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County Clare hosts many important grasslands including wet grasslands and dry calcareous grasslands. Grasslands cover much of County Clare, however they vary in quality from an ecological point of view. Orchid-rich dry calcareous grasslands are an internationally important habitat and support a high diversity of plants and animals including insects such as butterflies, moths and snails. Orchid-rich grasslands are common in the Burren and occur in small pockets.

Wet grasslands support many plant and animal species and can be very important for many bird species. In Clare wet grasslands are most common in South and West Clare due to the presence of shale bedrock.

Grasslands which are farmed very intensively and which have been re-seeded and or heavily fertilised support much fewer species. Drainage is damaging to wet grasslands, as is overgrazing.

Grassland Habitats in the Clare 101 list

- Wet grassland
- Dry calcareous grassland

Species found in Grasslands from the Clare 101 list

- Barnacle goose
- Spring gentian
- Whooper swan
- Bee orchid
- Skylark
- Quaking grass

- Seven-spot ladybird
- White-fronted goose
- Hoary rockrose
- Hen harrier
- Pyramidal orchid
- Marsh fritillary
- Chough
- Dropwort
- Lapwing
- Cowslip
- Brimstone