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Registry of Freeholders 1829 for the County of Clare

Title: Registry of Freeholds 1829
Type: Freeholders registry
Dates: 1829
Place: County Clare
Source: Clare Journal & Ennis Advertiser - 1 June 1829
Transcriber/Donator: David Kenny, Australia

The Clare Journal, and Ennis Advertiser
Ennis, Monday, June 1, 1829

The following is a list of Applications made to the Clerk of the Peace, for the County of Clare, for Registry of Freeholders, at Sixmilebridge, on the 19th day of June, next.

No. Name Residence of Applicant Descripton of Freehold, with Names of Barony and Townland in which it is situte. Valuation
[£ and l denote pounds sterling]
1 Michael Sullivan Brickhill House and lands at Brickhill, Bunratty barony £10
2 Michael Corry same Like do.
3 Michael Macnamara same Like do.
4 Michael Houragan same Like do.
5 William Collins same Like do.
6 Daniel Molony same Like do.
7 Edmond Donnellan same Like do.
8 John Molony Ballivote Like in same townland and barony do.
9 John Macmahon same Like do.
10 John Macnamara same Like do.
11 Matthew Hickey same Like do.
12 John Hickey same Like do.
13 John Gorman same Like do.
14 James Donnellan same Like do.
15 John Callaghan same Like do.
16 Thomas Carmody same Like do.
17 Thomas Carmody, jun. same Like do.
18 Pat Flanigan Carhumore Like at Carhumore, same barony do.
19 Pat Kilcooly same Like do.
20 John Macmahon same Like do.
21 James Carvey same Like do.
22 James Russell same Like do.
23 Patrick Macnamara same Like do.
24 Bartholemew Macnamara same Like do.
25 Rev. John Stenson Sixmilebridge Like, townland of Heath mount, same barony do.
26 James Macmahon same Like at Moonreel, same barony do.
27 William O'Brien Rossmanaher House and land at Rossmanaher, same barony do.
28 Thomas Dinahan Deerpark Land at Deerpark, same barony do.
29 William Ready Shepperton Like at Garrynamona, same barony do.
30 Thomas Macmahon Spancilhill Land at Mobilla East, same barony do.
31 Luke Littleton Ieverstown House and land at Carronerabull, same barony do.
32 Thomas Frost Derra Land at Derra, same barony do.
33 John Harte Doonmulvihill House and land at Doonmulvihill, same barony do.
34 Michael Murry same Like do.
35 Roger O'Donnell same Like do.
36 Daniel Gallagher same Like do.
37 Richard Currin Carrahill Like at Carrahill, same barony do.
38 Michael Conway same Like do.
39 John Glesson same Like do.
40 Thomas Cusack Carrahill south Like at Carrahill, same barony do.
41 William Neylan Knocknaguage Like at Knocknaguage, same barony do.
42 Michael Rochford same Like do.
43 John Keeffe same Like do.
44 Pat Moylan same Like do.
45 Pat Gorman same Like do.
46 John Fogarty same Like do.
47 William Fogarty same Like do.
48 William Fogarty same Like do.
49 John Fogarty same Like do.
50 Michael Morony Rhyne Like at Rhine, same barony do.
51 James O'Brien Cloneen Like at Cloneen, same barony do.
52 Patrick O'Brien same Like do.
53 George O'Brien same Like do.
54 James Dillon Parkalough Like at Clonliegan, same barony do.
55 Connor Clune Ballymaclune Like at Ballymaclune, same barony do.
56 Matthew Clune same Like do.
57 James Roche Carahan Land at Knockaprihane, same barony do.
58 Matthew Lynchy Scalpnagoon House and land at Scalpnagown, same barony do.
59 Thomas O'Neill same Like do.
60 Michael Daffy same Like do.
61 Michael Hennessy same Like do.
62 Daniel Foundation same Like do.
63 Michael Donnellan same Like do.
64 Daniel O'Neill same Like do.
65 Robert Purcell same Like do.
66 Thady O'Neill same Like do.
67 Patrick Hennehan same Like do.
68 James O'Neill same Like do.
69 Peter O'Neill same Like do.
70 Thomas Hanrahan same Like do.
71 Richard Keating Scalpnagoon Like do.
72 Daniel Fitzpatrick same Like do.
73 Edmond Grady Clouneen Like at Clouneen, same barony do.
74 Michael Flanigan same Like do.
75 James O'Brien same Like do.
76 Edmond O'Brien same Like do.
77 Patrick Donohue same Like do.
78 Daniel Markham same Like do.
79 John Cunningham same Like do.
80 Patrick O'Brien same Like do.
81 John Griffith same Like do.
82 John Frost City Limerick Lands at Meelick, same barony do.
83 Solomon Frost same Like at Stonepark, same barony do.
84 Robert Frost same House and lands at Cappintamore, same barony do.
85 Thomas Griffin same Like at Cratloe, same barony do.
86 Hugh Macnamara Calluragh west Like at Calluragh west, same barony do.
87 John Burke same Like do.
88 Thomas Mealy same Like do.
89 Patrick Macnamara same Like do.
90 James Flanigan same Like do.
91 Thomas Noonan same Like do.
92 John Stapleton same Like do.
93 Daniel Cahill same Like do.
94 Denis Davis Callura East Like at Calluragh east, same barony do.
95 John Macmahon Ballycar Like at Ballycar, same barony do.
96 George L. Colpoys same Like do.
97 John Higgins same Like do.
98 John O'Halloran same Like do.
99 Pat Macmahon same Like do.
100 Michael Frost Meelick Lands at Meelick, same barony do.
101 Pat Cherry same Land at Moneen and Boston, same barony do.
102 John White same House and land at Meelick, same barony do.
103 Joseph Arthur same Like at lower Meelick, same barony do.
104 Cornelius Cannavane same Like at Meelick, same barony do.
105 Michael Collins Meelick wood Like at Meelick Wood, same barony do.
106 Thomas Frost Boulinacausk Like at Boulinaeausk, same barony do.
107 John Nix same Like do.
108 John Nix same Like do.
109 James Frost same Like at Upper Meelick, same barony do.
110 George Frost same Like do.
111 James Smyth Snaty Like at Snaty, same barony do.
112 Thomas Smyth same Like do.
113 John Shaughnessey Clonnagown Like at Clonagown do.
114 Pat Shaughnessy same Like do.
115 Henry Kendall Newmarket House and land at Newmarket, same barony do.
116 Thomas Slattery same Like at Knocksagartnabanchy, same barony do.
117 John O'Neil Knockbrack Like at Knockbrack, same barony do.
118 Robert O'Neil same Like do.
119 James Quinlevan Ballyledane East Like at Carhumore, same barony do.
120 Michael Guerin
same Like, townland of Ballylidane East, same barony do.
121 Pat Riedy Ballyhannon West Like at Ballyhannon West, same barony do.
122 John Flanigan Cullina Like at Cullina, same barony do.
123 Lott Cunneen Crusheenbegg Like at Crusheenbegg, same barony do.
124 James Flanigan Knockmeal Like at Knockmeal, ditto do.
125 Timothy Macnamara Gortafica Like at Gortaficka, ditto do.
126 Woodham F. Patterson Violet Hill Like at Knocksagartnabanchy, ditto do.
127 Francis Evans Mountgorden Barony of Bunratty do.
128 Thomas O'Donoghue Rineana Houses & land townland of Carrincurra, Bunratty barony do.
129 Owen Goggin Ballyline House and land at Ballyline, ditto do.
130 John Hickey Ballymorris Like at Ballymorris, ditto do.
131 Patrick O'Brien Applefort Houses and land at Curran Malla, ditto do.
132 John Barry Cahiemore House and land, same barony do.
133 Thomas McMahon Ballintlea Like at Collins, ditto do.
134 James Brazil Lisduff Lands in townland of Cullinagh, same barony do.
135 John Macnamara Knockaderry House and land at Knockaderry, same barony do.
136 James Murphy Carrenmallen (?) Like at Ballykitty, same barony do.
137 John Punch Cratloe Keal House and land at Cratloe Keal, Bunratty barony 10l.
138 John O'Neil Cratloe House and land at Cratloe, same barony do.
139 William Russell Cottage Lands at Banister, same barony do.
140 John Mullins Derragarane House and land at Derragarane, same barony do.
141 Stephen G'Ginnis Caherfinick Lands in same barony 20l.
142 John Wall Knocknasheha Lands in Upper Meelick, same barony 10l.
143 Thomas Vandeleur Suray Houses and Land at Ardkill, same barony do.
144 John Manning Fort William Houses and land at Fortwilliam, same barony do.
145 John Curtin Burrenfadda House and Land at Burrenfadda, Clonderalaw barony do.
146 James Murphy same Like do.
147 John Murrihy Careen Like do.
148 John Cleary same House and Land at Careen, same barony do.
149 William Knight Donagrogue House and Land at Donogrouge, same barony do.
150 Roger Behane Brefa House and Land at Brefa, same barony do.
151 Michael Behane same Like 20l.
152 Patrick Behane same Like 10l.
153 Michael McInerheny same Like do.
154 Michael McNamara Gortnagoon House and Land at Carhureagh, same barony do.
155 Morgan McNamara same Like do.
156 Simon Quinlivan same Like do.
157 Martin Coffee same Like do.
158 Charles Crowly same Like do.
159 Maurice Coffee same Like do.
160 Edmond Hehir Carhureagh Like do.
161 Denis Hehir same Like do.
162 John McGrath same Like do.
163 Laurence Hynes same Like do.
164 William O'Connor same Like do.
165 Martin Brane Fahalunaghta Land at Fahaulunaghta, barony of Corcomroe do.
166 Thomas Smith same Like do.
167 Martin Burrane same Like do.
168 Patrick Lynch Rynagonaught Houses and Land at Rynagonoght, barony of Ibrickane do.
169 James Walsh same Like do.
170 Edmond Cotter same Like do.
171 David Walsh same Like do.
172 Michael Welsh Caherleanmore House and Land at Cahirleanmore, same barony do.
173 Thomas Murphy Dromin House and land at Scrappul, same Barony do.
174 Michael Murphy same House and land at Carrownagry, same barony do.
175 Thomas O'Gorman same Like do.
176 Thomas Cusack Carrownagry Like do.
177 Anthony Hurley same House and land at Dunmore, same barony do.
178 Michael Considine same Like do.
179 Michael Mackee Dunmore Like do.
180 Michael Kitchen same Like do.
181 John Cunningham same Like do.
182 Martin Shea same Like do.
183 Patrick Corry same Like do.
184 Thomas Kitson same Like do.
185 Michael Shea same Like do.
186 Michael Quillinan same Like do.
187 Patrick Shea same Like do.
188 Patrick McDonnell
same Like do.
189 James Sexton Baltard House and land at Baltard, same barony do.
190 Thomas McInerheny same Like do.
191 Michael Meschill same Like do.
192 John O'Neil same Like do.
193 Michael Sexton same Like do.
194 John O'Keeffe same Like do.
195 Timothy McMahon same Like do.
196 Michael Collins same Like do.
197 Daniel McMahon same Like do.
198 Joseph Marrinan same Like do.
199 Denis Griffin same Like do.
200 Patrick Keavy Treanmana Houses and land at Scrappul, same barony do.
201 James Downs Balaha House and Land at Caherblogh, same barony do.
202 William McInerheny Killard House and Land at Killard, same barony do.
203 Thomas Kean same Like do.
204 David Roche same Like do.
205 Patrick Downs same Like do.
206 Martin McInerheny same Like do.
207 James Reddan Carhumore House and land at Carhumore, same barony do.
208 John Longan Ennis House and Land at Lifford, barony of Islands do.
209 James Rickards same House and land at Clohaneagour, same barony do.
210 John Lucas Darra Lands at Ballyelon, same barony 20l.
211 Charles Lucas Loughburke Lands at Ballydonohue, same barony 10l.
212 Thomas Monehan Glounagoone House and land at Clohaneagour, same barony do.
213 Timothy Monehan Ballymacooda House and land at Ballymacooda, same barony do.
214 James Moriarty Tiermaclane House and Land in same barony do.
215 Patrick Burke same Land at Ballyvohgan (?), same barony do.
216 Charles R. Keane Beechpark Lands at Gortaganiff, same barony 20l.
217 John Connell Ratharaggane House and land at Rathcragane, same barony 10l.
218 Michael Connell Tullagh House and Land at Tullagh, same barony do.
219 John Reddan Cahirfinick House and Land at Cahirfinick, barony of Moyarta do.
220 George Parker Limerick House and store in Kilrush, same barony 50l.
221 Denis Colligan Ballkelly House and land at Bellkelly, barony of Tulla 10l.
222 Michael Molony same Like do.
223 John Molony same Like do.
224 Denis Molony same Like do.
225 Patrick Kealy same Like do.
226 John Quigly same Like do.
227 Patrick McNamara same Like do.
228 Michael Houragan same Like do.
229 Martin Keeffe same Like do.
230 Michael O'Brien same Like do.
231 John Collegan same Like do.
232 Darby Considine same Like do.
233 Patrick Cox same Like do.
234 James McNamara same Like do.
235 James Collegan same Like do.
236 John Molony same Like do.
237 James Molony same Like do.
238 John Melody same Like do.
239 Thomas Melody same Like do.
240 John Egan same Like do.
241 Patrick Molony same Like do.
242 Denis Callaghan same Like do.
243 James Callaghan same Like do.
244 Timothy Kinnelly Belkelly Eyre Like at Bellkelly Eyre, same barony do.
245 John St. Laurence same Like do.
246 Thady Morony Knockbrack Like at Knockbrack, same barony do.
247 James Higgins same Like do.
248 John Wall same Like do.
249 James Lyons same Like do.
250 John Torpy same Like do.
251 James Wall same Like do.
252 Thomas Hogan same Like do.
253 James Duggan Knockbrack Like do.
254 Patrick Wall Knockbrack House and land at Knockbrack, Tulla barony 10l.
255 John Donnellan same Like do.
256 Michael Scanlon same Like do.
257 Mathias Gallagher same Like do.
258 Thomas Nugent same Like do.
259 John McNamara Kealderra Like at Kealderra, same barony do.
260 Daniel Morony same Like do.
261 Roger Morony same Like do.
262 John Anglim same Like do.
263 Roger McNamara same Like do.
264 Thomas Lynch same Like do.
265 John McNamara same Like do.
266 Michael Morony same Like do.
267 John Hoogwardt Sixmilebridge Like at Sixmilebridge, same barony do.
268 Michael Byrns same Like do.
269 Matthew Hogan same Like do.
270 Donat McCarty same Like do.
271 Charles McCarty same Like do.
272 Patrick McInerheny same Like do.
273 James Considine same Like do.
274 John Byrns same Like do.
275 Edward Byrns same Like do.
276 James Byrns same Like do.
277 Michael Markham same Like do.
278 Thomas McInerheny same Like do.
279 John Stenson same Like do.
280 James Stenson same Like do.
281 Michael O'Halloran Tulla Land at Tulla, same barony do.
282 Jeremiah O'Connell same Houses and land at same do.
283 Patrick Shinners same Like do.
284 Michael Quigney   Like do.
285 Patrick Hennessy same Like do.
286 Michael O'Brien Tulla Like do.
287 Bartholemew Neylan same Like do.
288 James Nixon same Like do.
289 Joseph Edwards same Like do.
290 William Hubbert same Like do.
291 Thomas Sullivan same Like do.
292 James Walsh same Like do.
293 Daniel Corry same Like do.
294 John Brassill same Like do.
295 Michael Culloo same Like do.
296 Thomas Sadler same Like do.
297 John Meany same Like do.
298 James Powell Tyredagh Like at Tyredagh, same barony do.
299 James Harrisson same Like do.
300 John Conners same Like do.
301 John Clune same Like do.
302 Patrick Clune same Like do.
303 Thomas Hawkins same Like do.
304 Michael Hawkins same Like do.
305 Daniel Hawkins same Like do.
306 James Powell same Like do.
307 Daniel Hogan same Like do.
308 James Hogan same Like do.
309 John Whelan Newgrove Like at Newgrove, same barony do.
310 Darby Molony Leighertbegg Like at Leighertbeg, same Barony do.
311 Myes McNamara same Like do.
312 Thady Rogers Clonagroe Like at Clonagroe, same Barony do.
313 Daniel Rogers same Like do.
314 John Rogers same Like do.
315 Patrick Hogan Ballymalone Like at Ballymalone, same Barony do.
316 Michael Murry same Like do.
317 Patrick Kean same Like do.
318 Michael Kean same Like do.
319 Lawrence Thornton Ballymalone Like do.
320 Patrick Mulready same Like do.
321 James McNamara same Like do.
322 Daniel Vaughan same Like do.
323 John Vaughan same Like do.
324 Michael Vaughan same Like do.
325 John Hill same Like do.
326 Patrick Hill same Like do.
327 John Minogue same Like do.
328 Thomas Minogue same Like do.
329 James Hogan same Like do.
330 Thomas McNamara same Like do.
331 John Halloran same Like do.
332 James Flannery same Like do.
333 Michael Hill same Like do.
334 Maurice Hickey same Like do.
335 Martin Coffee same Like do.
336 Michael Coffee same Like do.
337 Patrick Dixon same Like do.
338 Patrick Egan same Like do.
339 Michael Molony same Like do.
340 Barnaby Mealy Ballybrohan Like at Ballybrohan, same Barony do.
341 John Costello same Like do.
342 Denis Mara same Like do.
343 Daniel Ryan same Like do.
344 Patrick Crotty same Like do.
345 Denis Ryan same Like do.
346 Francis McNamara Ballinaleragh Like at Ballinaglerah, same barony do.
347 Denis Mulcahy same Like do.
348 Michael Ryan same Like do.
349 Michael O'Connor same Like do.
350 Michael Sheedy Ballybran Like at Ballybran, same barony do.
351 Andrew Brann same Like do.
352 Edmond Stewart Ballybran Like do.
353 Michael Rogers same Like do.
354 Martin Curtin same Like do.
355 James Curtin same Like do.
356 Martin Sheedy same Like do.
357 Henry Brann same Like do.
358 Edmond Cox same Like do.
359 Daniel Rogers Aughnish Like at Aughnish, same barony do.
360 Denis Molony same Like do.
361 Peter McMahon Ballyloughnane Like at Ballyloughnane, same barony do.
362 Thomas Kinna same Like do.
363 John Hogan same Like do.
364 John Kennedy Caherhurly Like at Cahirhurley, same barony do.
365 Michael Molone same Like do.
366 Michael Hill same Like do.
367 James Brody same Like do.
368 Tobius Burke same Like do.
369 Patrick Wall same Like do.
370 Thady Malone same Like do.
371 Patrick Scanlon same Like do.
372 Denis Guerin Glandree Like at Glandree, same barony do.
373 Daniel McNamara same Like do.
374 John Walsh same Like do.
375 Michael McGrath same Like do.
376 Michael McNamara same Like do.
377 Thomas Conway same Like do.
378 Thomas Quinn Rosslara Like at Rosslara, same barony do.
379 John Keeffe same Like do.
380 James Keeffe same Like do.
381 Martin Boland same House and land at Rosslara, Tulla barony 10l.
382 Michael Molony Gortalassa Like at Cahirhurley, same barony do.
383 John Malone same Like do.
384 Daniel Molony same Like do.
385 William Walshe same Like do.
386 John Malone Clonmoher House and land at Clonmoher, same barony do.
387 James Minogue same Like do.
388 John Scully same Like do.
389 Patrick Balton Ballydunahane House & land at Ballydonohane, same barony do.
390 William Balton same Like do.
391 John Hehir same Like do.
392 Thady Malone same Like do.
393 John Meehan same Like do.
394 William Balton same Like do.
395 John Balton same Like do.
396 Daniel Noonan same Like do.
397 Martin Halloran Fossabegg House and Land at Fossabeg, same barony do.
398 Daniel Cosgriff same Like do.
399 John Gorman same Like do.
400 James Heagerty same Like do.
401 Michael Horan same Like do.
402 Thomas O'Brien same Like do.
403 Morty McGrath same Like do.
404 Denis Boyce same Like do.
405 Thomas Halloran same Like do.
406 Denis Egan Ballyminogue House and land at Ballyminogue, same barony do.
407 James Hennessy same Like do.
408 Patrick Roughan same Like do.
409 Cornelius Kelly same Like do.
410 Denis Malone same Like do.
411 Patrick Minogue same Like do.
412 James O'Connor Corenagnoe House and land at Corenagnoe, same barony do.
413 Michael O'Connor same Like do.
414 Michael Ryan same Like do.
415 Patrick Healy Clonmoher House and land at Clonmoher, same barony do.
416 Michael Connelly same Like do.
417 John Connelly same Like do.
418 Thady Clune Mount Ievers Like do.
419 George Ievers same Lands at Enagh O'Flinn, same barony do.
420 William Ievers Mount Ievers Like do.
421 Michael Lynch Lackanaghbegg House and land at Lakanaghbeg, same barony do.
422 Joseph Worrell Brook Lodge House & land at Killaloe, same barony do.
423 John Bevan Killaloe Like do.
424 Peter Nihill same Tenements at same place do.
425 John Smyth same House and Land at Ballyconney, same barony 20l.
426 John McNamara Boloughera House and land at Boloughera, same barony 10l.
427 John Hogan same Like do.
428 Cornelius Rogers same Like do.
429 Michael Morony Derryfadds House and land at Derryfadds, same Barony do.
430 Darby Keeffe same Like do.
431 Thady Morony same Like do.
432 William Hegarty Kilavoy House and land at Kilavoy, same barony do.
433 Daniel Mullins same Like do.
434 Martin McNamara Carheen Like at Monagullen, same barony do.
435 Thomas Minogue same Like do.
436 Mathew McNamara Iragh House and land at Iragh, same barony do.
437 Denis McNamara same Like do.
438 Mathew McNamara same Like do.
439 Nicholas Prendergast same Like do.
440 John Hynes same Like do.
441 James Sexton Lacaroe House and land at Lacarroe, same barony do.
442 Denis Morony same Like do.
443 Thady McNamara same Like do.
444 John Howard Ballygastel House and land at Ballygastel, same barony do.
445 John McNamara same Like do.
446 Thady Kerwick same Like do.
447 Patrick Halvey Driminure House and land at Drimanure, same barony do.
448 Michael Halvey same Like do.
449 Patrick McInerheny Rossroe House and land at Knockalappan, same Barony do.
450 James Collins same House and land at Cragroe, same barony do.
451 Pat Kealy Carrugar House and land at Carrugar, same barony do.
452 John Kealy same Like do.
453 John Sheedy same Like do.
454 John Beehan Carrugar Like do.
455 Roger Kealy same Like do.
456 James Kealy same Like do.
457 James Mulcahy Carruena House and land at Carhuena, same barony do.
458 James Hickey same Like do.
459 Darby Davine Knockduounna House and land at Knockduounna, same Barony do.
460 Daniel Ryan same Like do.
461 Patrick Neill same Like do.
462 Patrick McMahon same Like do.
463 Patrick O'Callaghan same Like do.
464 John Roughan Coolagorey House and land at Coolagorey, same barony do.
465 Patrick Collins same Like do.
466 Edmond Roughan Coolagoreybeg House and land at Coolagoreybeg, same Barony do.
467 Denis Roughan same Like do.
468 Patrick Jones Knocknatully House and Land at Knockatully, same Barony do.
469 Francis Boland Kileatannavalla House and land at Kileatanavalla, same barony do.
470 Francis Boland same Like do.
471 Eyre Ivers Glanduff, Co. Lim. Lands at Enagh O'Flin, same Barony do.
472 Thos. M. Wilson Cahirconlish House, Co. Limerick Land at Turleamore and Killestry, same Barony 50l.
473 Blank Blank Blank Blank
474 John Storan O'Brien's bridge House and land at O'Brien's Bridge, same Barony 10l.
475 Samuel Tomkins same Like do.
476 Luke Cullin same Like do.
477 Thady Littleton Iverstown House and Land at Sixmilebridge, same Barony do.
478 Michael King same Like do.
479 Cornelius Clune Rossmanaher Like do.
480 James Frost same Like at Rossroe and Knockbrien, same barony do.
481 James Macnamara Shureen House and land at Shureen, same barony do.
482 Patrick Macnamara same Like do.
483 John Flannery Gurteenreigh House and land at Gurteenreigh, same Barony do.
484 Thomas Shea same Like do.
485 John Shea same House and land at Monagullen, same barony do.
486 John Deegidan Derrulk House and land at Kildonorwallagh, same barony do.
487 Michael McInerheny same House and land at Derulk, same barony do.
488 John Magrath same Like do.
489 John Oates Murphy's Hill House and land at Murphy's Hill, same barony do.
490 Denis McCarthy same House and land at Kilgorey, same barony do.
491 Darby Healy same Like do.
492 Pat Minogue Clonusker House and land at Clonusker, same barony do.
493 Pat Minogue same Like do.
494 Benjamin Ringrose same Like do.
495 John Sexton Caherballymorony House and land at Cahirballymorony, same barony do.
496 Martin Sexton same Like do.
497 John Haren Gortaderry House and land at Gortaderry, same barony do.
498 James Hourigan same Like do.
499 Patrick Haren same Like do.
500 John Reeves Aughrim House and land at Aughrim, same barony do.
501 James Reeves same Like do.
502 Darby Rogers same Like do.
503 John Kilfoyle Derrynarna House and land at Derrynarna, same barony do.
504 Michael Mungovin same Like do.
505 Pat Madigan Kealderry House and land at Kealderry, same barony do.
506 James Anglim same Like do.
507 John Macnamara same Like do.
508 Michael Hynes Killavoy House & land at Kilavoy, same barony 10l.
509 John Bethel North Mount Ivers House and land at North Mount Ievers, same barony do.
510 James Creagh Cahirbane Land at Cahirbane, barony of Bunratty 20l.
511 Wm. Fitzgerald City Limerick Like at Kilmore, Tulla barony 10l.
512 Wm. H. C. Barrett same House and land at Sally Bank, same Barony 50l.
513 James Molony Dooras House and land at Dooras, same barony 20l.
514 Roger Macnamara Knocknahanee House and land at Knocknahane, same barony 10l.
515 Michael Molony Spright park Land at Acres, same barony 20l.
516 Thomas McGraith Moorestown, Co. Tipperary Land at O'Brien's Bridge, same barony do.
517 James Hinchy Magheraboy Houses and land at Magheraboy, same barony 10l.
518 John Butler Rossroe Houses and land at Rossroe, same barony do.
519 Michael Garvey Ralahine House and land at Ralahine, same barony do.
520 Michael Broden Craganekeal House and land at Craganekeal, same barony do.
521 Roger Flanigan Ballymacdonnell House and land at Ballymacdonnell, same barony do.
522 Pat O'Connor Derrynaneal House and land at Monagullen, same barony do.
523 Richard Reddan Stonepark Ayle House and Land at Stonepark Ayle, same barony 20l.
524 James Burke Upper Ayle House and land at Monagullen, same barony 10l.
525 Denis Slattery Derrynahila House and land at Annagh, same barony do.
526 Patrick Macnamara Derrigara House and Land at Kiledonorvallagh, same barony do.
527 Michael Deegidan Ardboula Like same townland do.
528 Wm. Donohue Callaghan's Mills House at Callaghan's Mills, same barony do.
529 Edmond Burns Fox & Geese House and Land at Fox and Geese, same barony do.
530 Michael Minogue Derighera House and Land at Kildonorvallagh, same barony do.
531 James Dillon Tumlogh House and land at Tumlogh, same barony do.
532 Pat Savage O'Sheas' Acres House and Land at O'Sheas Acres, same barony do.
533 Thomas Ryan Clongaheen House and land at Clongaheen, same barony do.
534 George Macdonnell, sen. Doon House and land at Ardskeagh, same barony do.
535 Geo. Macdonnell, jun. Broadford House and land at Broadford, same barony do.
536 James Warham Ahaslagh Land at Kilbarron, same barony do.
537 Robert Allen Cappaduff House and land at Cappaduff, same barony do.
538 James Brady Tomgreany House and lands at Tomgrany, same barony do.
539 James Canny Kielty House and land at Kielty, same barony do.
540 Michael Gleeson Snaty House and land at Snaty, ditto do.
541 John Burke Coolready House and land at Coolready, ditto do.
542 Richard Vernel Clonderra House and land at Clonderra, ditto do.
543 Peter Molony Carruena Land at Belkelly, ditto do.
544 Michael Sheedy Carrucore House and land at Carrucore, ditto do.
545 John Molony Coreleigh Land at Coreleigh, ditto do.
546 Thomas McInerheny Feakle House and land at Rieskmore, ditto do.
547 Michael Fahy Cahirduan House and land at Cahirduan, ditto do.
548 James Hayes Barageegane Like at Baragregane, ditto do.
549 Michael Rogers Ballycorban Like at Aughrim, ditto do.
550 Daniel Durack same Like do.
551 Michael Scanlon Island cosgriff Like at Island Cosgriff, ditto do.
552 Michael McNamara same Like do.
553 Robert Cox Ballyheasy Like at Ballyheasy, ditto do.
554 Roger Costello Ballyhurly Like at Ballyhurley, ditto do.
555 Patrick Haren Gortadehi Like at Coolagorey, ditto do.
556 Terence Haren same Like do.
557 John Haren same Like do.
558 James Molony Cahirdevaune Like do.
559 Michael Roberts Ballydonahane Like at Ballydonohane, ditto do.
560 John Hinchy same Like do.
561 James Arthur Co. Limerick Rent charge on lands at Lackarragh, ditto 20l.
562 Francis Lynch Dromina House and land at Ganiragh, ditto 10l.
563 Thomas McGrath Glenamalone Like at Glenamolane, ditto do.
564 John Lynch Carruena Like at Carmona, ditto do.
565 William Lynch same Like do.
566 Daniel Corbet same Like do.
567 Thady Collins Lisbaerrn Like at Lisbarren, ditto do.
568 Michael Collins same Like do.
569 John Callaghan Knocklare Like at Knockclare do.
570 Darby Walsh Gurtlassa Like at Cahirhurley, ditto do.
571 Mathew Mulcahy Rahenabeg Like at Rahenabeg, ditto do.
572 Daniel Ryan Rahena Like at Rahena, ditto do.
573 Francis Ryan same Like do.
574 Patrick Flin same Like do.
575 Michael Burke same Like do.
576 Edmond Hacket same Like do.
577 James McNamara Clonmoher Like at Clonmoher, ditto do.
578 John Scanlon Gananboy Rent charge on lands at Finles, ditto 50l.
579 Patrick Farrell Nenagh, Co. Tip. House and land at Ballyminogue, ditto 10l.
580 Michael Ryan Caher House and land at Caher, ditto do.
581 Daniel Corbet Cahirballymorony Like at Cahirballymorony, ditto do.
582 Patrick Nihill same Like do.
583 Mathew O'Brien Port Like at Coolagorey, ditto do.
584 Patrick Fennessy same Like do.
585 David Flanery Scarriff Like at Ballyminogue, ditto do.
586 John Morony same Like do.
587 Michael O'Brien same Like do.
588 Thomas Vaughan same Like do.
589 Thomas Williams same Like do.
590 John Bennet same Like do.
591 Benjamin O'Brien Moymore Like do.
592 John Callaghan same Like do.
593 Thomas Bouchier Barroe Like at Barroe, ditto do.
594 John Purcell same Lands in same barony do.
595 James Hayes Bariginane House and land at Barigrigane, ditto do.
596 Thomas Hayes same Like do.
597 Patrick Shea Denygreany Like at Ballyminogue, ditto do.
598 Menus Quin same Like do.
599 Patrick Quin same Like do.
600 Michael Minogue same Like do.
601 James Minogue same Like do.
602 Denis Sheedy same Like do.
603 Daniel Molony same Like do.
604 John Dinan same Like do.
605 John Roughan Rhyne Houses and land at Coolagorey, ditto do.
606 Darby Toohy same Like do.
607 James Long Knockahalla Like at Knockahalla, ditto do.
608 Patrick McNamara same Like do.
609 James Molony Clonloun Like at Clounloun, ditto do.
610 Peter Molony same Like do.
611 Daniel Leaden Derranaleagh House and land same barony do.
612 Patrick O'Connor Derrynaneal Like do.
613 Michael McNamara Crosderra Like at Crossderra, ditto do.
614 Daniel Green Miltown Like at Miltown, ditto do.
615 Michael Cullinan Cullinagh Like at Garruragh, ditto do.
616 Denis Halloran Cragrow Like at Cragroe, ditto do.
617 Michael Lynch Drimcharly Like at Drimcharly, ditto do.
618 Edmond Hogan Lacshana Like at Lacshana, ditto do.
619 Barthw. McCormick Ardelony Lands at Ardcloney, ditto do.
620 Lawrence Callaghan Knocklana House and land at Knocklaur, ditto do.
621 Michael Brady Tomgrany Like at Tomgrany, ditto do.
622 Daniel Canny Knockanavoher Lands at Clon?sher, ditto do.
623 Walter Kennedy Crounlacka House and Land in same barony do.
624 Mathew Dulhunty Derrycranagh Land at Affoek, ditto do.
  Peace Office, Ennis, May 28, 1829 ROBERT KEAN
Clerk of the Peace, County of Clare
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Registry of Freeholders 1829 for County Clare