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List of Freeholders [including landlords and tenants]: County of Clare, 1821

Alphabetical list of Landlords - Q Surnames

Surname of Landlord
Forename of Landlord
Surname of Freeholder
Forename of Freeholder
Place of Abode
Situation of Freehold
Names of Lives or other Tenure
Date of Registry
Quealy Dermott Cloghesy Timothy Cloncoule Cloncoule 40s Honora Cloghessy Jan. 11, 1813 Corcomroe
Quigney John Quigney Michael Tulla Tulla 40s John Quigney January 18, 1813 Tulla
Quinlivan James Hinchy Joseph Rossroe Rossroe 40s Denis Crowe March 30, 1818 Tulla
Quinlivan Mich., Mr. Gorman David Rossroe Rossroe 40s James, Rev. Kenny October 15, 1817 Tulla
Quinlivan Michael Macmahon Thomas Kilitonagh Kilitonagh 40s Patrick Sullivan April 19, 1819 Islands
Quinlivan Michael Murphy Edmond Fortfergus Kilitonagh 40s Edmond Murphy October 15, 1817 Islands
Quinlivan Michael Sullivan Patrick Kilitonagh Kilitonagh 40s Pat Sullivan April 19, 1819 Islands

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