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The O'Brien Arms

The O'Brien's derive their name and descent from Brian Boru, King of Ireland, who was killed at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. The O'Brien clan became not only the ruling family of Thomond but one of the most powerful in Ireland.

The O'Brien Arms

The Arms of O'Brien of Thomond consist of three lions, half gold half silver on a red shield. The lion as is well known is a widely used symbol of bravery and loyalty.

The crest of an armed hand among the clouds is referred to in the Irish motto 'Lamh Laidir in Uacthar' which is usually taken to mean "The Strong Hand Uppermost". The French version of this motto was used by Viscount Clare and the Earls of Inchiquin. This version 'Vigheur De Dessus', clearly means 'Strength from Above', a reference to the divine right of Kings.

Red was the 'Martyr's Colour' and denoted fortitude and magnanimity. Gold represented generosity and nobility white or silver signified peace and purity.