleary same Like do.
26 William Knight Donogrogue Like at Donogrogue townland, ditto do.
27 Roger Behane Brefa Like at Brefa townland, ditto do.
28 Michael Behane same Like £20
29 Patrick Behane same Like £10
30 Michael McInerheny same Like do.
31 Michael McNamara same Like do.
32 Morgan McNamara same Like do.
33 Simon Quinlivan same Like do.
34 Martin Coffee same Like do.
35 Charles Crowley same Like do.
36 Maurice Coffee same Like do.
37 Edmond Hehir Carhureagh Like do.
38 Denis Hehir same Like do.
39 John McGrath same Like do.
40 Lawrence Ayres same Like do.
41 William O'Connors same Like do.
42 Martin Burrane Fahalunaughta Land at Fahanlunaghta townland, Corcomroe barony do.
43 Thomas Smith same Like do.
44 Martin Burrane same Like do.
45 Pat Lynch Rynagonought Houses and land in the townland of Rynagonoght, Ibrickane Barony do.
46 James Walsh Clunegarnane House and land in the townland of Clunegarnane, ditto do.
47 Edmond Cotter same Like do.
48 David Walshe same Like do.
49 Michael Walshe Caherleanmore Like in the townland of Caherleanmore, ditto do.
50 Thomas Murphy Dromin Like in the townland of Scrappul, ditto do.
51 Michael Murphy same Like do.
52 Thomas O'Gorman same Like do.
53 Thomas Cusack Carrownagry House and Land, at Carrownagry, ditto do.
54 Anthony Hurley same Like do.
55 Michael Considine same Like do.
56 Michael Mackee Dunmore Like at Dunmore, ditto do.
57 Michael Kitchen same Like do.
58 John Cunningham same Like do.
59 Martin Shea same Like do.
60 Pat Corry same Like do.
61 Thomas Kitson same Like do.
62 Michael Shea same Like do.
63 Michael Quillinan same Like do.
64 Pat Shea same Like do.
65 Pat Macdonnell same Like do.
66 James Sexton Baltard Like at Baltard, ditto do.
67 Thomas McInerheny same Like do.
68 Michael Meakill same Like do.
69 John O'Neill same Like do.
70 Michael Sexton same Like do.
71 John O'Keeffe same Like do.
72 Timothy Macmahon same Like do.
73 Michael Collins same Like do.
74 Daniel Macmahon same Like do.
75 Joseph Marrinan same Like do.
76 Denis Griffin same Like do.
77 Patrick Keavy Treanmanna Like at Scrapple, ditto do.
78 James Downs Balsha Like at Caherblough, ditto do.
79 William McInerheny Killard Like at Killard, ditto do.
80 Thomas Kean same Like do.
81 David Roach same Like do.
82 Pat Downs same Like do.
83 Martin McInerheny same Like do.
84 James Reddan Carhuemore Like at Carhumore, ditto do.
85 John Longan Ennis Like at Lifford, ditto do.
86 John Reddan Cahirfinick Like at Cahirfinick, barony of Moyarta do.
87 George Parker Limerick House and store at Kilrush, ditto £50
88 James Collins Carruclough Like at Carrucloagh, Barony of Ibrickane £10
89 Michael McNamara Cronagort House and land Cronagort, in the Townland of Ballycara, Barony Corcomroe do.
90 Luke Lynch same Like Freehold, same place do.
91 James Garrahy same Like do.
92 Gerald Kelly same Like do.
93 James Devitt same Like do.
94 Michael Callaghan same Like do.
95 Pat Kilmartin same Like do.
96 Denis Molony same Like do.
97 Timothy McNamara same Like do.
98 John Brutenell same House and land Tiergoneen, same Barony do.
99 John Thomas same Like Freehold, same place do.
100 Pat Fitzpatrick same Like do.
101 George Brutenell same Like do.
102 Daniel Callaghan same Like do.
103 John McNamara same Like do.
104 Terence Sharry Drimharsna House and land at Drimharsna, in same Barony do.
105 John Sharry same Like do.
106 Thomas Sharry same Like do.
107 John Sharry, jun. same Like do.
108 Terence Doherty Clonomera House and land at Clonomera, same Barony do.
109 Thomas Kerin Cregg & Callura House and land at Cregg and Callura, same Barony £20
110 Thomas O'Donohue Ennistimon House at Ennistimon, do. £10
111 Morty Slattery Newtown Houses & land at Newtown, Tonland of Lissatunna, do. do.
112 Bryan Moran Lahensy House offices and lands at Lahensy, do. £20
113 Mathew Quealy Cloncoul House and land at Cloncoul, do. £10
114 Connor O'Brien Ennistimon Houses at Ennistimon and lands at Kilcornane, Corcomroe Barony £20
115 Patrick Healy Ennistimon Houses and land at Ennistimon and land in the Townland of Glaun, do. £10
116 Mathre Mulcahy Dysert House and land at Dysart, Barony of Clonderalaw, and house and background at Kilrush, Barony of Moyarta do.
117 Ts. Cusack no residence mentioned Houses and land at Dough, Barony of Moyarta do.
118 Robert Hunt Oaklands House & land at Summer Lodge, Barony of Clonderalaw £50
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Registry of Freeholders 1829 for County Clare