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Habitats Introduction

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Limestone Habitats

Woodland, Trees and Hedgerows

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Gardens and Parks
Gardens and parks provide important habitats, particularly in urban areas. Birds such as Robin, House sparrow and Chaffinch benefit from gardens and parks. The number of gardens is generally increasing as more houses are being built in County Clare.

Gardens and parks can be managed in a way which benefits wildlife. Also planting local varieties of vegetables, flowers and fruit helps maintain genetic diversity. Intensive management such as removing all natural vegetation, using herbicides, pesticides and clearing all dead vegetation is not beneficial for wildlife. Where gardens are replacing semi-natural habitats such as grassland, scrub or woodland, it can have a negative impact on biodiversity.

Species found in Gardens and Parks from the Clare 101 list

- Red squirrel
- Hedgehog
- Robin
- House sparrow
- Common frog
- Peacock butterfly
- Seven-spot ladybird

- Pedunculate oak
- Cowslip
- Japanese knotweed
- Ballyvaughan seedling apple
- Galway landrace wheat
- Land leaguer potato